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stuart hammond 4th Jan 2014 08:51

olton pete
The company is Hurtigauten Cruises, thy have 2/3 flights from BHX this year than switch flights to EMA for 2015, I do not know the airline, but around 4/5 years ago flights from the midlands by a Norway airline.


Mr Angry from Purley 4th Jan 2014 14:35

25 years British Midland Crash Jan 8th

OltonPete 4th Jan 2014 15:05

stuart hammond

Cheers for the info, I assume they all went through a hub or there is something wrong with the CAA stats, as not a single pax reported BHX-Norway since 2010!

I do find that stat amazing amd even mind-boggling considering the amount of one-off and short series charters BHX gets in a year but I must admit I just can't recall any flights at all from Norway since Ryanair Torp.


stuart hammond 4th Jan 2014 16:15

You may be right as I recall in 2010 flights with dh8 aircraft from EMA/BHX than flights where only from other airports until this year, now flights again from BHX 2014 and EMA 2015, and if i can remember flights to Bergan and Tromso for 2014/15.


OltonPete 4th Jan 2014 16:22

Cheers Stuart

Will look out for them this year, even a short series is better than nothing.


nuisance79 6th Jan 2014 13:51

Does anybody know if Jet2 plan to operate EMA-NCE this Summer? If not do flybe or Monarch have any plans to?

FRatSTN 6th Jan 2014 14:09

I hope so. Was very disappointed to find there's no services to Nice next year. Maybe even Ryanair could in future?

As I've just posted on the Ryanair thread, seems there will be a new base in Lisbon. I hope East Midlands will be one of the new routes if true.

sunday8pm 7th Jan 2014 10:46

Appreciate Lisbon would be operated by units based there, but as a side point how much room for maneuver do Ryanair have at EMA without needing to add more aircraft?

FRatSTN 7th Jan 2014 11:29

I think there's still a few spaces there. It's definitely seven aircraft, possibly eight in August like last summer. Either way if Lisbon was the base then it shouldn't matter.

stuart hammond 7th Jan 2014 19:18

mail flights
as from Mon 6/1/14 Bournemouth to East Midlands return is operated by Atlantic Airlines B737f, replaces Titan Airlines,
do any of you night owls know any other mail/freight changes.


ematom1 7th Jan 2014 23:41

Jet2 733F G-CELW is moving bases to BFS to operate the RM route so no 733QC operating that flight either West Atlantic airlines or Titan is to replace the Exeter route think this changes in march 2014 I believe unless plans have changed

stuart hammond 8th Jan 2014 08:22

mail flights
thanks ematom 1

I had seen a report that from end march 2014 the EXT-EMA flights would be changed to a Atlantic / West Atlantic aircraft,
Would see why the fleet is getting larger, was stated that a size of around 12/15 ATPs 8/10 B737F 3/4 B767F, may be some one can confirm the details.


ematom1 8th Jan 2014 17:12

Yeah that's right mate, from march it's effective, from what I've heard the 767s are a agreement with ABX air, I remember that the UPS star air contract for 2015 is up for renewal and Atlantic had put in for some work? Wonder if that's why they are getting the 767s?

stuart hammond 12th Jan 2014 21:33

extra summer charter flights
Low cost holidays are to operate around 12 flights exclusive to ACE/FAO/PMI/ALC/IBZ/TFS, airline may be Enter or Small planet ?.

This is on top of flights with Ryanair/Monarch/Jet2/Thomson/Thomas cook,
which Low cost holidays uses on its holidays.

May be first full charter operated by Newmarket holidays a EMA TO PAJALA santa flights 21/12/14 airline Enter airways. Most holidays flights are schld flights with Flybe/Monarch/Jet2/Ryanair, with Newmarket.


craigydon 13th Jan 2014 13:48

What are the details on these Low Cost Holidays flights?

stuart hammond 14th Jan 2014 10:00

LCH flights 2014
Details of Low cost holidays flights I have found

tue 08.30-12.00
thur 06.15-09.45
sat 15.40-19.20
mon 06.15-09.15
wed 16.40-19.40
fri 12.45-15.40
sun 15.00-17.55
fri/sat 22.45-02.15
mon 16.10-19.40
tue 14.25-18.40
thur 11.10-15.30
tue 14.00-18.30
fri 11.35-16.00
sat/sun 20.30-00.40
all operate end may to end oct 2014 airline/s unknown.


FRatSTN 14th Jan 2014 12:21

And also Corfu on Monday's

Dep. EMA 09:30, Arr. CFU 14:45
Dep. CFU 15:45, Arr. EMA 17:15

I have to say that I don't think any of this will happen :(

These flights don't add up to create a nearly realistic schedule for a based aircraft or two.

Plus various other airports also have these extra LCH flights including Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted, Birmingham, Glasgow, Belfast, Leeds Bradford and probably others too that I haven't looked at.

I doubt all of these airports will actually have additional based units. They all appear to be low-deposit flights and most have a message at the bottom saying they are not finalised and only provisional flight times that are subject to change.

However those from East Midlands do not have that message so I hope there is actually something in this.

ematom1 14th Jan 2014 13:55

Is it possible the flight could be operated by monarch? Seems to be there routes? Apart from Corfu?

stuart hammond 14th Jan 2014 20:28

LCH flights
Thanks for the CFU flights, I missed them.
must agree on the operation of the flights , my view is it will be a top up for high season ops, but with 15 flights per week, and some re giging would be nice work for 1 aircraft.


ematom1 14th Jan 2014 22:44

Looking at the MON/ZB schedule the flight times don't match so doubt it'll be with them, would be nice for a 1 aircraft based from small planet for the summer season

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