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Mr Angry from Purley 16th Jun 2013 13:31

Does anyone know why the car parking has gone pete tongue wrong?.
I've seen pax cars round behind the BMI hanger, up in the old aero park car parks and today outside the car servicing garage. Is business on the up so much?.
The car park opposite Thomson has had numerous slots marked for disabled now, i presume this has to be a quota of some sorts but clearly there are too many and now normal pax are parked up there due lack of space.
I wasnt sure if related to download and some of the slots in long term being reserved. I guess they are waiting for the new car park bing opened by the wind farm, where surprise surprise one of them has been out of action again for days / week+. If they make the 5% as quoted i'd be surprised...

Suzeman 16th Jun 2013 14:44

This might have something to do with it

News - Local News: Castle Donington, Kegworth and around DE74 (DE74)

Looks like their new developments will be done in July - demand has obviously been higher than anticipated or perhaps the project has over-run?

Local Variation 16th Jun 2013 14:50

Wouldn't be anything to do with the festival this weekend just up the road?

That said, there are some tight wads who dump their cars anywhere round the back to avoid car park fees.

munster 16th Jun 2013 18:07

EMA has signed a 5 year deal to provide 1700 parking spaces for the Download festival.

Burnie5204 17th Jun 2013 01:29

Indeed as Munster says.

They basically loan Download a car park.

But every year they seem to forget to take account of the cars that were booked in. They've even claimed spaces in the staff carparks so some of the staff are arriving at work and finding that there's nowhere to park.

The disabled bays are because they used to have all disabled bays in the Short Stay Car Park. They are now beginning to spread them around to give disabled passengers a choice of car parking rather than being stuck with SSCP or nothing.

stuart hammond 25th Jun 2013 06:47

b787 flights
Thomson confirmed on Mon that B787 flights start on Tue 30/7/13 SFB/CUN, flights to SFB on Tue and CUN on Wed.regardsStuart

stuart hammond 27th Jun 2013 14:27

extra coaches to airport
From 22 JULY 2013 National Express will operate 13 extra coaches a day to East Midlands Airport, I think it is around 7 at each way todate which makes a very large increase.Their is a trend for more use of the local airport, as National Express is reducing the number of coaches from Nottingham to Luton and Stansted due to falling demand.regardsStuart

Rhino power 1st Jul 2013 21:31

Nice to see TOM 787 G-TUIC in EMA this evening, looks better in the flesh but, still a face only a mother could love!


Balair 2nd Jul 2013 19:23

DHL's facility was featured last night on Channel 4's "Undercover Boss" programme, during which their UK CEO Phil Couchman stated that it was currently operating at more than a third over its designed capacity!
Is anyone aware of any current or future plans to expand the hub, as I understand when it was first built it was stated that the facility could be extended in a Westerly direction as and when the need arose?


ematom1 3rd Jul 2013 13:30

Looks like a new weekly charter Aegean Airlines Operating to Crete Heraklion every Tuesday evening Arr: 19:30 Dep: 20:30 operated on a A320 started last night operating on behalf of Olympic holidays

Burnie5204 3rd Jul 2013 23:04


I am told that when the site was being designed they had planning permission for a second building the same size on the western side of the existing one but only built the one.

FRatSTN 4th Jul 2013 09:48

2nd time lucky??
Hopefully it will stay this time and not just disappear off the route map!

Ryanair starts flights from East Midlands to Cork from 6 November 2013, 4x per week.

Balair 4th Jul 2013 11:44


Thanks for the info; I would have thought doubling the size of the hub at present would need a very strong belief in their future growth and ongoing commitment to EMA, but perhaps a more modest expansion may be considered, or maybe an additional facility on the proposed "East Midlands Gateway" adjacent to the airport may be an option?

We will just have to wait to see what materialises, if anything at all. Certainly the much talked about new facility for UPS seems to have been shunted very firmly into the long grass...!


Burnie5204 4th Jul 2013 22:43

Thats because the proposed UPS hub location would require a new ramp building to go along with it which is financially un-viable in the present climate

sunday8pm 9th Jul 2013 21:56

DHL are obviously on to a good thing at EMA, would be good to see further commitment and expanding of facilities. A new UPS hub would surely be a big outlay in the current climate with an unknown ROI and potentially a long wait for them to make such an investment pay for itself.

Aquarius 16th Jul 2013 15:23

At the time that the current shed was being built I had a lodger in Castle Donington who worked for DHL somewhere in Africa and he had been seconded to DHL at EMA to learn lessons and take new ideas back home to improve their own operation. He told me that the plans at that time foresaw up to 3 similar sized sheds at EMA.

The airport has evolved a bit more since then and I think JCB might have a view on westward expansion but I echo the comments on it being good to see commitment to expansion - especially if it means DHL will seek additional EMA based pilots.

Anyone know where I can get a cheap 757/767 rating???? :O

Balair 16th Jul 2013 16:37

As far as I am aware the only thing coming out of DHL has been a comment on a TV programme to the effect that the hub was operating over its designed capacity.
Talk of expansion and additional routes is therefore a bit premature as they may decide the optimum solution to the problem (if in fact they do think it is a problem) would be to re-route some of the current traffic if that is possible?
We will have to see if anything materialises, but any additional building would obviously not be a quick fix.


SWBKCB 16th Jul 2013 16:46

Spoilsport - letting real life get in the way of a good rumour! :ok:

OltonPete 16th Jul 2013 18:37

June Pax up
Source: CAA

East Mids was up 10.1% to 512,121

Very good news but 2008 was 562746 so still 50000 short.

flybe figures where reported seem respectable around 60-65% load factors


Balair 17th Jul 2013 10:16

LS are showing 4 flights per week to CDG from April 2014 on their website.


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