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ATNotts 15th Jan 2014 08:01

Low Cost Holidays
Sorry to rain on this parade, but has anyone actually read the "About" section on the LCH website. See extract below

Lowcostholidays.com offers accommodation and dynamically packaged holidays through its websites and call centres in twelve countries worldwide, including Spain, UK, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, USA and Australia. It is the simple, fast and safe place to research and book your tailor made holiday on desktop, tablet or mobile. You can choose from a huge range of airlines, hotels and destination arrangements to create your perfect break.
It is perfectly obvious they are primarily a seat / room broker, and not a traditional IT operator, and as such the chances of them actually chartering whole planes, certainly on the scale that is being suggested seem to me quite remote.

I am no travel agent - but I really don't see there more than a handful of beans in this story - not for EMA or any other airport for that matter.

I sincerely hope I'm wrong.

AirGuru 15th Jan 2014 08:25

The same can be said for both CWL and BRS, as they also seem to have these flights. This is not possible, as mentioned above, LCH is effectively a seat broker, not an IT provider. So for all these flights up and down the country, it will take quite a customer base, something that TOM, TCX, MON have, not LCH. Can't see this happening, but would like to be seen proven wrong.

craigydon 16th Jan 2014 10:31

The New security search area is now open at EMA, has anyone used it?

greatoaks 21st Jan 2014 05:53

Fly Through
There's a nice fly-through video of the new layout here:

East Midlands Airport Redevelopment Fly Through - YouTube

stuart hammond 21st Jan 2014 07:43

new fly cruise flights
P & O cruise ship based in Genoa will see two flights on the 20aug/15oct, operate from EMA to GENOA with return from genoa/agp 4 flights, this ship has around 1,200 pax so would expect aircraft type to be b757/767 from jet2 or titan , this is serviced by 4 flights lgw/man/bhx/ema.


Burnie5204 21st Jan 2014 17:11

That video is ever so /slightly/ inaccurate. The video shows metal detector arches (which are in place at the moment) but, once the first floor is completed and the full search hall is opened (only half is open at the moment), these will be replaced with body scanners.

craigydon 21st Jan 2014 20:02

I didnt no EMA was getting body scanners?

Burnie5204 21st Jan 2014 20:24

Yeah, it was reported in the local news November last year

Body scanners to be used at East Midlands Airport | Leicester Mercury

Nottingham Post also has a similar article.

sunday8pm 22nd Jan 2014 10:53

No improvements likely for the passport hall and arrivals area?

egnxema 23rd Jan 2014 23:25

In 2013 East Midlands had its busiest summer since 2008. In the six months to September 30 2013, almost three million passengers used the airport, an 11.1% increase from 2.7 million in the same period in 2012

Balair 24th Jan 2014 11:55

DHL look to gain from yesterday's announcement that Donington Park has been chosen as the new global headquarters for FIA's new Formula E series.
New facilities are being built for each of the 10 competing teams at the race track which will also be used for testing the cars.

As the formula's logistics partner I expect DHL will be transporting the team's cars between East Midlands and the various cities around the world in which the races are to be held; the news release specifies 10 in total.


sunday8pm 24th Jan 2014 15:44

East Midlands handled 4.322 million passengers in the year to November '13. That's 5.6% up on last year, better than any of the 10 largest airports in the UK for the same period (EMA currently 11th).

TSR2 24th Jan 2014 17:10

East Midlands handled 4.322 million passengers in the year to November '13. That's 5.6% up on last year
Actually, the full year pax numbers are slightly better. 4.328 million with +6.4% on previous year.

sunday8pm 24th Jan 2014 17:31

I see, I was referring to the CAA stats for November.

Great news for EMA either way, numbers still recovering from the hole left from bmibaby. Newcastle has likely been overtaken by now which will be reflected in the stats over the next month or two you'd think. Big gap then to Bristol so no10 is probably the natural position for now. Of course when you consider overall aircraft movements we're higher again.

Mr Angry from Purley 24th Jan 2014 18:18

And no spying camera car last summer. The only thing that seemed to go wromng last year was the car parking which even with the new car park near the western apron seemed not enough

TSR2 24th Jan 2014 21:31

Top 15 UK Airports for 2013. 2012 ranking in brackets.

1. LHR 72.322 mil (1)
2. LGW 35.433 mil (2)
3. MAN 20.683 mil (3)
4. STN 17.849 mil (4)
5. EDI 9.775 mil (6)
6. LTN 9.694 mil (5)
7. BHX 9.117 mil (7)
8. GLA 7.358 mil (8)
9. BRI 6.125 mil (9)
10.NCL 4.415 mil (11)
11.EMA 4.328 mil (13)
12.LPL 4.186 mil (10)
13.BFS 4.022 mil (12)
14.ABZ 3.440 mil (14)
15.LCY 3.380 mil (15)

Biggest upward movement EMA. Biggest downward movement LPL.

ATNotts 25th Jan 2014 09:14

Biggest upward movement EMA. Biggest downward movement LPL
And both, perhaps not coincidentally, very reliant on the low cost, leisure orientated sector of the market. However where EMA scores is in it's non passenger related operations which most UK airports would bite their hands off to have even a small share of.

There's much more to the airport than self loading freight!

Facelookbovvered 26th Jan 2014 02:03

You make a very good point, but i think LPL was punching above its weight until the LoCo mob moved into MAN en mass.

Could EMA see a similar effect if BHX decides to get into the LoCo market?

I really don't understand why FR haven't done more at BHX

Who is going to make use of the extra concrete ??

Burnie5204 26th Jan 2014 04:24

The thing I see is that BHX should be a good example to MAG as to what you get when you have proper investment in fit for purpose facilities. Even after its runway extension BHX will only be around 150m longer (c.3, 048m) than EMAs runway (2, 893m) yet EMA sees NOTHING like the sort of long haul and legacy carriers that BHX does.

Legacy/Full service carriers have openly said that this is due to lack of facilities at EMA particularly in respect of Arrivals

ATNotts 26th Jan 2014 12:42

Legacy/Full service carriers have openly said that this is due to lack of facilities at EMA particularly in respect of Arrivals
That, but I think more importantly geography. BHX suffers by being squeezed by LHR and MAN; whilst EMA has to battle on 3 fronts - with LHR and MAN plus BHX to contend with, and the much larger market in the West Midlands than the East.

The MAG management and marketing people have my sympathy as they must constantly be battling on the passenger side, for precious little reward, full service airline-wise.

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