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NJTCF 1st Apr 2009 22:23

EMA Runway Extension.
Thanks Balair.


I Fully understand what you are saying. But EMA is making a profit so would it be not be best to invest in the airport in the group that is making the /Profit. We are only talking about 300+ Mtrs at EMA. That is NOT Going to brake the bank is it. Like in Germany/Holland they build for the future. Jobs could at the end of the day depend on it. yes we are in recession. But then raw materials/labour should be cheeper. my point is that if we get the go ahead for the extension we then have a better selling point over our nearest rival being BHX. We have a general election in 2010 who ever is in power could Change or have a totaly different Policy on aviation. And maybe NO More New Runways in the Uk will be allowed to be built. im just thinking for the Future:).


OliWW 5th Apr 2009 18:21

Anyone know what is wrong with LS2031 from Sharm El Sheikh, its appearing as having a 23hr 20mins delay.

LS2031 22:40 Sharm El Sheikh Delayed 22:00 Mon 6th Apr

Facelookbovvered 6th Apr 2009 07:22

Just a minor tech issue that put the crew out of hours, so they get chance to spend a weeks worth of allowances in the bar lol

The 757 is a great aircraft for these routes, but remember they are 22 years old and don't have the reliabilty of new Boeing or Airbus kit

odogo2 6th Apr 2009 13:10

njtcf,Have you any idea when Birmingham applied for the runway extension?

NJTCF 6th Apr 2009 16:03


All I know the BHX appication has not been in as long as EMA. All boils down to the local council.

Cheers njtcf.

stuart-travel 14th Apr 2009 08:52

ema fly/cruise 2010
EMA will join LGW/MAN/BHX as main fly/cruise airports for P & 0 cruises for the 2010/11 flights.
Flights will operate each week on fri/sat/mon some weeks it is a sat or a fri plus mon flights on some dates, this increase in fly/cruise flights is due to new cruise ships based in the Caribbean each ship on the fri/sat change over will need 8 flights to service the ships with pax.
Other uk airports will only have a few flights in the 2010/11 fly/cruise programe.


NJTCF 15th Apr 2009 16:23

East Midlands Airport 30mph.
Please be aware when driving around the service roads at the airport. The Police are Carrying Out Speed Checks. Roads they are doing this on is the road pass DHL And the Road past the New Post Office Hub. Both Directions. Speed Limit on Both these Roads is 30mph. From what i gather they can only give you a warning as You Are on a Private road, But i maybe wrong until i speak to someone who has been stopped im Not Definate on that. So Just be Careful. They either use a hand held speed gun or A Tripod with a Speed Gun on it. They were Stopping People on The DHL Road Going out towards the West Exit today. So Just Be Careful And Drive Safe.

Cheers NJTCF.

Ps Good News on The Cruise Flights:ok:.

OliWW 15th Apr 2009 21:51

Extra flights to Dalaman on Wed nights from 15/07/09 - 02/09/09
MON7472 20:00 - 02:10
MON7473 03:10 - 06:35

Extra flights to Ibiza on Sun mornings from 26/07/09 - 09/09/09
BD7873 06:30 - 09:50
BD7874 10:50 - 12:25

Extra flights to Palma on Sat nights from 25/07/09 - 08/09/09
BD7861 18:15 - 21:30
BD7862 22:30 - 00:20

All of these are appearing on the flythomascook website now

BHX5DME 16th Apr 2009 12:07

EMA March Pax
Down 27% to 335k !


INKJET 16th Apr 2009 15:43

Easter was in March last year, but March/April together will still be down on last year looking at the figures, no surprise the car parks are empty, still it give the airport plod sometime to play at coppers with speed guns, not before time:ugh:

qwertyplop 17th Apr 2009 06:59

And to support you with the protective policing function they so ably provide 24/7. :p

INKJET 17th Apr 2009 09:54

protective policing function
Agreed, we all feel a lot safer knowing there around!!
There are two types of plod at the airport, the shall we say more mature, Dixon of Dock Green fartherly figures and the one's (actually two's because they always are in pairs) that are armed to the high teeth and look like they are ready to take on G20 protesters.

The comfort blanket is of course G4 staff who never miss the the fact that i am half a sleep and left some water in a bottle that i picked up airside in the first place

Just another two months to wait before we start to get our ID cards from HmGov to add to my passport, Company photo ID, & Airport photo ID, must be getting old and grumpy, but i miss the days when you could see your friend off at the gate, our freedom has come a long way (back) in the UK:suspect::suspect::suspect::suspect::suspect::suspect::sus pect:

roverman 17th Apr 2009 10:06

Runway Extension
EMA's runway length at 2893m is fine for the likely long-haul traffic the airport will generate. I doubt there is a business case to extend it further, nor much of one at BHX. The owners of EMA,(MAG) have a 3200m runway in their portfolio (23L at MAN) and yet long-haul is struggling there. It's not runway length (above about 2800m) but market strength which will stimulate long-haul traffic in the regions.

Envoy320 17th Apr 2009 10:16

i agree roverman.....just not the catchment area really to justify the flights out of EMA....

to be fair....they struggle with shorthaul when you look at the number of other airports around too!!

OliWW 17th Apr 2009 10:22

I believe that there is a market out there for long haul from EMA, you just have to get the right flights, at the right times, and at the right prices in order to get these people, otherwise the flight wont work, look at UKIA, bad flight times, bad aircraft, and some of their flights were on the expensive side. There is also a market for short haul, but in the current climate, businesses arent sending people away on business trips, places like BRU, EDI, GLA, BFS are being affected by this, and then people are staying at home instead of going away for the weekend, places like CDG, AMS, JER, DUB etc... There is a market for short haul, as seen in the past at the airport!

Envoy320 17th Apr 2009 10:32

OliWW "There is a market for short haul, as seen in the past at the airport! "

I think you need to rephrase this to There WAS a market for short haul, as seen in the past at the airport!

There really isn't a market for longhaul from E.Mids....

it's too close to Manchester and Birmingham which both have better transport links...

OliWW 17th Apr 2009 11:28

I think my phrases are fine, and I do believe there is a future for Long Haul, FCA/TOM are an example of this, Orlando, Cancun, two long haul destinations which are successful from EMA, and they are many more flights to these places from MAN and BHX but are still successful.

Flyboy543 17th Apr 2009 12:24

If there is a longhaul market for EMA, why have FCA stopped the POP/PUJ flights and why did TCX/MYT not start the MBJ and MBA again? It would be great to see more longhaul from EMA, however if MAN are starting to struggle I don't think any airline would start a new route from EMA. Especially considering the facilities available at MAN vs EMA

Envoy320 17th Apr 2009 12:49

Agreed flyboy...

There isn't an argument....there is not a market for longhaul out of EMA...airlines are not creating new routes....

there may be a "future"....but certainly not a "present"

OliWW 17th Apr 2009 13:09

Which is why "Envoy320" I said "Future"

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