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SWBKCB 11th Apr 2015 08:35

Hmm - I must have just been unlucky with the HR directors I've come across...

4Screwaircrew 11th Apr 2015 09:17

@Ivan aromer the comments were made following a tribunal where union reps claimed they were being treated unfairly, the tribunal found that this was the case. I'm told that the judgement is available on line but have no link available.

I don't believe the word lie was used but he was told he was unreliable and unbelievable.

Jet2_738 13th Apr 2015 10:54

G-CELZ, operating service LS775 from EDI - ALC has squawked 7700 this morning and diverted into LGW. Looks to have been a medical emergency.

GLAinsider 14th Apr 2015 07:56

So is this why the A330 was pulled?

SWBKCB 14th Apr 2015 15:41

Link talks about flights starting in November and the lease was for Summer?

Artie Fufkin 14th Apr 2015 18:21

On another topic the employment judgement was quite a giggle
Indeed, I had heard stories about the now legendary BALPA meeting in the Bramhope Britannia, but the sheer number of "f*cking b*llocks" in the minutes surprised even me!


Jet2_738 19th Apr 2015 13:52

G-JZHC is currently en route from BOH to NWI as EXS052D, after being painted into the Silver Mica livery. :ok:

Leeds Spotter 20th Apr 2015 14:39

Just returned to this site after quite an absence and read the last half dozen pages of this Jet2 thread.
During my absence my Dart shares have doubled in value as the city seems very happy with their financial figures, which were topped of last week with the announcement that JEt2 holidays now carrying over a million passengers a year, again great figures.
I am also happy to see a large number of pilots have been laid off, quite sensible surely when only half the fleet flown in the winter months, this would seem to me as a layman you only need half the number of pilots, I would be alarmed if they all remained on the payrole.
Flybe recent figures stated they were still having to use fuel forward contracts taken out at over 100 dollers a barrell until next year, when the contacts taken out early this year at 45 dollars come in to play, this will make Jet2 etc even more profitable, great for us shareholders, assuming they are running a similar forward contract basis.

garry8g 20th Apr 2015 18:29

Another new B737 - 800 ??
According to another forum, rumour has it that Jet2 have gone and bought 8 year old ex Transaero Boeing 737-800, EI-RUP. It's been in storage at Bournemouth since January 2015.

No winglets, but sure they will be added if this proves to be true. This would be the youngest aircraft in the fleet :ok:

Honiley 20th Apr 2015 18:53

Rumours from within the whole of Jet2 and Jet2 Holidays looking to be offloaded and up for sale...looks like it's run its course....

DjerbaDevil 20th Apr 2015 19:04

Boeing737-800 (34706/2014) was originally leased by Air China from Icelease and wfu by the Chinese airline in May 2014 and returned to the lessor. It was registered to Transaero Airlines but they did not take up the lease.
If a Chinese airline gives up on an aircraft that is 8 years old and a Russian airline refuses the same aircraft after registration, then it’s anyone’s guess what might be wrong with it......or what would be needed to be spent on it....
JET2 would appear to have their fleet requirements ready now for summer 2015 and it would be a surprise if there was any further addition to the fleet.

LEEDS APPROACH 20th Apr 2015 19:23

Always a good thing to check poster's previous posts before believing rumours on here. Right or wrong there are always going to be disgruntled (former) employees.

pug 20th Apr 2015 19:24

Honily, be interested to know where that's come from. Nothing to do with the 'vvips' visiting last week is it?

If so I wouldn't read too much into it.. Happens quite a lot, the Dart Group isn't just PM these days..

Artie Fufkin 20th Apr 2015 20:05

The explanation I heard for the "visitors" last week was that PM wants to raise cash for the upcoming aircraft order by selling his share.

Can quite see a control freak like him giving up control of the business.

Sean Dillon 20th Apr 2015 21:27

New investment is the only way this company can finance a much needed fleet replacement, PM finally letting go and the airline/holidays side of the group up for sale is a strong rumour, but I'm with Artie, he's a complete control freak/micro manager, just can't see it!

But, it's a very 'temporary' structure all built around a 'full package' sale - for those that have ever wondered 'why' with regards to an aviation training centre on an industrial estate in that aviation centre of Bradford!

It'll all be 'something else' or gone with 5 years...those thinking this is some major player are dilluded and missing what PM is...

StoneyBridge Radar 21st Apr 2015 10:59

It'll all be 'something else' or gone with 5 years...those thinking this is some major player are dilluded and missing what PM is...
Are we talking "gone" on an XL scale or something completely else..?

Leeds Spotter 21st Apr 2015 15:08

Jet2 and jet2 holidays is owned by a public company, i.e. Dart Group. we the shareholders decide what happens not the C E, this is how the stock exchange works.
The rules are quite clear if the company has been approached or wishes to be approached an announcement must be made on the floor of the stock exchange.
If the company needs money it can have a rights issue, this is the normal way for a public company to go forward, (expect one from Tesco tomorrow). Unlike Tesco, Darts shares have doubled this year, making a rights issue easy to launch in the city.
Whilst a major shareholder, PM has to dance to the citys needs, I have seen 75% shareholders kicked out of there companies, PM would be easy to remove if the city lost confidence.
Certainly a sale would be good for me, I imagine at least a 25% premium to todays price.

garry8g 21st Apr 2015 15:31

B737-800 GJZHD

According to Jethros, the 8 year old ex Transaero Boeing 737-800, EI-RUP has been acquired by Jet2, and is due in service May 15.

They must have done some kind of deal for it then. Still a bit of a surprise though.

DjerbaDevil 21st Apr 2015 15:54

B737-800 GJZHD


Yes, it must have been a very good deal. Jethro’s also reports that it will be in service by 15 May and therefore in time for the high season.

Perhaps either the Priviledge Style B757 or the Titan A320 leasing programmed for the summer will be cancelled.

Jet2_738 22nd Apr 2015 18:40

If any were to be cancelled, would have though it would be the GLA based a320 - The extra capacity (+12.5%) would mean more seats, and a common type (B738) for GLA. Maybe they might keep both leases, and have G-JZHD as a back up/relief a/c. Only time will tell... :ok:

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