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NutLoose 3rd Feb 2009 15:36

I counted 19 fins on the main apron area in the morning, but no idea as to the total in.

Regular Cappuccino 3rd Feb 2009 21:49

Around 30+ divs in total by the time I left on Monday (around 6ish) and there may have a been a few more after that.
Nice pics Nutloose - I took over upstairs as the 777 was taxiing in.
Well done to everyone who kept the runway operational while everyone else was closing down. :D

odogo2 4th Feb 2009 10:07

Does anyone know if the passengers from thr diverted traffic were bussed to the Parkway?It would have been a good start for the station if they were.

OliWW 5th Feb 2009 08:42

EMA runway is still closed, been closed since about 5.30 I think, not expect to open until as late as 10.30. Any more info?

NutLoose 5th Feb 2009 22:14

Well this will give you an Idea as to what they were up against this at 10 am this morning, I frightened myself to death driving in and nearly hit a car in Donington, and was fearful of getting stuck at work if it got any worse so I scared myself witless driving back home again at about 15 MPH...... I won't do that again.... I passed the local posty on the way in and he gave me one of those what the hell are you doing looks..... He was right!!


fireflybob 8th Feb 2009 02:20

Got to say I think the guys at EMA did a great job getting the runway swept and open again in record time considering the conditions - perhaps some other airports could take a leaf out of their book!

Mr @ Spotty M 8th Feb 2009 10:05

I would say looking at the last picture, you have had very little snow compared with the airports in the south, is that why you seemed to cope better?

NutLoose 8th Feb 2009 13:49

Size could be a factor as well, one runway, very few taxiways and less acreage of apron space to keep clear.....

NJTCF 8th Feb 2009 16:37

F1 Grand Prix 2010.
More Bad Press with regards to the grand prix to be held at the race track in 2010 This time in the sunday Mail Quite a large write up about it. Hopefully some good news will be comming soon from the race track.They are saying there will be an announcement in March Lets Hope its Good news and they Have Secured the 40 Million They Need:ok:

Just Wanted to say Well Done to all the staff at the airport for there Hard work in Clearing The Snow Especially Monday and Thursday:D

NJTCF 10th Feb 2009 21:53

Etihad A330 EMA.
Etihad Used EMA tonight a Divert from MAN Dropped in for fuel. Parked on the DHL Apron for its Short stay.

Understand MOL RYR Visited EMA Last Night. He was at BOH today as per the RYR Thread. Probably Doing a UK Tour. Im Sure he was trying to do a Good Deal with the airport. Hopefully the airport has Secured At least One More Aircraft to be Based and some New Routes for 2009:ok:.

stuart-travel 14th Feb 2009 08:32

Now on airline website gci-ema 13.45-15.00
ema-gci 15.30-16.45 Daily service from 1/5/09

Hope we get air southwest on ema/nqy/plm/ext be good for us tour operators with hotels in cornwall and torbay all planed with connect service to airports.


OliWW 14th Feb 2009 09:01

Good news for EMA! I hope the route does as well as IOM has done, they would most likely operate it on a ATR72, I hope they get good passenger figures, as it can carry about 70 passengers and the flight is daily!

Feet on ground 15th Feb 2009 14:00

The Guernsey flights will be operated with a 72 seat ATR72-500 aircraft. Fares are from 29.

stuart-travel 23rd Feb 2009 08:43

more extra flights
Bmibaby adds ema-fao sun 12/7-6/9 15.40-22.10
with a check on the timetable will require a 6th aircraft will it be some work for bmi airbus looking for work (now not required at LHR).

extra flights to CFU/HER/ZTH/KGS/RHO
vik314/5 cfu mon 13.40-14.40/ 6/7-28/9
vik318/9 her tue 15.15-16.00/ 7/7-29/9
vik326/7 zth thu 14.10-15.10/ 9/7-1/10
vik364/5 kgs wed 15.05-15.50/ 8/7-30/9
vik368/9 rho sat 15.05-15.50/11/7-3/10



Banzai Eagle 23rd Feb 2009 16:49


There was a Viking 737 outside DHL doing engine runs, think it was a -700 or -800 but i could be wrong. SE reg

Flyboy543 23rd Feb 2009 22:07

The Viking aircraft was a 737-800 SE-RHR, been twice now to the hangers. Not sure what type they will use on the routes in the summer.

stuart-travel 24th Feb 2009 07:57

viking update
Looks like a b737-800
CFU/KGS/HER/ZTH all w.flights from MAN
RHO w. flight from LGW


brs planespotter 25th Feb 2009 09:13

runway at ema
apologies four being in the wrong spot,i have family coming up from brs too fly from ema on fri am,flying too bridgetown i think?0600 departure.anyone know the carrier and a/c please?i guess your runways long enough non stop?rgds brs plane spotter:)

Flyboy543 25th Feb 2009 13:12

From what I remember there's only one departure to BGI at 10.10 which would be a Thomas Cook A330-200.

stuart-travel 26th Feb 2009 08:00

viking ema
It now looks like all flights will W. with MAN aircraft so a mon/tue/wed/thu/sat will see viking crew coach with man-ema return.



for any rail fans sat 28/2/09 due through parkway station around 4.00pm A4 loco sir nigel greasley on special charter train

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