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egnxema 16th Aug 2014 19:51

Rolling Year Stats to end July 14


An increase of 7.8% compared to previous year.

LAX_LHR 18th Aug 2014 16:39

I wonder if Jet2 are increasing EMA ops on the back of Monarch's news, as their f acebook page state they have 'big plans' to celebrate their birthday, starting wednesday'.

Might just be a celebration, but, you never know.....

BFS BHD 20th Aug 2014 11:07

Jet2 Tunisia for Summer 2015
Looking on Social Media Tunisia seems to be a new route going to be put on sale from EMA. Was shown in pictures from the celebrations for 5 years at EMA. :ok:

FRatSTN 20th Aug 2014 12:30

Seems to be some shuffling around going on for Summer 2015.

As far as I am aware the current changes are:

Jersey and Pula (Croatia) have been removed. (Along with Murcia and Paris that's now 4 routes they are axing for next summer).

Prague has reduced to 2x weekly throughout the summer and is now flying on Monday's and Friday's.

Slight increase to my knowledge on Malaga and Palma routes.

BFS BHD 20th Aug 2014 12:34

And Tunisia now on sale on Wendesdays from May 2015! :ok:

Prangster 20th Aug 2014 19:11

Wither East Midlands Airport?
Noting that Monarch have indicated they are closing their operation where I wonder does this end. East Midlands is beginning to look like an airline graveyard.

PS I'm to ruddy idle to fly from aywhere else as its on the doorstep!

dash6 20th Aug 2014 19:13

Whither. The parcels operation?..

Prangster 20th Aug 2014 19:22

Whither East Midlands Airport?
What do I do wrap up in brown paper and parcel tape and address myself to Malaga?

SWBKCB 20th Aug 2014 19:46

Do Jet2, Ryanair, Thomas Cook or Thomson not fly to Malaga?

Doubt whether the loss of a two aircraft operation will have that big an impact on the overall operation of the airport - difficult as it is for those involved.

ATNotts 21st Aug 2014 08:06

Doubt whether the loss of a two aircraft operation will have that big an impact on the overall operation of the airport - difficult as it is for those involved.
The airport has punched way above it's weight on the traditional sunshine routes for a few years now, and yields for all carriers have probably suffered.

The departure of Monarch will in all probability result in some consolidation, passenger numbers wise, but better times, financially, for the remaining operators on these routes.

To be honest, I'd lose a deal more sleep if business routes were being hacked, but sadly there are precious few to hack at.

Whither. The parcels operation?..
Exactly, there's more to an airport (especially to EMA) than passengers, and EMA has been extremely successful in the cargo department, and with the planned expansion of DHL things will only get better.

Prangster 21st Aug 2014 18:22

Monarch of all I survey
Yep but I prefers Monarch

Balair 23rd Aug 2014 19:35

Any substance to the rumour that FR are to commence East Midlands - Frankfurt Hahn?


FRatSTN 23rd Aug 2014 20:14

Depends where you heard the rumour from. HHN has mysteriously appeared in the drop down menu for ages but only when you edit a flight search (ie. not on the main homepage), so if you're looking at that then there's most likely nothing of it.

Balair 23rd Aug 2014 20:20

No I haven't seen that, just heard it from two individuals who work at the airport. No idea of their source.


paul atkins 24th Aug 2014 09:32

Jet 2 Murcia back on sale for 2015,Alicante and Malaga back to daily

OntimeexceptACARS 3rd Sep 2014 20:40

East Midlands closed?
Reports of a Jet2 aircraft in an incident. Maybe minor, arrivals board showing 3 diverts and no arrivals after the Jet2 Ibiza arrival at 20:54.

Airbanda 3rd Sep 2014 20:57

Looks like it was relatively minor. RYR from Murcia is just waiting confirmation of a R/W inspection. First to land now 10m final.

Simplythebeast 3rd Sep 2014 20:58

Twitter report of smoke in the cabin on landing?

penitpete 3rd Sep 2014 21:00

jet2 EMA Emergency
All slides deployed. R1 didn't deploy correctly, all twisted.

Burnie5204 3rd Sep 2014 22:55

Any media links yet?

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