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Burnie5204 3rd Sep 2013 17:50

Its been showing on the internal flight information screen for about a month now as operating early morning sundays but its still not turned up.

It will be a West Apron DHL 3rd Party Handling job (like the iceland air etc)

Drive4it 3rd Sep 2013 18:29

Yet another FlyBe flight from North of the border cancelled again. This time from EDI this morning.
Im guessing with the 3 slots from both Glasgow & Edinburgh each day they're deciding to not send down half filled aircraft?

On a more positive note i now know how to park in the drop off zone for free!!

David Sharpe 3rd Sep 2013 21:07

Not sure if it's been mentioned before, but more growth for Jet 2 planned for Summer 2014, a quick look through the timetable indicates 71 x weekly departures for the August peak (compared with 53 x weekly this year)

New flights when compared to this year are Budapest (2 x weekly) Funchal (1 x weekly) Paris CDG (4 x weekly) Prague (2 x weekly - reduces from 4 x weekly during July and August) and Zante (1 x weekly) = 10 x weekly flights.

Additional rotations on existing services are Alicante (2 x weekly) Arrecife (1 x weekly) Dalaman (1 x weekly) Faro (2 x weekly) Ibiza (2 x weekly) Palma (3 x weekly) and Tenerife (1 x weekly) = 12 x weekly.

Losses in routes / flights are to Larnaca (1 x weekly) and Nice (3 x weekly)

Monarch appear to be reducing Palma (by 2 x weekly) and Alicante and Faro (each by 1 x weekly) to free up aircraft to allow them to operate Arrecife and Tenerife into the Summer season (both 2 x weekly) but Jet 2 are taking up the shortfall in capacity.

ematom1 3rd Sep 2013 21:13

Does this mean another aircraft will be based for Jet2 as I remember there bein a press release saying they wanted 5 A/C at EMA for 2014 or will the current aircraft cover the capacity?

David Sharpe 3rd Sep 2013 21:43

I suspect that a 5th based airframe will arrive if these schedules do not change, it certainly needs 5 if you look at the current schedules (I checked a Tuesday which shows departures to Alicante, Faro, Mahon Malaga and Palma on the first wave)

stuart hammond 4th Sep 2013 06:30

jet2 summer 2014
David, I made it when I cheeked some weeks ago 11 flights per day for 4 days per week and 10 per day 3 days per week, also the TFS and DLM to go 4 per week. The Monarch flights are same as this year just now some change in destination on some days.We may see some FLYBE charters in 2014 as the plan for the airline is to operate more charter flights to make some money and better use of aircraft.regardsStuart

ematom1 6th Sep 2013 16:09

With jet2 adding a extra aircraft but meant to be getting rid of 1 757 next year and having 2 737-800's and 2 737-300's will it now be 1 757, 2 737-800's & 2 737-300's for S14?

OltonPete 7th Sep 2013 15:59

I assume the East Mids - Murcia fairly quick return to EMA yesterday was nothing more than precautionary?

Aircraft only got to about 10000 feet south of EMA and held for a while and then returned to EMA.

Someone mentioned a possible tail-scrape but nothing found, a replacement aircraft was used and the one involved was back flying today.

The aircraft cleared the runway and there weren't any diversions this time round. I think was one other knock-on delay I believe to get the Murcia away for the second time.


4Screwaircrew 7th Sep 2013 20:09

@ ematom all 737s 3 x 300 2 x 800, there has only been a single 757 all year, with 2 x 300 and a leased 800. Should be all Jet2.com frames and crews for 2014,

FRatSTN 9th Sep 2013 20:28

Even more Jet2 routes!!
Total number of Jet2 routes from EMA for Summer 2014 is now at 25, compared to 19 this summer.

New routes added today are:

Kos, Greece (KGS) on Tues from May 27
Reus, Spain (REU) on Weds from May 28

Larnaca is also now staying for S14 and there is now a Thursday service to Minorca in July and August, making that route now up to 4x a week.

There is however 1 less flight a week to Faro, Malaga and Palma and 2 less to Alicante than originally planned for S14, but frequencies are still slightly higher than this summer.

The Prague route drops from 4x to 2x weekly in July and August. (It appears the Thursday flight will be replaced by the extra Minorca service, but still unsure on Sunday).

The schedule isn't fully correct. There is 6 early departures on a Thursday now but only 5 based aircraft and a few gaps here and there. Hopefully this is a sign of more to come??? Hopefully the Nice route will also continue in 2014!

Burnie5204 9th Sep 2013 20:31

Any indication as to whether its a maths error or is there any indication of LS doing Ws?

