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greatoaks 12th May 2013 10:47

New Frankie & Benny's is due to open in July

they are currently recruiting staff for the outlet

spitfirealex 13th May 2013 17:00

Is it known what any of the other new shops and restaurants at east midlands are going to be?

FRatSTN 14th May 2013 14:47

New Jet2 route from East Midlands to Madeira from 8th April 2014 flying every Tuesday.

Seems now though that Larnaca is not bookable in 2014 but they do fly twice weekley to Paphos so not too big a loss really if it is axed.

Alicante also on sale now with up to 9 flights per week (one each day with a second rotation on Fridays and Sundays).

Only Budapest, Faro, Malaga, Murcia, Nice, Palma and Prague not on sale now (Geneva and Chambery will no doubt be winter skis so not counting them... but Geneva could work in the summer?)

Let's hope they continue the Budapest and Prague routes into the summer of 2014. East Midlands could do with some more year round city destinations like these.

ematom1 14th May 2013 15:49

I believe new route also to Zante begins 28th May 2014 with Jet2, maybe Larnaca could be bookable when the full flights are up for sale?

Balair 14th May 2013 16:26

It appears the government has removed the threat posed to the proposed "East Midlands Gateway" freight interchange which is to be located next to the airport. The planned tunnel under the airport will now be extended so that the line exits closer to the M1 on the NE boundary of the site.
Roxhill now say they will submit detailed plans for this huge development later this year.

Burnie5204 15th May 2013 04:59


That freight terminal represents a serious investment in the airport increasing the movement options for cargo operators looking at how to get their cargo to or from EMA it also creates the possibility of one or more Pax platforms to allow pax to arrive by train too.

ematom1 22nd May 2013 13:36

Jet2 increasing frequency for Faro to daily from 5 weekly also Ibiza up from 2 weekly to 4 weekly for summer 2014

Suzeman 22nd May 2013 14:57

it also creates the possibility of one or more Pax platforms to allow pax to arrive by train too.
Why on earth would you want to do this when there is a perfectly good passenger station at the Parkway? :ugh:There can't be a business case for putting passenger platforms here.There are NO proposals in any of the documentation to handle any passenger traffic.

If you look at the plans, the proposed rail link involves a terminus in the area, not through running lines. Therefore the only passengers on the train would be those going to EMA......The numbers at present at Parkway are quite small, but at least the trains that stop there are through running and have plenty of passengers staying on board going to and from several destinations with all the revenue that brings.

In addition, according to the plans, the rail link will be a westward facing link from the freight only line to Stenson Jct, which would only allow trains from Stoke and Burton/ Birmingham direct access the site. There is no eastward facing connection which would allow trains to run to Nottingham whilst Derby cannot be accessed at all without a new chord being built at Stenson. The scenario is for 12-16 freightliner trains a day into the terminal when fully open - I would suggest that it would be very difficult to path passenger services in here as well

Burnie5204 22nd May 2013 21:07

Parkway has no easy links into the airport since the shuttle bus was cancelled and that is a major problem.

I'm not saying that they will or would put pax platforms in there but it opens up the POSSIBILITY - you cant have passenger rail services if there are no tracks and once the tracks are in then anything is a possibility with the right funding.

FRatSTN 23rd May 2013 17:32

Passenger numbers are expected to increase by 8% this summer:

News - Local News: Castle Donington, Kegworth and around DE74 (DE74)_

ematom1 23rd May 2013 17:41

Jet2 increase in frequencys for summer 2014

Dalaman: from 2-3 weekly
Lanzarote: from 1-2 weekly
Tenerife: from 3-4 weekly

stuart hammond 28th May 2013 11:34

monarch 2014
Monarch have added ACE and TFS for May 2014 plus other flights as summer 2013, may be to early to look at extra aircraft but other destinations might be added in the next few weeks, details on the website.regardsStuart

OltonPete 28th May 2013 16:18

Monarch Summer 2014
Alicante reduced from 7 to 6 a week
Faro reduced from 7 to 6 a week
Palma reduced from7 to 5 a week
Malaga stays at 6 but was this not daily and the Tuesday flight cut to accommodate Malta in daylight hours?

April like BHX sees a significant increase in flights due to the late Easter.

You can't rule out an extra aircraft with new routes and then the daily frequencies on ALC, PMI etc added back.


FRatSTN 28th May 2013 16:23

Could be but may be not. Luton appears to be 5 aircraft again and Birmingham still at 9. Jet2 increasing to 5 aircraft at East Midlands won't be good for Monarch. Would be great to see 3 Monarch's at East Midlands though.

GayFriendly 29th May 2013 09:15

Is there realistically room for three operators (LS, FR and ZB) serving the same bucket and spade destinations with multiple frequencies from EMA, with the same destinations also available just down the road at BHX with two of the aforementioned airlines??

I know historically EMA is strong on routes like AGP, ALC, TFS etc and out performed BHX in April of this year on such routes. However I also think ZB jumped in just at the right time at BHX but joined the party just that bit too late at EMA, when expansion had already been announced by BE and LS that covered the majority of WW operated routes. Time will tell. LS are getting stronger by the year at EMA, I think they are the biggest threat to ZB.

Facelookbovvered 30th May 2013 01:28

I think you make an excellent point, i think Monarch are slightly more at risk at EMA, firstly the perception that its a better class and more expensive product, which is wrong on both counts and secondly that Jet2 is slightly less classy (which it is ) and cheaper (which it isn't) works against them, so the real winner will be the passengers & FR with a cost base and productivity levels that are on a different planet compared with Monarch, but ZB have very deep pockets and need to draw a line in the sand at the M42 to stop LS's march south or face being squeezed out.

JuJuMonkey 4th Jun 2013 14:09

Hi everyone

What aircraft type does Jet2 operate from EMA? xx

ematom1 4th Jun 2013 14:43

This year they have 1 757-200, 1 737-800 and 2 737-300s

JuJuMonkey 4th Jun 2013 20:22

oh I didn't realise they were so big!

thank you xxx

FRatSTN 15th Jun 2013 13:12

Jet2, Budapest and Prague
East Midlands to Budapest and Prague is now on sale until November 2014. Budapest stays at 2x weekly, Prague goes up to 4x! Great news!

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