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ematom1 2nd Jan 2013 17:36

Aerologic 777F
Does anyone know if the Aerologic 777F mon-thurs inbound flights will be arriving at 19:30 daily last year only Mondays were at 19:30 tues-thurs was 22:30, but since end of November it's been daily 19:30, and looking on radar is due at 19:30 again?

FRatSTN 2nd Jan 2013 20:31

It's shown on the Ryanair forum that they may be starting flights to Naples from East Midlands next summer. We will then have Milan, Pisa, Rome, Venice and Naples all served by FR from EMA, probably the 5 most popular destinations in Italy. Very good news!

Mr Angry from Purley 3rd Jan 2013 09:00

ematom1 rf Aerologic
On Mondays it arrives from FRA at 1930. Tue - Thu it operates LEJ-EMA and is scheduled to arrive at 2010
The reason why its earlier is this year it operates LEJ-EMA-LEJ whereas last year it operatd LEJ-EMA-BAH :\

ematom1 3rd Jan 2013 13:34

Thanks for the info was always wondering why it's on the Tarmac when I'm arriving at work :)

ematom1 5th Jan 2013 01:57

Apparently jet2 are to base 1 757-200, 1 737-800, 1 737-300 and a leased A320 for East Midlands this summer, anyone can confirm?

chinapattern 7th Jan 2013 15:51

Runway closure
The runway is currently closed due to reports of a Spitfire crash; a few FR and BE flights have been diverted to BHX.

spitfirealex 7th Jan 2013 17:06

reported undercarriage failure, pilot okay this was the same spitfire that only came back from a rebuild at arc down at duxford a couple of months ago.

FRatSTN 13th Jan 2013 08:20

BMI Regional have dropped the middle rotation to Frankfurt leaving it like Brussels with just a morning and evening service.

Also, the morning departure to Brussels has been moved back from 06:30 to 07:00.

Is their a chance that they are planning to launch new routes or is low demand forcing them to cut back and leave 2 Embraer aircraft on the tarmac for 7 hours throughout the day.

On the Flybe thread, it's posted that they are to make a big announcement next month. I'd watch this space as if it's new routes I think East Midlands will be included as only one of the two based aircraft is fully utilised. One aircraft does EMA-CDG-EMA-JER-(W pattern)-JER-EMA-CDG-EMA. The second aircraft only has the return flight to/from AMS so loads of space for new services unless we get the boring scenario where some BHD, EDI and/or GLA services move to EMA based aircraft.

ATNotts 13th Jan 2013 10:11

FRA down to 2 x daily
I am guessing that the lack of an LH flight number has reduced the amount of connecting traffic.

I do worry that unless BMI Regional does gain membership of Star Alliance they will struggle as the amount of point to point traffic between EMA and FRA is going to be limited.

OltonPete 13th Jan 2013 10:36


As ATNotts has indicated it is most likely due to the disappearing pax.

CAA provisonal stats for November - I have estimated the rotations and these could be wrong.

Brussels 1677 (96 rotations) = 17 per flight or 36% load factor

Frankfurt 1820 (140 rotations) = 13 per flight or 27% load factor - does not take into account any cancellations etc so it could be higher.

Flybe - again estimates used for rotations but not too bad: -

Amsterdam 3063 pax average per flight 51 (60 rotations) or 65%

Paris CDG 3718 pax 36 per flight (104 rotations) or 46%

Belfast City 10587 pax 51 per flight (208 rotations) or 65%

Edinburgh 7317 pax 47 per flight (156 rotations) or 60% load factor

Glasgow 7533 pax 51 pax per flight (148 rotations) or 65%.

I have used the Q400 although realise the 195 ops on the BHD sometimes. For GLA I have used one Sunday flight compared to two EDI's but not sure if that was right for November.

Paris is low but will build and overall the future looks brighter for flybe than BMIR at EMA. One thing BMIR have going for them is that most the aicraft are owned I believe and leaving them on the ground (ala Jet2) is not sure a hardship.

Can anybody think of one route BMIR could operate in the day on a 49 seat jet and make money without an alliance feed? I certainly can't but on Q400 there must be some options.

If Amsterdam goes double daily flybe could operate GLA, EDI and BHD using the EMA based aircraft in the day but hopefully at least one new route could be in the offing.


FRatSTN 13th Jan 2013 10:56

I was thinking of BE getting rid of the midday AMS flight and increasing it to double daily with a morning and evening service, just like CDG. In between that, I think a new flgiht with a W pattern or if we are very lucky 2 new ones. I have a felling that Newquay maybe a new route from June/July time and I would love to see a daily service to the Isle Of Man.

As for BMI Regional, I know Eastern Airways already operate it, but how viable would an Aberdeen service be or one that would be really good would be Copenhagen.

ATNotts 13th Jan 2013 10:56


Can anybody think of one route BMIR could operate in the day on a 49 seat jet and make money without an alliance feed? I certainly can't but on Q400 there must be some options.
Frankly - no!

I fear that with BMIR we are looking at another Duo - I do hope I'm wrong.

ATNotts 13th Jan 2013 11:01


As for BMI Regional, I know Eastern Airways already operate it, but how viable would an Aberdeen service be or one that would be really good would be Copenhagen.
Why CPH? What east Midlands businesses have tie ups with businesses in Zeeland (the Island upon which CPH sits). Remember with no membership of Star Alliance connections to other Scadinavian destinations would be possible ,they wouldn't be marketed by SK, so take up would be small.

The question was point to point - hence my answer, no.

egnxema 14th Jan 2013 05:48

The current EDI schedule is dire! Hopefully the announcement will include an EMA to EDI flight which arrives before 0830 and an EDI to EMA flight which departs after 1630.

The current schedule is very "off-peak" and not working-day compatible.

JobsaGoodun 14th Jan 2013 09:23

Perhaps not from EMA but it is from EDI allowing a full working day.

I'm guessing that Flybe will have done their homework and are providing service on what they believe to favour the most profitable direction of travel.

OltonPete 15th Jan 2013 18:13

December passengers
Source: CAA Provisional stats

East Mids 174464 -13.4% - rolling year 4067915 -3.3%

December passengers - Frankfurt 1008 & Brussels 782. Although not a great business month but still grim reading. Amsterdam 3531 at once a day carried more than CDG 3258 at 12 a week.


ematom1 15th Jan 2013 19:07

Suppose after the loss of bmibaby everyone was expecting a drop in passengers compared to dec 2011, hope flybe can pull some more people into the CDG route, sounds said AMS is doing well though

FRatSTN 15th Jan 2013 19:10

East Midlands will bounce back this year. It went through the peak season without a lot of WW routes where EMA didn't serve AMS, EDI, GLA and CDG for several months. I would expect at least 4.5 million for 2013, maybe even the higher end of the 4 millions.

It even looks as if an overtake of Liverpool is on the cards and Belfast-International which for 2012 was busier than East Midlands will be well under East Midlands for 2013 as they will probably go down due to EI's departure. It's amazing the difference that only 1 year can make!

FR- 16th Jan 2013 06:39

Is it not time to try and get the likes of easyJet onto routes like AMS and CDG, AMS could be done by W and CDG by Paris based crews. We need an airline that can bring back the numbers we once had.


stuart hammond 18th Jan 2013 09:44

Monarch W13/14
2 aircraft requied for the winter season increase in flights with MLA still on a tue/sat for the winter season plus extra TFS and ACE.
Must look good for summer 2014 with around 3/4 aircraft based.


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