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SexyladyEZY 3rd Jun 2008 19:00

Binder !!!

May i also quote the following from a thread you said a while ago


Well, looks like your wise words have come to fruitition.


Well i for one feel sorry for Easyjet @ East midlands now

Mr Angry from Purley 4th Jun 2008 10:36

Many moons ago an airline i worked for at ema was taken over by one based in LTN and i got redundancy as LTN was deemed to be too far away, or legal words to that effect. Don't worry until it happens! :\

OliWW 4th Jun 2008 12:35

Does anyone know what the TCX timetable is for Summer 09 at EMA?, whats going when?

NJTCF 4th Jun 2008 13:35

EMA New Carpark
I see they are getting on really well with the new carpark, i dont know if its me but the spaces look mighty small. I wont be parking my 4x4 in there. Theres going 2 be lots of doors being banged and marked:(.

On Another Point if it is true. I will be really sad to see EZY leaving EMA if it does happen as it was EZY who made BMI wake up and form Baby.

RYR I See they will be operating 4 flights a week to AGP from the 26th of October. Su, Mo, We, Fr.

birdstrike 4th Jun 2008 16:31

Wasn't it Go which prompted the start-up of Baby?

OliWW 4th Jun 2008 18:46

I heard a rumor today of a new airline starting at EMA called flybluejet which will be starting in 2009 / 2010 with a jet aircraft... anyone heard anymore?

[email protected] 5th Jun 2008 08:52

My friend has had it confirmed that Easyjet will not be pulling out of EMA at all in the near or distant future. They are here to stay and that is from EMA Management. Rumour quashed:).

Oli, where did u hear this about a new airline???? unless its long haul, there will be no financially viable way that it could operate from EMA to the European sunshine routes. And in the current climate, i cant see L/H operators making enough money from EMA to survive


Code 100 5th Jun 2008 09:18

[email protected],

Hope you are right about EZY.

I have just tried to 'book' flights from MAN, LTN, LGW and EMA for 05/11/08 to some year-round type of destinations (Prague, Paphos, Tenerife etc.) All attempts failed, with a diologue box telling me that basically nothing can be booked after that date.

I think it is just EZY formulating a strategy for the winter, with fuel prices, the credit crunch and living costs being taken into account before releasing their schedules.

Also, I note that MOL has been slagged off in the Times for not hedging!

[email protected] 5th Jun 2008 09:47

Code 100, Easyjets winter timetable doesnt come out for another 3 weeks or so so obv nothing is going to be bookable before then for after the 2nd Nov.
Did you think they were going to close Luton and Gatwick also????

Code 100 5th Jun 2008 10:01

[email protected]

If you read my post correctly you will realise what I am saying!

It is not just EMA that cannot be booked.

A lot of the speculation has focused on that point. I was only stating that bookings couldn't be made from other stations.

I am sure everyone else realised what I was illustrating.

NJTCF 5th Jun 2008 10:14

EZY Winter Flights.
Adding to the above post you cannot book BMI Baby flights after the 25th of October. Always the last sunday of October When the winter Timetable Comes into affect. and WW are Not Pulling Out.:ok: WW just leave it as late as possible to put on line to see what everyone else is doing and with the price of Oil who can blame them.

[email protected] 5th Jun 2008 10:29

:ugh:Sorry, Must be totally dumb then.

Code 100 5th Jun 2008 10:41

[email protected]

No, you are not dumb!

Not an attack on you, just the speculators who seized on the booking engine not accepting post 02/11/08.

I sincerely hope your friend is correct, as I hope they can grow further at EMA when conditions are right.

[email protected] 5th Jun 2008 10:58

trust me, he is correct

SexyladyEZY 5th Jun 2008 14:34

[email protected]

I think you are very wrong indeed, as myself and 2 fellow colleagues have been in a little meeting with management at East midlands and they are trying very hard to keep us, and NO official annoucment has been made as the easyjet meetings are still on today, this is the 3rd day now, so no actual decision has been made, so you are wrong at this moment to confirm this.
I came on here as i have been a member of here for a couple of years now and though we have had rumours before with easyjet, this is the strongest one to date.
As soon as i hear anything i will let you know as soon as


paul atkins 9th Jun 2008 11:27

bmibaby expansion
hey all just read in a local newspaper about bmibaby, quoting that they are going to add five more routes from ema which they will announce towards the end of the year aswell as expanding from there other bases

adam12345 9th Jun 2008 12:06

It looks like it is make or break month for BmiBaby....

The decision on the airlines future operations is set to be made in the next month.

Lets hope they continue to operate and expand from all of there hubs. :ok:

phishphood 9th Jun 2008 14:58

EMA Drama?
Guys (EGNX, [email protected], Towerman etc)

Sorry to change the subject but rumours are the UKIA 76' G-CECU was visited by the law recently...

Anyone got any further info please?

Will this sorry excuse for an airline ever go away? Although I understand the owner is officially bankrupt and some ex-employees have been paid a proportion of what they are owed.


NJTCF 9th Jun 2008 19:11

Ukia 767.
Yes Police were around the 767 at EMA the other day and went into there office next to donnair. Dont think they found anything!!!!

The Real Slim Shady 14th Jun 2008 17:51

The UKIA 767 has been parked down by the staff car park for a looooong time now.

I was told the lessors were trying to sell it but obviously no joy.

Any info on the progress?

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