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Facelookbovvered 1st May 2015 15:17

Is there any truth in the rumour that Jet2 have artificially restricted the maximum operating flight levels of their 737-300 & 737-800 fleets? if so why?

The figure quoted to me was either 380/390 for the NG & 350/360 for the CL i do of course realise that most of Jet2's aircraft will seldom go above that any way with a typical load factor.

Leeds Spotter 1st May 2015 16:38

LNIDA: I am one who books at least a year in advance. failure to would mean we would not be able to book the hotel of our choice, unless we do it a year in advance.
I have had to guess the dates we are going for May 2016 as we had to book the rooms last month to guarantee our dates.
Over the last five years, we have had one major change and that was a complete drop of the flight last year. Jet2 would only allow us to change our flight out on a later date. We accepted a total cancel, went out 48 hours earlier and pocketed 150 for the change, enough to pay for another two nights in the hotel, a win win event.
I do it with a zero rated purchase with my credit card, which I dont have to pay off until we return in May 2016

B757_200 1st May 2015 19:11

Hi all I'm new here, been a lurker for a while though!

I'll be flying with Jet2 Holidays in 5 weeks to Fuerteventura from Manchester, I think it'll be a 757 as when I was selecting my seats the plane diagram had 42 rows, would that be a 757-200? Hope so as I love the 757!

Slightly concerning the age of the fleet but I expect they are well maintained as they wouldn't be allowed to fly otherwise! Will the Jet2 fleet of 757's have been through a heavy maintenance check as they've been on the fleet for some years now, perhaps they did it when they went in for the interior refit/upgrade etc?

Hope this is in the right section! :hmm:

LNIDA 1st May 2015 22:30

Leeds Spotter
I assume you are booking flight only?, how much notice of change of flight times did you get? from what you say you were still able to get the hotel of your choice anyway which is great.

All airline change schedules from time to time, I have just had a change of departure time from JFK for a flight in a few months time, it only 90 minutes later on a red eye so no big deal, but with the best will in the world putting flights on sale out to September 2016 in April 2015 is a leap in the dark.I would dearly love to be able to make plans and book flights a little further ahead than my min two weeks/max 6 week roster allows.

muggins 2nd May 2015 08:12


as you say all airlines change schedules. Jet2s passenger operations serve the holiday market, and reading sites such as Tripadvisor I see people regularly booking holidays 12 to 18 months ahead, either for special occasions or budgeting reasons. Also as Leeds Spotter says accommodation fills up at some times of year

My schedule change story with Jet2 last year involves 2 returns, flight only, from GLA to LPA.

The trip in October the return flight was moved back by 10 minutes, hardly worth telling me about I thought.

The trip at Christmas was another matter. Booked at the beginning of May with Saturday flights out and back. Email received 9 July informing of a 24 hour change of times of both flights so that travel was on Sunday. In fact all flights from GLA to LPA from Nov 8 were changed to Sundays. Luckily my accommodation had space to let me modify my booking and change at no cost, parking was another matter.

I'd certainly fly with Jet2 again. Friendly cabin crew and no delays. Don't know about others but I find the new style no recline seats on a 738 more comfortable and give me more leg room than the old style seating on charter 752s.

Jet2_738 2nd May 2015 13:06

I'd certainly fly with Jet2 again. Friendly cabin crew and no delays. Don't know about others but I find the new style no recline seats on a 738 more comfortable and give me more leg room than the old style seating on charter 752s.
Me too. I arrived 30 mins early on my last Jet2 flight, and the new style no recline seats are very comfortable, and certainly give a lot more leg room (even for someone 6ft+). We can now travel worry-free, safe in the knowledge that a careless person in front isn't going to lean back onto us, and spill our drinks all over :ok:

paully 2nd May 2015 13:24

Indeed...but looking at their flight only prices for 2016, one would have to dig deep in order to travel with them :ooh:

mockingjay 2nd May 2015 15:30

Fear not, easyJet and Ryanair haven't had reclining seats for many years and Monoarch now have non reclining seats.

