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FRatSTN 27th Mar 2013 23:39

I'd like to see a few more city routes from East Midlands first. Currently, a lot of the traffic at EMA (not just Jet2, but in general) is seasonal to summer sun destinations whereas the cities tend to be more all-year.

I have heard rumours that a fifth Jet2 aircraft will be based at EMA for summer 2014. Hopefully this will be the case and these two new routes will continue into the summer and would be good to see the introductions of a few other city routes like Barcelona, Rome-Fiumicino or Venice-Marco Polo for example.

Burnie5204 28th Mar 2013 01:15

Well RYR already serve BCN and FCO so if Jet2 were to launch those routes they would need to be sure that there is either surplus demand or try and entice RYR pax across.

cornishsimon 28th Mar 2013 02:59

I'm really surprised that nobody has picked up the seasonal baby route to NQY.

Seemed ideal for a Jet2 return to NQY ?


FRatSTN 28th Mar 2013 11:18

Well RYR already serve BCN and FCO
Ryanair serve Rome-Ciampino (CIA) and Venice-Treviso (TSF) so if Jet2 were to serve those cities, they would be competing indirectly. Barcelona would be direct competition, but in the summer, I'm sure their would be enough demand to sustain more than 1 daily Ryanair flight to Barcelona. A 3 or 4 weekly flight to Barcelona with Jet2 may compliment the Ryanair service.

I'm really surprised that nobody has picked up the seasonal baby route to NQY.

Seemed ideal for a Jet2 return to NQY ?
Indeed that is a shame, but I thought FlyBe may have been better for that route.

Fairdealfrank 28th Mar 2013 11:39

Quote: "I'm really surprised that nobody has picked up the seasonal baby route to NQY.

Seemed ideal for a Jet2 return to NQY ?

Would be nice to see LS in the south! Unfortunately their business model appears to keep them only at EMA and points north.

yeo valley 28th Mar 2013 12:02

jet 2
also i think apd will have something to do with the ema route and possably uk routes as not only affects jet 2 but also a lot of commuter airlines as well.
the apd i think is the highest any where. so with that and the highest recession ever plus cost of fuel. then airlines will cut back or not start a route unless they more or less guarenteed to make money.airlines think that they are in it to make money fot the shareholders. and not run as a charity.
sorry it sounds like im running you down cs. but i do commend you for promoting nqy.

FRatSTN 14th Apr 2013 17:15

Further increase in services for August with an extra Saturday flight to Barcelona (now 8x weekly) and an extra Wednesday flight to Faro (now up to 11x weekly) for July and August.

It now means that there will be 370 Ryanair flights per week in August from East Midlands.

Saturdays in August will be the busiest days and will now reach a record 60 Ryanair flights (30 departures/30 arrivals)!!!

FR4469 08:50 Malaga
FR9005 09:15 Barcelona-Girona
FR6135 10:00 La Rochelle
FR6032 10:30 Palma de Mallorca
FR1743 11:20 Knock
FR3173 11:25 Lanzarote
FR6609 11:30 Barcelona-Reus
FR1653 12:00 Dinard
FR4155 12:15 Almeria
FR1933 12:45 Murcia
FR1665 13:10 Riga
FR3948 13:40 Poznan
FR1633 15:35 Limoges
FR9406 16:05 Ibiza
FR4459 16:20 Malaga
FR536 17:05 Dublin
FR9387 17:10 Barcelona
FR4054 17:50 Warsaw-Modlin
FR9651 18:35 Rome-Ciampino
FR9084 19:05 Alicante
FR9385 19:05 Barcelona
FR1767 20:15 Faro
FR534 22:10 Dublin
FR1707 22:40 Pisa
FR6572 22:55 Venice-Treviso
FR9184 23:05 Alicante
FR1925 23:15 Murcia
FR3153 23:25 Tenerife-South
FR3851 00:05 Rhodes
FR6602 00:15 Palma de Mallorca

FR4154 06:10 Almeria
FR6608 06:35 Barcelona-Reus
FR6134 06:45 La Rochelle
FR1664 07:00 Riga
FR1934 07:00 Murcia
FR1742 08:30 Knock
FR3949 08:45 Poznan
FR1652 09:15 Dinard
FR4468 09:30 Malaga
FR9004 09:40 Barcelona-Girona
FR9407 10:25 Ibiza
FR6031 11:15 Palma de Mallorca
FR9388 11:45 Barcelona
FR1632 11:55 Limoges
FR3172 12:00 Lanzarote
FR4053 12:25 Warsaw-Modlin
FR9085 13:05 Alicante
FR3152 13:35 Tenerife-South
FR537 14:30 Dublin
FR3852 15:20 Rhodes
FR4458 16:55 Malaga
FR9185 17:10 Alicante
FR1708 17:30 Pisa
FR1924 17:30 Murcia
FR6571 18:00 Venice-Treviso
FR6601 18:35 Palma de Mallorca
FR9652 19:00 Rome-Ciampino
FR9386 19:30 Barcelona
FR535 19:35 Dublin
FR1766 20:40 Faro

ematom1 14th Apr 2013 18:18

Very good news, Ryaniar showing commitment to EMA this year, surely anymore expansion another aircarft would be needed in the peak season?

LGS6753 14th Apr 2013 18:57

ematom -

I don't think Ryanair are "committed" to any airport. They go where they get the best deals, and that's it.
They are brilliant at marketing, hence their load factors and profitability.

