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INKJET 28th Dec 2010 13:41

If you add in Ryanairs non based units flying through EMA then they will be by far the biggest operator at EMA.

EMA will have to wait until 2012 to see more baby based units, now rumoured to include a fleet renewal with some aircraft over 200+ seats!! if true that will leave Jet2 as the only LCC with a classic fleet.

aidoair 28th Dec 2010 13:58

EMA will have to wait until 2012 to see more baby based units, now rumoured to include a fleet renewal with some aircraft over 200+ seats!! if true that will leave Jet2 as the only LCC with a classic fleet.
Is this the rumour of the 757 or A321. I know crew members heard of rumours about the A321 being added but then the fleet operations exec saying he would consider the 757 in the future.

OltonPete 28th Dec 2010 14:03

Ryanair summer 2011

What do you mean 8 based but 7 operating - a spare aircraft?

I have copied all changes to the FR timetable for EMA and eight
aircraft have never been needed. In fact the weekend is still showing
six only unless there has been another recent update but of course
this could mean more new routes or extra frequencies to come?

However the weekday schedule is clearly seven aircraft.

BMI Baby is more interesting as you say 8 aircraft needed but
at present they don't have enough aircraft in the fleet to cover
this unless another bases loses an aircraft or aircraft 15 arrives.

The most likely outcome is squashing the EMA schedule into seven
or get rid of Cologne, which going by November's figures is a waste
of space unless the yields are good.

Unfortunately I do not know all the BMI Baby ATC call-signs so I am
not too sure of the number of rotations but these are some figures: -

Cologne - 2562 - 5 weekly = 58 pax*
Munich - 1593 - 3 Weekly = 61 pax
Venice - 3351 - 4 weekly = 99 pax
Paris CDG - 6267 - 9 weekly = 78 pax
Amsterdam - 8753 13 weekly = 78 pax
Prague - 3356 = 3/4 weekly? = 100+

* This would be the max not taking into account any cancellations
or diversions.

I can only assume that they are taking some good yields, as for their
main base these seem pretty low on the whole.

Munich no doubt would have picked up over the holiday period for
obvious reasons but Paris only operates double daily in January
on Mo/Tu/Fr, which I don't remember that happening last winter.

Belfast picked up somewhat in November - 10516 up from 6385, at
a guess about an average of 80-90 per flight.

Belfast City was 4212 which is about 41 average or 52% load factor
based on every flight operating.


planenut321 28th Dec 2010 14:58

EMA should now have the 8 considering CWL is losing yet another based aircraft and going down to 1 based for Summer 2011. The new BHD aircraft will come from CWL and will be part based at CWL Sat-Sun.

FCAcrewboy 28th Dec 2010 16:22

TOM s11
Am I right in thinking it's the same as S10 with one 752 and two 738?

OliWW 28th Dec 2010 16:27

FR will have 8 based! but only 7 of them will be used, so they will vary them, but one will pretty much always be on the ground parked up.

With regards to Thomson, it will be 1x B75W, 2x B73H the same as S10, but that is still subject to change... so may well be 2x B757...

stuart-travel 28th Dec 2010 17:41

tcx summer 2011
The new update for dec shows many changes no w patten reus (seats from tom on tue), NO W patten izmer and a change to kos no w patten but 2 flights by based aircraft
plus dlm no sat or sun flights but sat now lpa flights and sun now tfs flights.
hope you all can see the changes


OliWW 28th Dec 2010 17:58

Check the dates in the 2nd week of June... Reus operates as a W on a Friday, arrives at 12:35, departs at 13:35, will be on an A320...

Izmir is on Wednesday, Arrives 16:35, Departs 17:50, A321

Thursday morning Kos arrived back at 16:25, and then goes back to Kos at 17:40. Faro has gone, and has been replaced with Lanzarote on a Thursday...

Tuesday night Heraklion has been moved to Friday evening in replacement of Antalya... Dalaman on a Saturday is replaced with Gran Canaria and Dalaman has been replaced on a Sunday with Larnaca, which has been replaced with Tenerife, as stated. :ok:

stuart-travel 28th Dec 2010 18:27

tcx summer 2011
Thanks oliww when i checked reus flights i was directed to the tom flights have now checked again and you are correct.


AP1995 28th Dec 2010 23:01

are bmi baby considering A321 &/ OR B757 for fleet renewal?

Ringwayman 28th Dec 2010 23:03

Given the loads posted by Pete, think EMB190s may be more suitable as a fleet replacement!

