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LBIA 14th Jun 2012 19:28

Boeing 737-300, G-GDFH is still to be delivered and is believed to be in Belgrade receving treatment. The recently acquired Boeing 757-200WL, G-LSAN is still down at Southend having some pre-delivery work done.

Meanwhile Boeing 737-300QC departed Leeds-Bradford last week to Budapest and it seems to not have moved since.

MKY661 14th Jun 2012 20:30

an A320 wet leased from Strategic for summer 2012 and based, I think. in MAN
Yep its based at MAN but i see that they are using two of the Strategic aircraft but swap them between each other.

MUFC_fan 15th Jun 2012 13:28

Does anyone know if Jet2 are actually BUYING these aircraft outright from their own pocket or are they funding it through loans?

To be able to buy and obviously maintain that whole fleet (which has duly expanded quite quickly in recent years) must mean some money in the company!

I just wonder as surely the cost differences between buying (through loans) as opposed to leasing more fuel efficient aircraft when those bought would probably end their operating lives with LS, can't be that much different?

I maybe wrong!

LVL_CHG 15th Jun 2012 13:40

I can confirm that at a recent Jet2 presentation they said that all their a/c are owned outright and not leased.

TSR2 15th Jun 2012 14:59

all their a/c are owned outright and not leased.
Not according to the CAA.

All 36 aircraft registered to Dart Group are owned outright.

The 8 aircraft (1xB733, 4xB738 and 3xB757) registered to Jet2 are leased.

righthandrule 15th Jun 2012 17:37

Yes a few are 'leased' but from whom you may be asking? A few are leased from leasing companies but some are 'leased' to 'Jet2.com' from 'Dart Group'. Who owns 'Jet2.com' you may also be asking? 'Dart Group' is the answer. Its not as simple as Jet2 forking out a few mil for each aircraft. On paper assets are quite small for 'Jet2.com' but other parts of the business have considerable assets for a holding company. :ok:

DjerbaDevil 15th Jun 2012 18:42

G-LSAL and G-LSAM are two B752s leased from Air Allegiant, which will be going back to Air Allegiant at the end of the summer 2012.

The question is whether these will be replaced by B752s or B738s.

CabinCrewe 15th Jun 2012 19:26

The GLA base seems to be going from strength to strength with now 3 aircraft based within a short period of time. Wonder what will be next for this base? Announcements for W13?

ematom1 22nd Jun 2012 15:14

Hi all, just wondering why the leeds flight to ibbiza this afternoon arrives in east midlands then departs to ibiza, same happend last friday to, the ibiza route from ema doesnt start till may 13??

LBIA 22nd Jun 2012 18:12

Jet2 and most other airlines are having serious problems up at LBA with weather issues this afternoon. Reports of up to 42knot cross-wind. Also wind-sheer been reported by several aircraft on finals to runway 32.
The Boeing 737-300 aircraft are having to take-off with lighter than required fuel loads hence both the LS227 service to Palma and the LS197 to Ibiza have had to call into EMA for a splash and dash.

TopazBlue 22nd Jun 2012 20:51

Flew in from Fuerteventura this afternoon and the landing was the worst I have ever experienced in 35 years flying into Leeds. So glad the flight was not diverted due to the weather.

Johnny [email protected] Pants 23rd Jun 2012 08:32

TopazBlue Flew in from Fuerteventura this afternoon and the landing was the worst I have ever experienced in 35 years flying into Leeds. So glad the flight was not diverted due to the weather.
Probably should've done!

MKY661 23rd Jun 2012 15:14

Jet2 have aquired another 737-300 today from Brussels Airlines. And it has winglets

LBIA 23rd Jun 2012 18:50

Yep you are correct MKY661 as it's already in Southend, ex Brussels Airlines Boeing 737-300-WL, OO-VEG which will become G-GDFL.

harer92 23rd Jun 2012 18:52

Why have they purchased on odd-one-out aircraft so to speak as it will be the only 733 with winglets will it not? Unless they are testing out the economic viability of adding winglets to their existing 733 fleet of aircraft?

BHD2BFS 23rd Jun 2012 19:25

Continental airlines had quite a few -300s with winglets but got ride of them, mustn't be that economical

Lsflyer 24th Jun 2012 11:40

Does anyone know where the new 73W will be based and whether it is leased or owned?

TSR2 24th Jun 2012 11:49

According to the CAA, G-GDFL is owned.

spider_man 24th Jun 2012 14:39

I thought J2 had just acquired 5 x 733s with winglets. This would be in addition to the 44 a/c already flying.

BHD2BFS 24th Jun 2012 15:42

Do jet2 have no plans for any expansion at Belfast? They just seem to add a route and drop a route each year
Also on a different note, since they have 757s would they never try Sanford?

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