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Local Variation 15th Jul 2008 19:05

And why not ?

Silverstone have openly admitted that they can not finance the 11M race fee required each year and do not have the finances to update the spectator experience and corporate areas etc without major financial exposure.

Donnington have openly stated as has Bernie Eck that contracts have been agreed. How binding they are at this time, only they know. But, that wouldn't be done and publically announced on a whim, without any solid evidence to support the bid from Donnington. This isn't fag packet stuff.

It would be massive shot in the foot to the county if NWD council rejected any development plans. They ain't gonna do that are they ? Revenues are too good a deal for the local area and the developer has cash on the hip to finance the A453.

On a separate note. Loose tittle tattle suggested that the DHL building will, at some point in the hazy future, be vacated by it's current operator. In doing so, it will then go on to become the main airport terminal building. I see the new connecting road is as good as done now.

Balair 21st Jul 2008 12:05

June Provisional Pax
CAA Provisional stats. show June's pax total as 582,482 + 8.5% on '07 bringing the 12 month figure to 5,693,714 an increase of 11.5%

NJTCF 22nd Jul 2008 11:03

Baby Woes.
Baby again must be short of aircraft this morning at EMA. The Morning BFS Flight is a coach service from BHX. Yesterday it was a coach service for the JER passengers from BHX. Not Good:(.

Notice theres a New Onur flight tonight OHY2605 From Bodrum. Any one know if this is a one off or just operating for a short period of time. Hopefully it will be something different than the usual A321.:ok:

Balair 22nd Jul 2008 11:29

Runway Extension
The local press are reporting that a decision on the long-standing 190m runway extension application will be made by NWLDC before the end of the year; this has naturally propted the usual flurry of ill-informed stock comments from the local anti-airport nimby's!
As far as the airport management are concerned, it was stated in the minutes of the June ICC meeting that if the application was approved, work on the extension would be unlikely to commence quickly "due to the need to plan around continuing operations" - or should that read until we can find the money?
After waiting 8 years for a decision I shouldn't imagine they are in too much of a hurry anyway...!

EASTMIDSMAN 22nd Jul 2008 13:04

blowing air
Any news on the proposed construction on the wind turbines, airport website suggested construction by spring 08, which has clearly passed,
or is this just a case of waiting for planning permission from NWLDC, which if anything like the runway extension could take years, it will be interesting to see what the race track submits for planning and how long that takes to pass through.

North Stand Tier3 22nd Jul 2008 18:17

Be surprised if it goes NWI as it's way over due from Canada already. The paint job can wait but expect it to undergo mods to bring it onto the UK register, namely to meet EASA requirements. Believe it's due today from across the pond

Right I'll get me coat....................

Mickey Kaye 22nd Jul 2008 19:43

AS for the 190M i thought they had already laid it when they did the last runway extension. They then grassed it over because of planning problems. I thought that all they needed to do was uncover once they get approval.

Facelookbovvered 22nd Jul 2008 19:48

I hear on the vine that a trolley dolly refused to fly on to PRG last week because of the paint work or something, so the skipper off loaded her......................in AMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! respect:ok:

Little Blue 22nd Jul 2008 20:09

She had a lovely time, airside at Schipol, for seven hours !

Readability 5 23rd Jul 2008 11:09

Runway 'extension'

I think there has been some confusion about what lies beneath the grass at the end of the runway. Like other airports, EMA has a Runway End Safety Area (RESA), which involves reinforcing the ground up to (if I remember correctly) 200 metres beyond the end of the paved surface to support the weight of an aircraft should it overrun, this also makes the aircraft easier to recover.


Minxy1 23rd Jul 2008 13:00

Blowing wind
Don't know where you got the 'spring' bit from, when it was officially announced at the end of March, they advised 'late' on this year - maybe the statement was changed, as far as I'm aware, NWLDC has passed it all off...

B257 24th Jul 2008 21:16

Can anyone tell me why east midlands only permits one piece of hand luggage when flying ?
Is it to avoid confusion for the 6 pound an hour numptys. If you question this they will tell you its gov law, which is not the case.

OliWW 24th Jul 2008 21:41

bmi start with a A320 tomorrow at EMA working for TCX, will that reg aircraft always be based at east mids, or will it be moved on and things within a few days... what reg will it be tomorrow to tenerife? will it be full, with 2 other tenerife flights for TCX that day!!

END BAG 25th Jul 2008 16:22

East Midlands-6
Now,Now,B257 c,mon lets have all your baggage checked in so us six pound an hour numptys specially hired from rent-a-moron.com can hurl it down the baggage hold,squeeze it into gaps it really dosent fit into all the time knowing how really pissed off you are cos you only got to keep one one piece of hand luggage just like everybody else!!!Ooh the feeling of power when you are told "one piece of hand luggage sir or you you aint going nowhere"Six pound an hour numptys telling you what you can and cant do .Aaah diddums!!!

Flyboy543 25th Jul 2008 18:20

The BMI was an A321 G-MIDL in Star Allience livery to TFS today. Arrived yesterday I believe and departed an hour late to TFS. Not sure of the reason for the delay.

Heard on the news this morning about a bus incident at EMA last week. Didn't really catch it just overherd a few words. Anyone with anymore information?

Mr Angry from Purley 25th Jul 2008 19:05

yeah i tried to get a lift in the bus from the terminal to DHL hub and the driver wasn't very impressed so i told him what i thought and walked.
After 25 years at the airport............. :\

Minxy1 25th Jul 2008 20:53

1 bag rule
B257 - The one bag rule isn't something that EMA enforces on it's passengers, it's the indiviual airlines choice as to how many pieces they allow in the cabin.
EMA applied to, and was granted by DfT the ability for passengers to take more than one piece of hand baggage and some airlines have taken advantage of this and some airlines have not.
A321 still running 1 hour(ish) late, reactionary delay.

Captain Caveman 25th Jul 2008 20:57

Xl W08/09
Is it true they are pulling out end of Oct and not returning at all even next summer ? Heard they are off to Brum to replace Air Malta next summer ? but thought with new acft arriving they would return to NEMA as well ?

OliWW 25th Jul 2008 21:47

I have no idea on this

XL have already announced some winter routes 08/09 from EMA to Lanzarote, Sharm El Sheikh and Tenerife, and they dont seem to be on a 'W' pattern or anything which may suggest they arent leaving, but i guess it could be a possibility, though, they best not leave though, so much for ema expanding in the future if they do

Facelookbovvered 25th Jul 2008 21:55

baby TOY's
Now i am confused, has baby got or still getting twins anytime some?:confused:

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