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Asturias56 9th May 2021 10:52

Now that WAS off the beaten track - thank you

Interesting list of fares "£100 in 1933 is equivalent in purchasing power to about £7,341.46 today" so 2 pax t o London = £ 1400 today - not too bad really...

I've been on here quite a bit recently so I'll let someone else have a go


Allan Lupton 9th May 2021 11:38

When I visited Llandrindod Wells in the 1970s I was amused to see the sign on Tom Norton's Automobile Palace still offering Aeroplanes. We wondered how many he'd sold and how long ago, but had no time to find out.

old,not bold 9th May 2021 17:42

I suspect this is rather easy for the experts.....type is obvious, but where? The picture is dated 18/August/1938, as a clue.


Self loading bear 9th May 2021 20:17

Puttin’ hole lane?

Asturias56 10th May 2021 07:45

well it's a Heyford so lets try Upper Heyford?

OUAQUKGF Ops 10th May 2021 08:32

Is it Mildenhall - if not on the airfield then in the locality ?

old,not bold 10th May 2021 11:04

I can't find the rule about pausing, but no point in prolonging it...... probably too easy.

Yes, Mildenhall, right in the middle, evidence of either my father's over-enthusiastic braking, or even landing with brakes on. His immediate and fast-thinking claim of a "soft patch of earth" was dismissed when no such patch was found.

Your controls.

OUAQUKGF Ops 10th May 2021 14:19

Not that easy Old not Bold - I just came across a distant memory if you know what I mean - nudge nudge wink wink.... Thank You !

Open House

mgahan 10th May 2021 21:12

Not my usual tramping ground but I did visit for a brief consultancy
a few years ago.

Asturias56 11th May 2021 07:56

N America?

mgahan 11th May 2021 08:45

Not that part of the world. There is a WW II connection to the location but not the aerodrome.

The view towards to aerodrome probably does not help but it will show that the obstruction light has a purpose.

chimbu warrior 11th May 2021 11:59

Might it be Christmas Island YPXM airport in the Indian Ocean?

mgahan 11th May 2021 21:09

And you might be correct. Yes - Christmas Island. Over you CW. .

When I did some research for potential clues I found that it was occupied by the Japanese for three years during the war to access the phosphate.

View looking north.

chimbu warrior 11th May 2021 23:41

I thought that looked familiar......

Alas nothing to offer here, so OPEN HOUSE.

asw28-866 12th May 2021 04:30

Try this one...


chevvron 12th May 2021 07:08

OH if correct.

nvubu 12th May 2021 07:16

Gramsden Lodge seems to fit the layout, and was used for motor racing in 1946/7

asw28-866 13th May 2021 04:03

nvubu has it with R.A.F. Gransden Lodge. Home of RCAF Pathfinders during WW2, and host for post-war motor racing in 1947. Now hosts Cambridge Gliding Centre (formerly Cambridge University Gliding Club), and a couple of clay pigeon shooting clubs...

nvubu has control.

nvubu 13th May 2021 07:38

Thank you - that's the second motor racing circuit challenge I've got right.

Now for today's aerodrome:


nvubu 13th May 2021 16:46

No takers so far, so time for another image


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