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jaytay13 25th Mar 2011 21:43


ematom1 26th Mar 2011 08:40

Air-Britain : Egnx v.

East midlands airport photos virgin Atlantic A330 plus Thomson brand new 737-800 :)

stuart-travel 28th Mar 2011 11:07

jet 2 summer 2011
I see the sat alc flight has been changed to allow the loss of egypt flight and the no take up of a flight to ibz times 07.50-14.20.

Monarch 2012 flights a decsion would need to be made in the next week by monarch to base a aircraft at ema as to meet the printing of cosmos 2012 summer details.


Skipness One Echo 28th Mar 2011 11:18

Why were the two new Thomson B737-800s delivered to EMA? I thought they would have gone to Luton?

ematom1 28th Mar 2011 16:41

Monarch at ema next year? Since when? :)

stuart-travel 29th Mar 2011 07:24

monarch 2012
Report in travel weekly the other week monarch plan to add new regional airports to the programme subject to o/k from management of the company, airports to be added in 2012 BRS/EMA/NCL.


NutLoose 29th Mar 2011 12:54

Latest quick update taken about 30 mins ago, gear off and resting on sleepers prior to being dropped on the floor.
As you can see the weather here is pants.....:p

Would appear by the cutting, the cockpit isn't being scrapped.




Sorry for the quality off some of these, not up to my normal standards

NutLoose 31st Mar 2011 11:34

As asked for again by Mart...... an update


Got to be seriously drafty for the SLF now. :E

HeliCraig 31st Mar 2011 11:37

Thanks for the pics NutLoose.

To save me trawling the thread... who actually owns the airframe (pre-destruction!)?


NutLoose 31st Mar 2011 11:53

Uk International Airlines, although probably East Mids Airport for unpaid parking after the airline went bust.

Skipness One Echo 31st Mar 2011 14:45

G-CECU, saw it parked up with the reg on the port side only. Good timing as I dind't realise it was for the axe so soon!

NutLoose 1st Apr 2011 11:14



wired2fly 2nd Apr 2011 08:58

shame they are cannilbalising the cockpit, it would have been a good aeropark exhibit. :(

Centre cities 2nd Apr 2011 15:12

Are you sure that they havn't cleaned it up.

Centre ciies

NutLoose 6th Apr 2011 12:00

She has gone.............


Sigh............ the noise was unbelievable

TSR2 6th Apr 2011 16:54

Thank you for the excellent series of photo's.

It's always a shame to see any aircraft destroyed but this has been the most pleasurable way.

PBO 6th Apr 2011 17:01

Sorry to go off-topic, but does EMA still have a bus link with East Midlands Parkway rail station? The EMA website only gives information for a shared taxi service, nothing whatsoever about a bus link

NutLoose 6th Apr 2011 19:23

Well, thank you for that, it is appreciated, I did wonder if anyone would be interested, but did feel it should be recorded, so took it on.

Ironically as it was being chopped, I saw one shot with the reg showing still......


the next grab took away most of it leaving only CU which I thought was apt


The one thing that amazed me out of it all though, was the component parts of a 767 when dumped in a pile are very little in quantity, admittedly a bit has been removed in this shot......... but not much, that pile IS a 767 or the sum of it's parts..


Boeing Junkie 6th Apr 2011 20:21

Thank you NutLoose for a great series of pics :ok:

NutLoose 7th Apr 2011 10:38

Sorry to go off-topic, but does EMA still have a bus link with East Midlands Parkway rail station? The EMA website only gives information for a shared taxi service, nothing whatsoever about a bus link
PBO welcome, had a look too, seems as if it has disappeared, instead you get a prebooked taxi service...

seems it has gone see

East Midlands Parkway and Airport link bus axed

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