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dook 6th Dec 2018 15:13

Are they all called "Jakee"

nvubu 6th Dec 2018 15:16

All photos bar the first one were taken in September 1945.

nvubu 6th Dec 2018 16:04

Google Earth doesn't show a little aeroplane thingy for this - still an active military base.

sycamore 6th Dec 2018 16:07

and a Sunderland in #10444

dook 6th Dec 2018 16:17

No, that's a Martin Mariner.

Are we near Nagasaki ?

nvubu 6th Dec 2018 16:25

Definitely Japan.

Nowhere near Nagasaki - almost at the opposite end.

Am not going to be near a computer for a few hours.

JENKINS 6th Dec 2018 20:48

Ominato? Must do some more looking.

nvubu 6th Dec 2018 20:57

At last, Jenkins is correct, it is Ominato - on the Mutsu Bay.
You now have control.

JENKINS 6th Dec 2018 21:15

Thanks. I had been looking at Dutch East Indies immediately post WW2; that is, until the Japan outline hovehttps://cimg7.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune....0c1e713c29.jpg
into view. Even then I was looking at Air Sea Rescue close to Okinawa. This spot turned up quite by chance, apologies for 'sandbagging' the work of others. Quite an impressive history.

Now this. A documented strip, I landed there when one of the two roads was extant and the other but a Transport Ministers dream. Great Britain, and an AA Roadbook would be a help.

nvubu 6th Dec 2018 21:33

Marples & M1 ?

kenparry 6th Dec 2018 21:35

Banbury (Shotteswell)

JENKINS 6th Dec 2018 21:41

Not Marples, Norman Fowler I think. M40, nice surface.

Yes to Shotteswell, useful in days past but for my own part I am now unconvinced of the perscipacity of those who paid me, a touch smelly I fear. Often seen in military low level flying.

All yours, 84 to 208(?).

kenparry 6th Dec 2018 21:54

Thanks, Jenkins. Not 208 - just 200 too high.

Off to bed; new challenge in the morning.

kenparry 7th Dec 2018 07:02

With apologies for the overnight wait, here is the next:

JENKINS 7th Dec 2018 07:56

8 or 208
Apologies, I hope that the (?) Indicated my uncertainty.

kenparry 7th Dec 2018 08:24

Jenkins: no problem! I was there 1969-70, when 84 were at Sharjah with Andovers. Was that your era?

Asturias56 7th Dec 2018 09:18

England I'd guess???

kenparry 7th Dec 2018 10:35

Yes, England

dook 7th Dec 2018 13:14

Trying to narrow it down.

East Anglia ?

kenparry 7th Dec 2018 13:32

Not East Anglia - further North

A slow day today; everybody out Christmas shopping?

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