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Mr Angry from Purley 29th Oct 2010 18:41

Oliww - might have been that the package was "sorted" at EMA iso CGN (I'm not an expert so not sure if it would have been "sorted" in CGN and EMA although you would think so if it came from Yemen). The only thing i would say is that security and the tracking of goods is pretty hot at UPS/DHL etc so i suspect a lot of work is going on right now and it will either all come out in the wash, or be an over reaction. :\

daz211 29th Oct 2010 19:15

UPS In DXB last month...
Has anyone else thought that this might make people look abit closer into
last months crash of a UPS B747 in DXB ?

OliWW 29th Oct 2010 20:42

At the time of the alert in East Midlands UPS flight 5X-232 from Cologne (Germany) to Philadelphia,PA (USA) via East Midlands, a B763 registration N330UP, was on the ground at East Midlands having arrived at 02:30L (01:30Z). The flight departed again at 04:30L (03:30Z) on schedule after the originally suspicious package was found harmless.

eggc 29th Oct 2010 20:47

Just watched Obama's press conference, and he said that two devices have been intercepted that both contained explosive material, one at DXB and the other at EMA !?!?

doningtonphil 29th Oct 2010 21:17

It is amazing the limited and delayed information that is coming out about this story.
I work for TNT at one of their call centres. We received email notification early this morning advising the LGG-EMA-BFS flight had been diverted to Stansted due to a security issue so no freight was getting to N. Ireland. Later in the morning our call voumes rocketed as we heard that DHL's national call centre (at Millenium House at the eastern end of the airport opposite where teh UPS planes park) had been evacuated due to a bomb threat.

Bizzarely, an email was circulated by management that they had a complaint from EMA saying they were receiving calls from the public asking about an incident at the airport. EMAs complaint was that people were saying TNT were giving that information out (it is sometimes nice to have an explaiation for customers why their consignment isnt in N. Ireland or why they have had to wait 5 mins for their call to be answered)

Meanwhile, by lunchtime the only news story I could google was the Leicester Mercury stating that a small area of the airport had been closed with 1 service road closed but that the airport had been opertaional throughout. Minor side issue.

All of a sudden Barrack Obama wakes up and its a matter of national security, but as far as EMA were concerned it was just a minor inconvenience to a routine day

757 Speedbrakes 29th Oct 2010 23:17

Although not under great circumstances, having President Obama talk about East Midlands Airport on world wide tv will generate a few more 'hits' on Google and might make a few people in the UK remember there's an airport here!!

FR- 31st Oct 2010 18:52

Ryanair's summer time table is starting to be loaded on the website,

Tenerfie is up to 4x a week M/W/F/Su

Alicante is up to 9x a week, twice one a friday and monday.

So how many a/c at EMA next summer 7 or 8?


OliWW 31st Oct 2010 20:22

Same as last year but with a few more flights squeezed in with a shuffle of times.

Palma is also upto 9x weekly

Benjamino 2nd Nov 2010 13:27

Hi guys,

First post here - been lurking on the forum for a while and following this topic for route news etc.

There's currently a strange flight showing on the EMA arrivals/departures and I just wondered if anyone has any ideas what it is.

Tuesday, 02 November 2010
TCX961G 21:15 East Midlands Scheduled 21:15
Wednesday, 03 November 2010
TCX961G 00:35 East Midlands Scheduled 00:35

Hopefully this is the right forum - was gonna post it in Spotters Corner but then opted for here.


Nimrod6 2nd Nov 2010 15:01

Northern Lights flight?

almost professional 2nd Nov 2010 17:13

Almost certainly the Northern Lights flight, took it myself couple of years ago-well worth it

Mr Angry from Purley 2nd Nov 2010 21:54

might be old news but i hear the aeropark is getting a nimrod next year...

Benjamino 3rd Nov 2010 01:31

Ah cheers guys. Didn't know such flights existed... wouldn't mind doing that myself.

ematom1 3rd Nov 2010 22:33

Bmibaby new routes summer 2011 Ibiza and Verona ibiza 3times weekley and Verona 2times weekley

easy6826 8th Nov 2010 15:36

I have heard from a good source that ezy are to return to ema next summer on a few as yet unnanounced routes. W patterns from lpl, alittle like the ones from DSA that are about to cease.

aidoair 8th Nov 2010 16:07

I have heard from a good source that ezy are to return to ema next summer on a few as yet unnanounced routes. W patterns from lpl, alittle like the ones from DSA that are about to cease.
Ok, well hopefully they will think of some new routes to offer instead of the likes of ALC, BCN, PMI & GVA etc as since they left, the EMA market has been covered very well by FR, bmibaby and now LS... not to mention all the charters.

Just for a quick example, some weeks next summer Ryanair will have up to 9x weekly flights to ALC as well as bmibaby offering up to 10x weekly flights to ALC. Then there's Thomson with 2x weekly and now Jet2 with 3x weekly. That's a total of 24 flights a week to choose from EMA alone.

Unless they offer somewhere different, I feel there is enough competition at EMA now and I don't know what easyJet would be able to add back, especially if on W-pattern routes...????

Mr Angry from Purley 8th Nov 2010 16:52

ABX 767-200 has replaced DHL AIR on the regular EMA-CVG-EMA flights as of tonight. Aircraft can be seen in the dark most nights and in day light mondays:\

easy6826 8th Nov 2010 18:14

EZY will be using A320. Apparently routes to FUE,LPA,PFO and RHO are in the pipeline. an announcement could be made on November 15th

aidoair 8th Nov 2010 19:06

EZY will be using A320. Apparently routes to FUE,LPA,PFO and RHO are in the pipeline. an announcement could be made on November 15th
I guess this is good news, though nothing new or any underserved routes there. Also its going to use up an A320 for almost a full day and depending which base crews it, it is again is going to be expensive like the DSA operation. They must surely have some long term plans for EMA if this is going to be announced... also people in the Midlands and South Yorkshire are probably going to get fed up with them if they just keep stopping and starting routes and moving back when they feel like it...?

OltonPete 8th Nov 2010 20:32

Have you got the right airport?

FUE, LPA operated by FR and RHO & PFO by Jet2.

Also if operated by a Liverpool aircraft then it will involve road transport
for crew on every single flight (or hotel) with the associated extra costs and crew hours (if not overnighting)?

Sounds like total madness


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