OliWW 28th Dec 2010 23:21

Airbus will be the replacements of the 733... A319 is too similar to the current B733, A321 is too big... so therefore, the A320 is most likely to be the aircraft to replace them, but not for at least another 3-5 years

FR- 29th Dec 2010 08:14

Does anyone have the line of flying for the ryanair summer based a/c? (olton pete)


Facelookbovvered 29th Dec 2010 08:36

baby fleet replacement
Given that any additional aircraft are likely to be British Midland International (bmi) hand me downs then its more than possible that it will include 319,320 & 321

The Embraer is useless for peak Med traffic, but would work well on many city to city routes including their domestic program

OliWW 29th Dec 2010 10:57

Without SXF and BUD released, there will be some clear gaps... but here goes...

AC1 06:30 GRO - CCF - MJV
AC2 06:35 ALC - NOC - RZE
AC3 06:35 DUB - VLC - AGP
AC4 06:50 PMI - ___ - WRO
AC5 07:00 TFS - ALC
AC6 07:10 LIG - ___ - LCJ
AC7 07:25 SVQ - TLL - DUB

AC1 06:10 RIX - ALC - ___
AC2 06:40 LIG - TSF
AC3 07:00 IBZ - NTE - PMI
AC4 07:10 VLC - ACE
AC5 07:30 CIA - DNR - MJV
AC6 08:00 REU - DUB - PSA
AC7 09:25 PMI - AGP

AC1 06:30 GRO - BGY - MJV
AC2 06:35 ALC - WRO
AC3 06:35 DUB - VLC - AGP
AC4 07:00 TFS - ALC
AC5 07:50 LPA - PMI
AC6 09:55 TLL - LCJ
AC7 10:55 CCF - NOC - ___

AC1 06:10 RIX - ALC - DNR
AC2 06:30 GRO - NTE - RAK
AC3 06:40 IBZ - ____ - TSF
AC4 06:45 KRK - FUE
AC5 07:10 CIA - LIG - MJV
AC6 07:25 SVQ - DUB - PSA
AC7 09:25 PMI - AGP

AC1 06:30 GRO - BGY - MJV
AC2 06:35 ALC - NOC - ALC
AC3 06:35 DUB - VLC - AGP
AC4 07:00 TFS - LCJ
AC5 07:25 CCF - DNR - RZE
AC6 07:25 TLL - ____ - ____
AC7 08:00 PMI - WRO - DUB

AC1 06:10 RIX - ALC - ___
AC2 06:15 ACE - PMI
AC3 06:30 REU - GRO - MJV
AC4 06:30 MJV - ___ - TSF
AC5 07:00 NTE - IBZ - AGP
AC6 07:30 CIA - DUB - PSA
AC7 11:50 LIG - AGP

AC1 06:30 GRO - BGY - WRO
AC2 06:35 RAK - FUE
AC3 06:35 DUB - VLC - AGP
AC4 07:00 TFS - NOC - DUB
AC5 07:30 LPA - MJV
AC6 07:35 PMI - DNR - KRK
AC7 12:00 ALC - PMI

All FAO on FAO based aircraft...

Hope that is correct?

AP1995 29th Dec 2010 12:48

i dont think it will be E-190 if the rumour is more then 200+ seats it will be a321 or b757, i think it will be bmi pass downs

OltonPete 29th Dec 2010 14:57

FR Summer 2011

Cheers for that, I have the same albeit in a very messy format as
I have over-written the changes.

Quite obviously still work in progress.

The worrying aspect is that after the first wave not a lot of instances
of seven needed which means if you are a glass half empty person,
it will mean re-timings to six based. If you are a glass half-full then
it will mean several new routes to be announced.

BHX had a similar schedule last year with seven based in the day
on certain days and everything was re-timed to four based. That
won't happen at EMA I am sure but still a lot of changes to come.


Jamie2k9 4th Jan 2011 00:17

Yet to be released are Budapest and Berlin, but there are gaps in the timetable to suggest Budapest will be on Mon, Fri, and Berlin would be daily.

Budapest will not operate next summer. It is still in the booking system but it will be removed soon when it gets updated.

Some flight times will be changed over the next few weeks and some extra flights on routes will be added. Berlin will be on sale soon.

Jamie2k9 5th Jan 2011 12:21

Berlin now bookable. Operates on Mon, Wed and Fri.
Monday - depart East-Midlands - 11:15 - 14:05 - depart Berlin - 14:30 - 15:25
Wednesday - depart East-Midlands - 19:35 - 22:15 - depart Berlin - 22:40 - 23:40
Friday - depart East-Midlands - 18:45 - 21:35 - depart Berlin - 22:00 - 22:55

Times subject to change.

FR- 9th Jan 2011 10:24

So does ryanair still have any gaps in its summer time table. Was really hoping for a few more routes but never mind.

All times are GMT. The time now is 03:53.

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