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RegDep 1st Sep 2011 20:28

dash7fan, was this a scheduled destination of Tyrolean? Cannot find it among current and discontinued Austrian destinations :(.

dash7fan 2nd Sep 2011 09:28

It was a charter destination years ago

jindabyne 2nd Sep 2011 10:34


dash7fan 2nd Sep 2011 14:29

Sorry Sir, no.

sabredog 2nd Sep 2011 15:17

Chios Airport,Greece.

dash7fan 2nd Sep 2011 20:17

sabredog correct, Chios Airport Greece

over to you

sabredog 2nd Sep 2011 20:49

Thank you,dash7fan.
Here is the next challenge;

jindabyne 3rd Sep 2011 11:02

Mmm - N Carolina or Louisiana??

sabredog 3rd Sep 2011 11:31

No, to both States

India Four Two 3rd Sep 2011 16:04

Mississippi or Alabama?

sabredog 3rd Sep 2011 16:16

Negative to both States.

Russell Gulch 3rd Sep 2011 20:04

From sabredog's responses, can one assume it's in the States (of the United American type)?

It does look rather flat & waterlogged (mind you, that can apply to the Iowa flatlands occasionally!)

I'm tempted to say it's not in North America at all.

[edit: I retract that...I think it's Canada]. Am I close?

jindabyne 3rd Sep 2011 21:26

Twinkletown US? (seriously!)

sabredog 3rd Sep 2011 22:13

No, not Canada. The terrain belies it's location in the U.S.A.
It operated under at least three names and the road/Highway featured is quite famous.
Not Twinkletown,although changing a few letters would place you geographically closer to this airfield,though not in the State of Mississippi!

Corsairoz 3rd Sep 2011 23:05

Is that the way to Amarillo, Texas?

The Highway would be Route 66. The old Route 66 passed right through the modern runway at Amarillo. Could be Route 66 in the photo way before the modern runway was built.


sabredog 4th Sep 2011 07:13

Sorry,Corsairoz,not Amarillo or Route 66.

seacue 4th Sep 2011 09:20

Natchez Trace, but I can't find the aerodrome.

sabredog 4th Sep 2011 10:09

Not Natchez Trace. Much further west.

spook 4th Sep 2011 11:30

Crawford Airfield, Seal Beach, CA.

sabredog 4th Sep 2011 11:37


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