FRatSTN 9th Sep 2013 21:10

No W patterns. The Thursday schedule at the moment for July and August is this.

LS678 12:10 Minorca
LS642 13:00 Alicante
LS602 13:10 Palma de Mallorca
LS606 13:55 Malaga
LS686 14:20 Faro
LS632 16:10 Lanzarote
LS609 17:15 Paris-Charles de Gaulle
LS692 21:10 Murcia
LS604 23:25 Palma de Mallorca
LS634 00:40 Tenerife-South
LS658 02:30 Bodrum

LS641 06:30 Alicante
LS677 06:35 Minorca
LS631 07:00 Lanzarote
LS601 07:10 Palma de Mallorca
LS605 07:15 Malaga
LS685 07:45 Faro
LS609 13:55 Paris-Charles de Gaulle
LS633 14:30 Tenerife-South
LS691 15:05 Murcia
LS657 17:10 Bodrum
LS603 17:50 Palma de Mallorca

I suspect one service (probably the Minorca service) may be moved to the afternoon as there is a space there where the Prague flight flies outside of July and August.

FRatSTN 10th Sep 2013 09:49

Jet2 summer 2014
Lets update this again...

27 routes in Summer 2014 with another two new services! Now even more routes than Newcastle.

Fuerteventura (FUE) 1x a week on Fridays from 23rd May.
Jersey (JER), 1x a week on Saturdays from 24th May.

Also Palma now twice on Sundays instead of Tuesdays so still a max of 10x a week.

Also extra services to Heraklion (now Tues and Sat) and to Rhodes (now Weds and Sun).

Schedule is now a complete mess. It even looks like they may need six aircraft at EMA next summer but I'd be very pleasantly surprised! Hopefully there is even more to come.

Total number of weekly departures now at 75 (150 flights in total per week).

LiamNCL 10th Sep 2013 16:59

I don't think anything is final at Newcastle yet ? Heard we are getting another 757 making it x3 757s for S14

J-Guy 10th Sep 2013 19:09

Jet2 launching Jersey is good news; bmibaby was a big loss this summer.

A Saturday flight takes advantage of inbound tourists, but I am confident that the route could operate at a higher frequency in the future, even if it is at the expense of Flybe.

Burnie5204 10th Sep 2013 19:37

Flybe wonder why they're losing money?

Just announced on the radio today that they are running a sale by 'paying the APD for you!' which they promote as reducing the cost of a domestic ticket by an average of 26 per person

ATNotts 10th Sep 2013 19:49


A Saturday flight takes advantage of inbound tourists
I'd be really interested to see how many inbound tourists EMA might be likely to get every Saturday - given that they'd have to stay in the East Midlands for a week, unless they flew one way on LS and the other on BE.

Enough to fill a tandem on a good day I'd reckon!

FRatSTN 10th Sep 2013 19:53

bmibaby was a big loss this summer.
On the Jersey route perhaps but there's still a daily service with BE.

For East Midlands, I think they would have shrugged off the loss of BmiBaby by now. I certainly have! 2012 was the most effected year where passenger numbers only just reached 4 million.

After expansion from Flybe, Jet2, Monarch and Ryanair this summer, that has more than covered the BmiBaby flights. Passenger numbers look to be up by quite a healthy amount this summer as a result, and around 4.3 million people will use East Midlands this year, which is even slightly more than in 2011.

The other good thing that has come out of BmiBaby's closure is that East Midlands now has a richer mix of airlines and a growing range of destinations.

It's just Ryanair we're waiting for now for S14 schedules. If they impress by maintaining the exceptional amount of flights they have this summer, I bet we could easily be over 4.5 million passengers in 2014, maybe even enough to push it into the UK's top 10 if we're really lucky??

J-Guy 10th Sep 2013 20:37

I'd be really interested to see how many inbound tourists EMA might be likely to get every Saturday - given that they'd have to stay in the East Midlands for a week, unless they flew one way on LS and the other on BE.
Well I'm Jersey-based so I mean my inbound, your outbound ;)

But, yes, for Jersey the loss of bmibaby was a hit. Flybe has thankfully operated a daily service this summer but it has still meant that the number of passengers using the route are down by more or less 50%.

Mr Angry from Purley 11th Sep 2013 16:59

AT Notts

I'd be really interested to see how many inbound tourists EMA might be likely to get every Saturday - given that they'd have to stay in the East Midlands for a week, unless they flew one way on LS and the other on BE.

Enough to fill a tandem on a good day I'd reckon!
How dare you, the Centre of the universe, even President Obama knows where EMA is. lol :\

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