FRatSTN 14th Apr 2013 19:31


There already is. 8 a/c will be in service (as can bee seen on the timetable above) compared to 7 through the rest of the summer.

As I understand, 8 a/c will be based through the summer as 1 is spare to do the training circuits.

I don't know if it's this a/c they will use for passenger flights in August or if they'll bring another a/c, making a total of 9 a/c including the spare one for training circuits in August??

ematom1 14th Apr 2013 19:54

Thanks FRatSTN I wasn't sure how many aircarft there was but thought they were all pretty busy through the summer months

ematom1 18th Apr 2013 14:15

Thomson new routes?
Hi all on the East Midlands Airport website it says Thomson are starting Kos & Antalya summer 2013, first ive heard about it but it does seem the flights begin in May 2013

nigel osborne 18th Apr 2013 18:44

Agree with LGS,

If EMA don't extend the likely cheap landing/handling charges Ryan Air have probably secured they will cut back at EMA and put in more flts to somewhere cheaper, until that runs out and so on.


FRatSTN 23rd Apr 2013 19:45

Jet2 have the Canary Islands on sale for summer 2013. They will finally start flying to Fuerteventura however East Midlands misses out on this with only GLA, LBA and MAN flying there.

Good news for EMA though is that Lanzarote is showing as twice weekly from October 2013 to October 2014 now! It's about time Jet2 operated Lanzarote twice a week during the summer months from East Midlands!

Does anybody know if Jet2 will be basing 5 aircraft for summer 2014? With this increase and if the new Budapest and Prague routes continue into the summer then there must be another aircraft next summer.

It would be great if Monarch went to 3 aircraft and took on more of the Jet2 routes to the Canaries, Greece, Turkey etc. for some more competition.

Two days until the Thomson summer 2014 season is on sale, hopefully East Midlands will have some interesting stuff in due course. Can't see Thomas Cook being too long either but don't expect much different from them.

If Ryanair stay at the level they are this summer for summer 2014, then next year at EMA could be even busier! We'll have to wait a long time for Ryanair's summer 2014 though, it will probably be October at best! I'm still intrigued to see what they will have for the winter 2013/14 season. Let's hope that FlyBe doesn't disapoint!

ematom1 23rd Apr 2013 20:08

I remember reading in the press Jet2 want to base a 5th aircraft at EMA but surely they'd have to introduce a few more new routes, or a few more increases in capacity on some routes.

Would be nice to see Monarch Introduce a couple more new routes they seem to be doing well at EMA and if some new routes are added a 3rd aircraft would be needed.

Flybe have seemed to disappoint with EMA as a base from when they first announced the base at EMA it was x2 Embraer 175 jets to be based with both Paris & Amsterdam twice daily along with Jersey X3 weekly but have kept 1 Dash8 based with Paris x2 daily, Amsterdam 1 daily and jersey weekly but I do understand they are trying to cut losses at the min, But on the positive they seem to be doing very well on the Domestic Routes.

Thomson & Thomas Cook seem to stay pretty much the same most years with a few new routes or increases in capacity but cant see any new routes or little.

Ematom1 :)

FCAcrewboy 27th Apr 2013 08:47

Great to see TOM committed to EMA for 2014 with SFB & CUN routes on 767 and 787.

ematom1 27th Apr 2013 12:58

Are SFB & CUN same frequencies? Any new routes added by thomson at EMA?

crewmeal 4th May 2013 06:14

Car Parking charges
Yet another example of an airport ripping off passengers.

Why the sky-high parking charges? | This is Leicestershire

I'm convinced that some car park operators are out to ruin businesses set up at airports with these excessive chargers. I'm also convinced that if you can't get reasonable access to an airport it will put customers flying from it. I thought BHX was bad enough but this one is over the top.

FRatSTN 4th May 2013 09:22

Quite an impressive departure board for FR flights today. As far as I know, this is the record number of scheduled FR flights from EMA in one day so far, with 26 departures, and fairly consistent throughout the day, only a couple of fairly short gaps (unlike Bristol which has a 4hr 50 min gap between 11:10 and 16:00 and then 7 departures between 20:05 and 21:05!)

FR4154 06:30 Almeria
FR6608 06:35 Barcelona-Reus
FR4053 06:50 Warsaw-Chopin
FR1664 07:00 Riga
FR6134 07:35 La Rochelle
FR1742 08:30 Knock
FR3949 08:45 Poznan
FR4468 09:30 Malaga
FR9004 09:40 Barcelona-Girona
FR9407 11:15 Ibiza
FR6031 11:30 Palma de Mallorca
FR9388 11:45 Barcelona
FR1632 11:55 Limoges
FR3172 12:00 Lanzarote
FR9085 13:05 Alicante
FR537 14:30 Dublin
FR3852 15:20 Rhodes
FR4458 16:55 Malaga
FR9185 17:10 Alicante
FR1708 17:30 Pisa
FR1924 17:30 Murcia
FR6601 17:50 Palma de Mallorca
FR6571 18:00 Venice-Treviso
FR9652 19:00 Rome-Ciampino
FR535 19:35 Dublin
FR1766 20:40 Faro

And busier to come with it going up to 30 departures on Saturdays in August.

Anybody got any news about the winter season? After an exceptionally busy summer like this could it be possible that they will increase to 4 a/c through the winter?

FRatSTN 4th May 2013 11:29

New Jet2 route for summer 2014
Jet2 will fly from East Midlands to Zante on Wednesdays from 28th May 2014.

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