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NJTCF 27th Jul 2008 20:16

WW Its Should be Triplets.
Baby Should be Having Triplets But I Dont think any one knows when they are arriving One should Have Arrived last week. Thats the one that should be comming from canada well thats where its being worked on. theres one i think in Budapest, and the other one is in India!!!

Just Heard TOYI Should be Delivered tomorrow Monday night 7pm This Is The One thats been in Canada.

EastMids 28th Jul 2008 13:32

Just Heard TOYI Should be Delivered tomorrow Monday night
I guess that they should name this one "Geordie Baby" :}


Balair 28th Jul 2008 14:22

Runway Extension - All is revealed!
According to an article in the Burton Mail "Jumbo jets could be flying over the rooftops of Burton" if the runway extension is approved!

The article goes on to report that objectors to the plans are accusing the airport of having "other motives" as the reason for extending the runway; quoting the Chairman of the campaign group Demand as saying "I think they are looking to attract fully laden Boeing 747's and long-haul flights"..... and there was me thinking the extra concrete was an attempt by the management to reduce the amount of grass that had to be mowed on the airfield.....?

You have to smile don't you? :)

OliWW 28th Jul 2008 17:12

I smiled...

On a different note, It seems like TCX has dropped Izmir for S09. They seem to be operating the Paphos flight with there own A320 and added another Monastir flight a week

Brushtype4 28th Jul 2008 20:13

TOYI was eventually delivered to EMA this evening.

Icabod 28th Jul 2008 20:46

Lets hope it's servicable:ok: why eye up the toon !!

NJTCF 28th Jul 2008 21:33

Think it had a new Skin Put On in Canada So Probably Will Be Next Week at The Earliest Before its in service. As they Will Need to do a few checks in the hanger first. Thou they need it Badly. Well least its Finally here:ok:

bmia330 29th Jul 2008 10:43


We've been told that we will easily see which aircraft it is, but more details will come at a later date, in an internal memo! New Logojet maybe??

Facelookbovvered 29th Jul 2008 11:09

Easy to spot: its got Lufftybaby on it! and should be up to TOYP by S09:ok:

aidoair 29th Jul 2008 11:37

It has a slightly different tale logo where the whole baby face including the ears are shown, that may be what you will be able to tell the difference from the other aircraft.

OliWW 29th Jul 2008 13:57

so by S09 bmibaby will have G-TOYN, G-TOYO, G-TOYP, i wonder where they will get those B733 from... its been hard enough for them to find the last 3.

greatoaks 29th Jul 2008 18:33

Xl W08/09

"Is it true they are pulling out end of Oct and not returning at all even next summer ? Heard they are off to Brum to replace Air Malta next summer ? but thought with new acft arriving they would return to NEMA as well ?"

just had my lanzarote W08/09 flight cancelled due to a 'commercial decision'

Captain Caveman 29th Jul 2008 19:49

Xl W08/09
Just heard cabin crew have been told no more for the winter but expect BHX next summer!

Rhino power 29th Jul 2008 20:47

wonder where they will get those B733 from... its been hard enough for them to find the last 3
Well with COA alone planning to park 67 pig classics, I'd say BMI may well be spoilt for choice...


North Stand Tier3 30th Jul 2008 12:44

Rhino Power
There's been plenty of desert parked Classics in the US for years. Paperwork for the Legacy carriers is an absolute nightmare though - just ask any lease company rep!

Ref YI in the hangar at EMA. The work before entry into service has nothing to do with the skin replacements - it would not have left Canada with any remaining issues on them. The work is regulatory mods,ie bringing it onto an EASA register from a CASA one

egnxema 30th Jul 2008 20:17

Bit confused by these XL rumours. Thet have a huge advert on the approach to the terminal, and the home page of the website. Is it just the based XL aircraft movin, the flying programme being done by someone else?

I though XL had been pleased with EMA growth.

tweentown 30th Jul 2008 21:51

Looking at the XL website, all the based flights have gone for winter 08/9.
There is one XL W flight to SSH. Some Canary destinations are being offered with TCX (presumably consolidated), some are discontinued altogether.

The summer 09 programme currently remains on sale with XL flight no's.

OliWW 31st Jul 2008 10:44

I really cant believe they are going:ugh::(, there flights had a good amount of pax on them, and as someone said I thought they were pleased with there progress here, I know that last year was a stuggle as that Air Malta A320 seemed to always be sitting around, but they could fix that easily...

At least there still here for summer thank goodness, we are loosing a A321 from FCA as it is next summer, TOM down to 3x and thats it...

ATNotts 31st Jul 2008 19:10


Unless I am very much mistaken, the XLA programme is an ITC operation. As such the number of passengers is largely irrelevant, since the tour operators contract the aircraft, and may, probably for reasons of trimming available capacity in an indifferent economy, or getting a better seat deal elsewhere decide to ditch XLA.

Same goes for the possible loss of other capacity. it may in part be replaced by non based aircraft, but frankly, mid July 2008 is hardly soon enough to establish what will or will not be operating when May 2009 rolls around.

NJTCF 1st Aug 2008 11:55

Heard the above should be with us around the 11th of August if all goes well. Chief pilot is Out in Singapore at the moment doing test flights:ok:

Heard G-TOYL Will Not Arrive Until October.:(

G-BYZJ Will be going back to the lease company at the end of the summer.

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