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Mr Angry from Purley 4th Jan 2009 21:27

One boring bit, RAF Tristar and 4 engined C17 (sorry not into milatary) was it diversion fromm Brize couple fo days ago?

And secondly, 8th Jan 20th anniversary of BM 737 crash at Kegworth. Always remembered :\

egnxema 5th Jan 2009 09:02

Has there been an ATC problem in the Midlands area?

No flights left BHX or EMA until after 0800 this morning and it's not the snow - as there is not a flake of it in Castle Donington.

Any info Almost Prof???

NJTCF 5th Jan 2009 15:41

Mr Angry.

The C-17 Had 5+ Ambulances In Attendance So Seems As Thou EMA Was Expecting It Unless It Was A DIV From BHX And They Drove Up From There. As That Is Where They Normally Go Into for the Local Hospital. Not Sure What The Tristar Was Doing But They Had Both Gone By 4pm.


Think It Was An Ice Problem Thou Nothing Lost We Even Had A Divert From Wellesbourne As COV + BHX Were Shut On Anotha Forum Its Saying BHX Put Weed Killer Down Instead Of De icer :D


stuart-travel 5th Jan 2009 16:41

Summer 2009 first flight on a tour op programme
wed ema--dlm dep 07.00am is this the start of a based aircraft programme ?

ref ; Mr airtours 19dec 2008


almost professional 5th Jan 2009 16:48

looks like Monarch may be doing some flights to cover the smaller players in the IT market-to replace X/L etc, my guess is that they will shuttle a Birmingham A/C across when needed

stuart-travel 8th Jan 2009 16:55

extra turkey flights summer 2009
Extra flights to dlm and bjv
hol4u now show extra ema-bjv mon ohy0079/80 22.00-23.00
plus thur late july/aug ema-dlm thur bd428/427 19.35-02.15

plus new mon flight ema-dlm fhy412/411 19.05-20.05 tour operator
t/b/c and as i have already stated mon wed ema-dlm mon7326/7327
07.00 -16.35

to date ema will have on mon 5 flights to turkey


egnxema 8th Jan 2009 22:30

Turkey and SSH are tipped to be firm favourites for summer 09 as they are outside the eurozone :ok:

[email protected] 9th Jan 2009 08:16

With planning permission granted for the 100 million expansion of Donington Park for the F1 Grand Prix, Will this attract any new services to EMA??? of will it just be corporate on the day???



Balair 9th Jan 2009 09:34

F1 Grand Prix
I doubt very much there will be any additional routes resulting from an event which only lasts for one week a year, however it is possible operators may provide additional rotations on existing routes during F1 week.

The event will obviously generate a considerable volume of corporate traffic and I understand as part of their traffic management proposals the event organisers intend to provide charter flights from a number of UK and European airports.

There have also been reports in the press the organisers have suggested the airport be closed to non-F1 traffic during the race weekend...! You can imagine the airport's response to that!

All the above is obviously subject to the event actually taking place; there is still much speculation regarding the timescale involved and their ability to raise the necessary funds.

egnxema 9th Jan 2009 09:46

From most of the reports the funds appear to be in place. Donington Park suggested they would be ready with their shovels within minutes of the approval being given.

I think the only speculation is now whether contractors will physically be able to complete the construction in the 18 month window.

The most annoying thing from all this is NWLDC!! They take forEVER to approve plans for EMA, escpecially the runway lengthening etc.

But the Donington Park plans were submitted, reviewed, and approved within months!

Now, dont get me wrong - I am pleased about the Donington Park plans, as they also intend to make the venue attractive all year round with hi-tech auditauria and facilities for concerts/events etc - all of which will be of some benefit to EMA.

The frustration is that NWDLC can clearly move like lightening for some things, and as slow a treacle for others. :sad:

paul atkins 9th Jan 2009 12:50

there is also a extra sunday am flight to bodrum with sunexpress with scott travel who are also operating the monday pm flight to dalaman with freebird

stuart-travel 9th Jan 2009 16:17

extra turkey
Thanks paul on the operator for the fhy flight on mon.

I have missed 2 flights on mon as tom is 2 flights and 1 tcx so to date
Turkey on a mon is now 7 flights.

I hear that east midlands parkway is due to open now on 1/2/09 ?
is the airport to run a bus/coach service to the station.


egnxema 9th Jan 2009 16:57

Last I heard EMA are not too enamoured with Parkway, as the number of trains EM Trains have scheduled to call there is not huge.

Plus EMA have invested a lot in the skylink buses that call at Nottingham and Derby and Loughborough Stns.

I guess it would not be too difficult for the Nottingham Skylink to call in there.

Suzeman 9th Jan 2009 17:40

Last I heard EMA are not too enamoured with Parkway, as the number of trains EM Trains have scheduled to call there is not huge.
There are 3 trains/hr to Leicester (2 go on to London) but they all run within 12 minutes of each other (32/39/43 past the hour)and then there is a large gap. There are 2/hr to Nottingham very close together (46 and 57 past the hour) and one/hour to Derby (53 past the hour). :(

So nothing for the first half of the hour - plenty of time for the station staff to keep the premises in pristine condition .......

Lets hope the connecting bus from the airport is not timed to get there on the hour :}


OliWW 9th Jan 2009 22:57

It seems a bit pointless for Monarch to charter a aircraft to EMA every week just for one flight, it will have to be at EMA by like 6am on a Wed, and will leave at like 5.30pm unless they are going to announce more routes???

stuart-travel 10th Jan 2009 12:20

monarch ema
new flight added thur ema-ssh 10.00-2210
may be more added in the next weeks


Charlie Roy 10th Jan 2009 13:28

Totally off topic I know (sorry), but I still can't get over the fact that East Midlands has lost both Cork and Shannon!

I suppose the only hope of Cork coming back is an improvement in the relationship between Ryanair and Cork.

NJTCF 10th Jan 2009 16:19

Tom Ema S09
Heard the Above Might Be Putting All 738 Into EMA This Summer. So Instead of 2 x 738 1 x 757 We Will Have 3 x 738 + The 767 Anyone Confirm This.

Reading From the BHX Thread Seems As Thou RYR Are Having Interesting Times at BHX Looks As Thou They Might Only Have 4-5 Based There This Summer Hopefully If Any New Routes Are to be Announced EMA Will Get Them:ok:.

OliWW 10th Jan 2009 17:42

Where is actually listed that MON are doing these flights, where can people book?

paul atkins 11th Jan 2009 10:14

these flights are operating for the thomas cook group and are being added all the time in peak summer they will have four based aircraft two of there own,bmi and now monarch .stuart and myself will try and keep you updated

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