Jet2_738 2nd May 2015 17:50

I see ALC based air-spare G-CELS operated today's LS876 (EXS876A) from FAO to MAN. G-LSAC operated the outbound flight, but has only just left FAO bound for LBA as EXS046A. This is because G-LSAC had gone tech down in FAO. Pax were put on the air-spare, and arrived 1hr 45 mins late, thus as opposed to what would have been a delay of nearly 6 hours! G-CELS is now en route back to ALC as EXS047A.

Jet2's Spanish base strategy seems to have worked well today, just as we begin to go into the summer season. :ok:

Facelookbovvered 2nd May 2015 19:57

The fact that Jet2 go to the trouble of having a back up aircraft and crews on standby all day in ALC speaks volumes about the company and also the age and fleet reliability........:eek::eek:

Station_Calling 2nd May 2015 20:27

Monarch reclining seats...

Monoarch now have non reclining seats.
The Monarch A321 I've just flown to TFS and back on certainly did have reclining seats, and it didn't have p**m me off when they did it without warning, nearly sending the contents of my tray table over me.

For the small amount these seats recline, I'd just get rid of them.


tattbenj 3rd May 2015 13:15

What exactly does it say about the company? Perhaps it says that they care about their customers and let's face it, they're the most important people and a 2 hour delay will look much better on the airline than a 6 hour one. And with regards to reliability every airline has technical problems with aircraft! Virgin, Thomas Cook the lot, it doesn't say anything about the airline or the age of their aircraft

nonfrequentflyer_NCL 3rd May 2015 15:48

So you'd advocate J2 having passengers wait over 4 hours or so while a new crew could be assembled or maybe that J2 shouldn't have back-up aircraft available should one have a mechanical (not to mention that all other airlines have mechanical mishaps now and then)?

Odd way of thinking.

EK77WNCL 3rd May 2015 16:09

I completely understand your reasoning behind slagging off Jet2 and the way they run their very successful, profitable and prosperous airline, I mean, remember last year when there were all those delays, cancellations and emergencies with airlines flying clapped out 30 year old dreamliners... Oh, hang on...

Sean Dillon 3rd May 2015 17:13

their very successful, profitable and prosperous airline,
oh bless...you're only 16! Its a business with a "business plan" that got it started...and no future...without further investment that is!

Good luck to you all...you'll be all very pleased to know, especially Lord Spandex 'Turbo-Prop' Masher i've already left and joined BA...

buzz boy 3rd May 2015 17:42

Oh that's just terrific! Sean Dillon here at BA now :ugh:

snowman 1 3rd May 2015 17:45

thank god for that

nonfrequentflyer_NCL 3rd May 2015 17:56

SD being condescending there to a 16 year old. Nice fella.

Jet2_738 3rd May 2015 19:03

Finally :D:D:D:D:D

Sean has left for BA!! (I mean, BA have got hat sick of him constantly applying) No more moans and groans??.... oh no - there's a whole pile of his dirty washing left to aire.... At least that's one less 'unhappy where he is' pilot gone. Sean, you've left in good time - maybe it wasn't to be long before someone high up would see behind that virtual plastic facade, and discover who you really are.

I'd just like to say that nonfrequentflyer_NCL's past two posts have been spot on! :ok: Jet2 are an airline that like to please its passengers. From a passengers perspective, 1hr 45mins delay is nothing compared to a 6 hour one. As a passenger, I'd like to know that an airline does all it can to get me home. It could, and certainly can happen to anyone, irrespective of whether their fleet is months or years old. It just means Jet2 are better equipped to handle a problem like that - and that they've got a strategy in place to prevent delays.

Jet2 like to please their passengers - just look what happened when BLK closed - LS re-scheduled everything, going to the length, so much as to pay for customers' parking at MAN, and bus people there and back for months. Look at the ash cloud crisis - LS sent buses all the way from Leeds to the bottom of Spain to get people home. What other airline did that??? :=

Rob Courtney 3rd May 2015 19:08

Was flying Thomas Cook a few years ago when the newish Bus went tech at Cardiff, who bailed them out Jet2 with a 20+yr old 737-300 :D

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