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globetrotter79 26th Feb 2009 08:51

In addition to the B737-800s, Viking is rumoured also to be getting B737-300s (from a source allegedly very close indeed to EMA) as well as that MD-83 that East Midlanders like so much!

Given that this stuff has only just gone on sale, I struggle to believe that (with smaller aircraft available / coming) Viking would plan to fly the larger -800 on these routes.

tui doll 27th Feb 2009 15:07

Thomson Airways Programme Summer 2009
Does anyone know the confirmed Summer programme for Thomson Airways? Have heard it has not been finalised yet as they are considering adding an additional aircraft possibly an Airbus - anyone have any further info.

Beavis and Butthead 27th Feb 2009 18:38

Haven't seen the summer programme Tui Doll, but there certainly isn't an Airbus at EMA this summer. The Thomson Airbus flight deck have been offered temporary bases elsewhere.

aidoair 27th Feb 2009 19:16

TOM @ EMA will be 2 x 73H and 1 x 752 and part based 763 for the longhaul. Finalised summer ops are available to crew, so i am guessing that this will be it and the summer program is finalised.

fireflybob 2nd Mar 2009 15:41

Anyone know if RYR are getting any more a/c at EMA this year?

emaint2003 3rd Mar 2009 04:03

Job Losses
It is very sad to see a number of people at EMA(and MAN and BOH) will lose their jobs in another "MAG" restructure. Interestingly only weeks ago the MD was trumpeting another record year. So losses are so big at one of the UK's most profitable airports that 10% of the workforce has to go! Good luck to all those under threat maybe some of the spotters here will support those who may not have a job shortly or have vastly reduced pay packets.

The Real Slim Shady 3rd Mar 2009 10:26

Bob, story is 2 more coming this year and ultimately at least 14.

Facelookbovvered 3rd Mar 2009 18:40

Real slim shady
14? no its a least 21 or was it 31

What a load of bollocks, if EMA ever got 14 it would be to park them up the Ryanair loads i have seen at various European airports other than DUB routes have been terrible and with the general decline getting worse by the day and lots of new aircraft turning up thing are getting interesting no wonder he is looking to charge for going for a piss

EastMids 3rd Mar 2009 19:43

It is very sad to see a number of people at EMA(and MAN and BOH) will lose their jobs in another "MAG" restructure. So losses are so big at one of the UK's most profitable airports that 10% of the workforce has to go!
Indeed, and from what I can gather, those going are all "indians" - no chiefs. Quelle surprise - NOT! And how's that bode for service quality for the punter who ultimately actually pays the wages? Oh, I forgot, if an airport dances with the Irish devil, service quality effectively goes out of the window!


The Real Slim Shady 3rd Mar 2009 21:09



By the end of tis month FR will have 200 aircraft: some of the new ones will go to the new Italian bases but other bases will get more airplanes as the BP calls for close on 350 jets by 2012.

AndyH52 4th Mar 2009 08:51

Latest FR results suggest a fleet requirement net of disposals of 292 aircraft by 2012 and I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised to see an acceleration of older aircraft disposals in order to keep the fleet numbers below that figure. Given that LPL has lost an aircraft this summer due in part to 'increasing APD', I doubt if any of the UK bases will see much in the way of growth from FR in the next 12 - 18 months. In reality they, like many others, are feeling the pain of the recession - now is not a good time for growth :\

Balair 4th Mar 2009 14:53

Cargo 6
EMA has gained planning approval for a new cargo facility (Cargo 6) which will be sited next to the Royal Mail building. It will have direct apron access and is designed to cater primarily for small start up freight forwarding companies, the building comprising of 12 small, 3 medium and 1 larger unit.

OliWW 4th Mar 2009 21:40

Just been looking at the FR timetable for EMA. 6 departures every day of the week and 6 arrivals every evening in the week. So I doubt very much they will have a 7th aircraft there this summer :ugh::(

EGAC_Ramper 5th Mar 2009 08:42

Anything on at ORK?
Is there anything curious/special going on at Cork towards the end of this month?

No doubt see the 7th pounding the circuit again this summer.


odogo2 5th Mar 2009 08:53

Does anyone know the outcome of the meeting of the North West Leicestershire District Council regarding the Runway Extension at EMA This has been going on for nearly 9 years and was being resolved on the 3 March after many delays.

Balair 5th Mar 2009 09:15

Runway extension
Apparently the application was not even submitted to the NWLDC planning comittee on the 3rd March and no date can be provided as to when it will be considered!
I was under the impression EMA were keen to get the application determined, so I can only assume the delay is with the council's planning department. If this is the case it is in stark contrast to the speed with which the Donington Park application was processed!

wired2fly 7th Mar 2009 22:10

Anyone know what has happened to the EMA website for pilots ? emapilot.com? Its been down for quite a few months now which is a shame as I remember it being a good resource if flying in the region.

Regular Cappuccino 7th Mar 2009 22:24

There was a problem with the website being hacked, and as the corporate people responsible for its maintenance were taking so long to fix it, the original author of the content has now hosted it (temporarily?) on his own website - EMA VFR Pilot

stuart-travel 9th Mar 2009 13:06

extra bmibaby
extra ema-mah tue 28/7-1/9 17.15-23.05
extra ema-lei fri 31/7-4/9 17.05-23.25

The new cargo website looks good and details of all sch cargo services


Balair 9th Mar 2009 13:59

Cargo website

Is that the "new" cargo website where the latest news item is dated 29/05/08 and the last Newsletter is for August 2008?

If it's the same one, I think they have lost interest in it!

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