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Jet2_738 6th Apr 2015 10:26

G-JZHC is at Bournemouth getting its repaint, into the Silver Mica (Red and Silver) livery, whilst G-JZHB has been painted, and has the name Jet2Malta now on the side :ok:

silverstreak 6th Apr 2015 11:41

Cant wait for the B737-9ER to arrive :ok:

Lord Spandex Masher 6th Apr 2015 12:43

You're 5 days late. ;)

LBIA 6th Apr 2015 15:22

Rumour has it come the Paris air show Jet2 are to order 6x Boeing 737Max aircraft.

Lord Spandex Masher 6th Apr 2015 16:38

Well that's another rumour to add to the many doing the rounds already.

chuzwuza 6th Apr 2015 17:42

737-9ER???? You sure?

B737900er 6th Apr 2015 18:09

More like A320's :ok:

Jet2_738 6th Apr 2015 18:45

Jet2 won't change type any time soon. They have got a fleet of mainly owned aircraft, which in their older age will not be so easy to shift. With type change comes expense. 737-9's are more likely as they have been going a few years now and are on the second hand market already. I would also certainly not rule out the 737MAX's, but of course, these are brand new, and if ordered, would be of a fewer quantity (maybe 5 or 6). One thing for sure, they won't be changing type to Airbus, even if they do have one on lease for the summer. :ok:

bluepilot 6th Apr 2015 19:29

i heard it was a deal with AA for a larger number of 757s

Sean Dillon 6th Apr 2015 20:16

And the "Airliner World" zombie army keep marching!

Flying Wild 6th Apr 2015 20:36

I heard they're taking on ex-BA 747-400's as they are retired and are going into high density bucket and spade to Spain, etc as well as long haul Jet2 Holidays...

B737900er 6th Apr 2015 21:01

Higher chance taking on A340-200's than B744's. At least the 340-200s use the CFM engine, which Jet2 already have spares for.

SWBKCB 6th Apr 2015 21:04

1st of April was last week...

TSR2 6th Apr 2015 21:09

Air Atlanta Icelandic anyone, with their 517 seat B742.

Artie Fufkin 6th Apr 2015 22:32

The new aircraft order is coming. Airbus was the front runner, with the order a pretty much done deal back in Feb. Boeing got wind of the fact they were about to loose a large order to Airbus and came in with an improved offer, which is now being considered. Apparently, PM insisting that the all the Airbus conversions could be done on the cheap in Bradford was met with raucous laughter in Toulouse.

A certain someone reckons fleet order circa 70 airframes. Allegedly.

A330 wet lease cancellation may be ominous.

Jet2_738 7th Apr 2015 08:24

LCC's tend not to have a a mixed fleet, and this is part of their success. Realistically, it would be a Boeing order.

The thing about Airbus having a done deal, (allegedly, I know) is that Jet2 would use this in order to drive a better deal with Boeing. I do think they will go long haul, in the very near future, but instead, that will be with something like a 8-10yr old 767-300WL. Otherwise, I think if there is any big order, the likelihood is lots of new 737NG's, and maybe a good few 737MAX's.

If rumour stands correct, hopefully we'll all know sooner, rather than later. :ok:

paully 7th Apr 2015 09:48

For the sake of doubt!!
738..........sorry but I think you will find Flying Wild was taking the :mad::ok:

Flying Wild 7th Apr 2015 12:05

Originally Posted by paully (Post 8935633)
738..........sorry but I think you will find Flying Wild was taking the :mad::ok:

It is a rumour network after all...! :=

Brigantee 7th Apr 2015 15:08


Lord Spandex Masher 7th Apr 2015 16:43

Rather inaccurate Jumbo old chap.

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