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Sean Dillon 22nd Apr 2014 08:27

But the 733's will have wing-lets!!!!!

deltahotel9 22nd Apr 2014 08:35

Surely this would mean a massive reduction in passenger numbers as not only is the 733 much smaller than a 757 it will be load restricted on some of the longer routes too, possibly as many as 100 less seats per flight available if the last 6 rows are dropped?

As for TCX321s they are obviously newer but that doesn't necessarily meaner nicer, and as I haven't been on one I can't comment on noise levels etc. but the LS cabins are nice enough so most passengers will be happy enough with their lot I suspect, and lets face it for a good number of pax price is the only thing that leads them to choose their airline.

righthandrule 22nd Apr 2014 12:18

Christ kids, calm down.

NCL will get two 737-800's and a 737-300 in replacement for two 757's - so no, there won't be any reduction in seats there will be an increase. The 737-300's will be used on routes such as ALC/PMI etc and the 737-800's more on the Tenerife and Turkey etc flights.

I've never heard such a load of rubbish about a more "luxurious product" the 737-300, 737-800 and 757 have identical cabins, the only difference is that the 757's don't have the newer style 737-800 lockers that have been fitted to the 737-300's. If anything, the product offering on Jet2 could actually be defined as more luxurious now, and the 737-800s are much quieter than the 733's or 757's and as Thomas Cook's fleet is a total mismatch and total luck of the draw if you get a horrendously crammed in 757 with massive bulky old seats or a new Airbus that has marginally more room.

TSR2 22nd Apr 2014 15:59

Totally agree on that one.

LiamNCL 22nd Apr 2014 16:34

Surely there must be some 757s due to leave the fleet then

Sean Dillon 22nd Apr 2014 17:13

Why would that be then Liam?!?

All will become clear as the year progresses! Calm!

StoneyBridge Radar 22nd Apr 2014 19:08

But why? The 733 is the same fuselage cross-section as the 757
The 757 cabin floor is lower set, giving a wider cross section at passenger level and raising the window line.

HH6702 22nd Apr 2014 19:17

Jet 2 to start long haul ops summer 2015!!

757's to be re configured to first and normal class.

Flights to operated to the following


That's my guess what do you think

They have been unable to get 767's so more 738's to replace the 757's

TSR2 22nd Apr 2014 19:54

Jet 2 to start long haul ops summer 2015!!
That's my guess what do you think
Daily from Blackpool, Humberside and Coventry :D.

GCILover 22nd Apr 2014 20:10

Jet 2 would be a great airline to take on the Spanish routes out of SOU when flybe pull the plug at the end of this summer

StoneyBridge Radar 22nd Apr 2014 20:40

They have been unable to get 767's
At a time when more B763ERs than ever before are beginning to make way for the Dreamliner and XWB..? There's 27 of them on 2 sites alone up to 2005 vintage.

HOODED 22nd Apr 2014 21:44

Maybe they're holding back on the 767s hoping to pick up some of the unsold 787s from the early overweight batch at a song!:}:ok:

LNIDA 22nd Apr 2014 22:32

I suspect that even the early overweight pre production aircraft will be well out of what Jet2 are willing/able to pay.

Low cost long haul is still in its infancy a few New York flights at peak travel periods isn't long haul

Jet2 would IMHO be taking a huge repetitional risk in trying to do serious long haul with 27 year old 757's a great aircraft for sure, but high risk at that age

VickersVicount 22nd Apr 2014 22:40

Please confirm source of data on 737 vs 757 cabin cross section/width and floor height

Lord Spandex Masher 22nd Apr 2014 22:58

VV, google is your friend.

VickersVicount 22nd Apr 2014 23:28

Google has been less than friendly on this particular issue thank you. Information gleaned appears to be at odds with our apparent learn-ed friend, hence my enquiry. The time it took you to post that would have been better served trying to confirm the question.
Ill ask again, who can post definitive data that cabin wall width and specifically floor height on the 757 vs 737 is different ....

TRY2FLY 22nd Apr 2014 23:30

Jet2 4
Who? Boeing I'd imagine

TSR2 22nd Apr 2014 23:54

Ill ask again, who can post definitive data that cabin wall width and specifically floor height on the 757 vs 737 is different ....
Both the 737 and 757 have an interior cabin width of 11'7" (3.53m) according to Boeing specification.
I cannot quote the floor height relative to the widest part of the cabin as the specification does not quote this.

Cabin height B737-800 - 2.2m
Cabin height B757-200 - 2.13m
Sorce - Flight Global

ILS32 23rd Apr 2014 00:01


Use your friendly Google and try 737v757 Cabins in the Civil Aviation section Airliners.Net

StoneyBridge Radar 23rd Apr 2014 07:49

Ill ask again, who can post definitive data that cabin wall width and specifically floor height on the 757 vs 737 is different ....
I have a spec. sheet boxed up somewhere, which I will endeavour to locate, and will report back with the definitive answer you seek.

Edited to add: I see TSR2 has the figures already, many thanks; will still hunt out the spec sheet out of sheer curiosity. ;)

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