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Sean Dillon 7th Apr 2015 19:16

I'm afraid Brigantree is correct, and all you Airliner World readers and spotters who know nothing about this delightful organisation, the fleet will remain old, tired and knackered until such time as some major investment is added! Jet2 has no money...the best thing for its future, remove the CEO and the nasty culture it's created...

Summer 2015 is going to be expensive! This company is a "ticking clock"...

mockingjay 7th Apr 2015 19:25

Oh but they've got Jet2holidays and you can pay tuppence deposit. What can possibly go wrong?

Jet2_738 7th Apr 2015 19:45


but I can say he knows bugger all about Jet2.
...And you own the company do you?

I really hope Jet2_738 didn't use super glue to stick his jet2 Boeing posters to his wall....
Sorry, but what is that supposed to mean? Do you really think the company is going to go all Airbus? (Poor Business knowledge if you do.) This is a rumour network, Jumbo2 (read the title, of course, unless you don't know what exactly a rumour is...). The 'Big Announcement' is going to cause speculation on here, speculation that will continue until those at the top blurt it out, at what may be the Paris Air Show.

Jet2 and Jet2holidays are both very profitable, and if that means at the moment they have to use older frames, then so be it. It might be that their business model means they don't touch the south, unlike FR and EZY, who have seen that flying from London is going to earn them . I would rather see a 28yr old Jet2 733 come into NCL, than a brand sparkly new EZY Airbus A320 any day. That said, as LS are becoming increasingly profitable, rumour has it (have you found out what a rumour is yet, Jumbo2?) that they are looking into buying some new frames.

Station_Calling 7th Apr 2015 19:45


Sorry I do partially agree LSP, the yellow stickers are common in all their aircrafts
You clearly know nothing about at least one of the fleets.

mockingjay 7th Apr 2015 20:08

How much profit do they make out of interest?

flybar 7th Apr 2015 20:49

Half Year Results
Underlying Group operating profit increased 10% to 89.4m (2013: 81.2m) and underlying profit before tax by 14%, to 88.7m (2013: 78.1m).
After accounting for an exceptional provision of 17.0m, in relation
to possible passenger compensation claims, which may be payable in certain circumstances, for historical flight delays under EU Regulation 261, Group profit before tax, fell by 8% to 71.7m.

Jet 2 accounted for all but 2.1m of the profit.

Will do me!!

pug 7th Apr 2015 20:52

It seems there may be a disgruntled employee or two posting on here. If they don't like the company then they should leave.. Although I guess they may do forcefully eventually given the social media policy..

dreamair 8th Apr 2015 00:19

I have just checked and apparently all those on here bad mouthing Jet2 actually dont have to fly on them! Its not compulsary. Who knew? So maybe you can leave this airline alone to get on with the job they are doing very well of providing cheap flights and holidays for lots of happy customers in the North of England. I am one of them. Never had a bad experience with them, and i don't go crying to my mum if i don't have a brand new plane to fly on. :{

mockingjay 8th Apr 2015 05:59

Wow. Seems to be a couple of different new posters using very similar language posting about the sheer amazement of this wonder company who has similar margins, growth and LFs of their competitors despite being a summer only operation.

CabinCrewe 8th Apr 2015 07:05

Shouldnt that be 'essentially summer only' ?

El Bunto 8th Apr 2015 07:18

G-CELW back in service on the mail services. The old girl has life in her yet!

2Planks 8th Apr 2015 07:25

For every jet2 knocker there is a fan but the Dart Group's financial results are available here:

So everybody can decide for themselves ;)

mockingjay 8th Apr 2015 07:36

I do apologise, 'essentially summer only' would be more accurate.

I've looked at their figures and compared them to U2 and FR and I must admit I don't see what's so stellar about LS's performance. This is despite the other two having a much more comprehensive winter programs along with the hit in LFs, yields and winter losses that they both incur.

From what I can see there are twice as many seat only pax as there are holidays passengers which seems at odds with what I've read on here and would give weight to the arguement that LS is a LCC who sells some seats to the in house holiday company and that it is not a holiday airline and comparing them to U2/FR and not TOM/TCX would be more appropriate.

Maybe I'm reading it wrong. Can someone spell it out for me? Is LS 'highly profitable' as has been mentioned here previous? It seems U2 manage to make an extra 1,000,000 per aircraft more than LS and I would suspect FR even more.

paully 8th Apr 2015 09:03

Hmm...Airlines are like types of coffee or beer..entirely subjective views will be found. However in the case of one or two, the vitriol tends on the side of having received their PFO letters either recently or in the past...

Park your chips guys..thanks

anothertyke 8th Apr 2015 09:20

There are (at least) three types of traffic on Jet 2--- seat only passengers booked directly, Jet 2 Holidays passengers and passengers carried for other tour operators--look at the brochures. My guess is that all three categories are important components of their business model.

pug 8th Apr 2015 12:29

Lets not forget Royal Mail, which I guess is a valuable revenue stream and keeps things ticking over during the quieter months.. It also explains the age of some of the fleet due to the QC requirements..

Jet2_738 8th Apr 2015 12:56

Yes, the average fleet age is held down a little because of the QC's, but they're unique, and you're right pug, it is something to keep going during the quiet winter period. Thums up to dreamair's comment further up ^.

In response to mockingjay, Jet2 and Jet2holidays run in unison, and on the same booking system. Jet2 don't sell seats to Jet2holidays, but as they run on the exact same booking system, it means that Flight Only and Holiday pax figures can appear rather different to other airlines.

The difference between LS and EZY is that EZY are now a European wide operation, which means they operate flights from foreign airports to foreign airports, just like FR. Jet2's business model is somewhat different, in the way that they only fly UK-DESTINATION-UK, and not sectors within Europe. Because they only from the UK, they really only serve passengers going on holiday, or maybe a few from Spain wanting to come to the UK. EZY serve a whole European market, and because their business model, like FR, is purely LCC, they tend to earn that bit more. :ok:

GLAinsider 8th Apr 2015 13:03

In response to mockingjay, Jet2 and Jet2holidays run in unison, and on the same booking system. Jet2 don't sell seats to Jet2holidays, but as they run on the exact same booking system, it means that Flight Only and Holiday pax figures can appear rather different to other airlines.
Not true. Jet2 appears as a flight supplier in Jet2holidays booking system with an equal "status" to the suppliers of the airport transfers and the hotels or apartments. Flight only bookings do not appear anywhere in the booking system used by Jet2holidays and changes made to a flight booking belonging to a Jet2holidays package in Jet2's booking system do not feed back to Jet2holiday's booking system.

mockingjay 8th Apr 2015 13:17

You earlier claimed that Jet2 and Jet2holidays are 'highly profitable'. Given the margins and the figures I think 'in line with the competition' would be a lot more realistic. No?

Perhaps once easyJet Holidays has been operating and we have figures for them it will be possible to make a fairer comparison. Same with Ryanair who I believe are starting their own holiday operation at some point.

Sean Dillon 8th Apr 2015 13:25

Give Mockingjay a cigar! Who has sussed that this company actually isn't that great success it's "bigged" up to be by those stuck on Planet Jet2 (I don't include all the Airliner World readers as it's constantly proved they know nothing!) if you look deeper into the numbers! And just where does it go from here?!? Oh I'm sure Jet2_738 will come up with a theory...

It's certainly not a great success when considering employee satisfaction...

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