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Balair 26th Jan 2014 19:12

"BHX suffers from being squeezed by LHR and MAN; whilst EMA has to battle on 3 fronts - with LHR and MAN plus BHX to contend with.."

"The MAG management and marketing people have my sympathy as they must constantly be battling on the passenger side, for precious little reward, full service airline-wise"

EMA never has and in all likelyhood (due to its close proximity to BHX) never will be able to attract Legacy/Full service carriers, irrespective of its terminal facilities; and it certainly does not need to battle with MAN. In fact I would imagine it is strongly discouraged to do so from a group perspective.

In EMA, MAG have the second largest freight airport in the UK and a very good track record with leisure traffic. It therefore makes sense for MAG to concentrate on these strengths and commit the bulk of any future expenditure on the airport, whether it be on the development of the terminal or marketing, on building on these successes; after all there is little point in spending millions of pounds on infrastructure that is not really required or will not be fully utilised. I do however accept that the arrivals area does require a serious upgrade.

Whilst discussing competition let's not forget that BHX is also squeezed on three fronts; I am sure Mr K and Co. would love to get their hands on the four million plus passengers and three hundred thousand tonnes of freight handled by the little airport down the road. It would go some way to help pay for their extra bit of concrete....!


andyy 3rd Feb 2014 12:11

EMA has one every big advantage that no other airport can match - unrestricted operating hours throughout the night.

spacegrand 13th Feb 2014 14:53

Anyone know the aircraft types that MON will have at EMA this summer please.

ematom1 13th Feb 2014 18:26

Should be 2 A321's

egnxema 21st Feb 2014 21:00

I have been looking to book flights EMA DUB with FR and I notice with the intro of the summer timetable there appears to be only 1 flight per day to DUB - departing at 0630!

Seems odd.

BHX has 4 per day FR and 3 per day EI

stuart hammond 23rd Feb 2014 07:56

Ryr ema-dub
I have checked the Aug ops for all Ema Ryr flights and still shows 8 aircraft based, but what as changed is the extra no of holidays flights operated, so may be more money made from holiday style flights than Dub, at twice per day.


FRatSTN 23rd Feb 2014 10:23

FR at EMA S14
Increases I notice in Italy:

Milan-Bergamo back up to 4x weekly (though nothing from Birmingham this summer)
Pisa does go up 3x weekly for the summer
Rome-Ciampino up to 5x weekly

Also Corfu and Rhodes go up to 2x weekly for a longer period than last year and might be some increases in Spain.

Overall I think Ryanair is very slightly down this year which is a little disappointing. This is the first year in many I think where we haven't seen a single new route at the start of the summer. Though with the issue of aircraft deliveries, that's not too big a shock. Hopefully we will see something a little more exciting for 2015.

egnxema 25th Feb 2014 21:08

It's just a shame that business schedules at EMA are weakening rather than improving.

I have in the past month been unable to use EMA to EDI due poor times as well as book weekly trips to DUB in April due FR new schedule.

Also the AMS and CDG schedule is nothing compared to former times.

It's chicken and egg, no schedule = no business pax. The needs of business travellers can't have drastically reduced since the days of twice daily (at least) and 0700 ish departures to DUB EDI AMS and CDG.

What a shame!!

Burnie5204 28th Feb 2014 14:06

Problem you have though is that EDI, AMS and CDG are all only operated by FlyBe - an airline seriously struggling to make money and have had to cut back on frequency to increase the profitibility of their remaining flights on that route by increasing load-factors.

Though the business sector from EMA cant be doing that well, even British Midland have cutback their schedule to a single airframe operation.

ATNotts 28th Feb 2014 15:14


Though the business sector from EMA cant be doing that well, even British Midland have cutback their schedule to a single airframe operation.
British Midlands problem is the wrong aircraft - too small, to expensive to operate. A DH4 is probably about right in terms of cost / seats for BRU.

As for FlyBe, with their interline agreements with KL and AF they should have been able to make a go of CDG and AMS. I fear the problem is that they are competing with multi daily services down the road at BHX which make it a more viable option for the businessman (or of course woman!) paying a premium for a fully flexible fare, which I guess is where FlyBe are making their money.

Burnie5204 28th Feb 2014 15:28


From what I saw, of their EMA flights they only ran codeshare with AF on the CDG and they didnt particularly appear to push that angle, all the media I saw only said they went as far as CDG and not that you could connect onwards. Maybe they could have pushed Codeshares and done codeshare through AMS a bit more.

Either way it shows that there doesn't seem to be that much business traffic through EMA.

ATNotts 28th Feb 2014 16:13


I agree, "should" is probably the appropriate word.

Anyway, I guess that AF/KL and BE at Birmingham will be more than happy at the outcome. You'll be able to count the number of business passengers on Jet2s CDG offering on the fingers of one hand.

Given that the East Midlands has a meaningful airport, it's really a crying shame that it can't be effectively used by business people trying to grow jobs and the economy in the region.

Burnie5204 28th Feb 2014 16:30

Absolutely, working at the airport I see SO much stuff that could be done/should have been done to improve the airport.

It is a chicken and the egg scenario again. MAG don't seem to want to spend too much on new facilities because the custom (as in Airlines and Routes) isn't there at the moment but the custom isn't coming because the facilities aren't there and the airlines have previously said this numerous times.

A new security hall wont be good enough. It needs a whole new arrivals side as this is where we are distinctly lacking but given the airport layout this would need a almost entire new terminal - like the one that was previously designed (and fully costed up and partly commenced and then suspended) to connect into and complement the existing terminal. Solutions the airport are coming up with to mitigate these problems are just sticking plaster solutions.

The group is spending more money on redecorating/reshuffling around the newest Terminal of the group (STN) than it would cost to build the new EMA terminal designed around a decade ago.

Saying that the new upstairs food hall does look good (unless you look up)

Balair 5th Mar 2014 08:35

Development Plan
A draft of the airport's Strategic Development Plan is now available to download from the airport's official website.
Most of the main proposals appear to be generally in line with those which have already been discussed on this forum; the main development areas being a major expansion of the DHL facility, a substantial development for another carrier (UPS?) on Cargo East and future expansion of the passenger terminal being centred on current short stay car park.


handsfree 11th Mar 2014 07:55

Link to the Strategic Development Plan for those interested

Sustainable Development Plan

Burnie5204 11th Mar 2014 14:58

Well there's certainly lots of promising sounding news in there.

Certainly, if followed, it would solve almost all of the airports current infrastructure constraints.

However, much like the 2006 masterplan that was shelved when the recession hit, how much of this comes to fruition is a different matter.

Burnie5204 24th Mar 2014 22:15

Has anyone know/heard about what's happening with Dnata?

I notice that a Dnata banner has been stuck on the side of the "Cargo 3" Air Freight Handling facility (the one that EMAS HART used to use the Western part of)

Doing a little googling has revealed a news article that they were considering coming to EMA
Dubai's dnata opens three new cargo hubs in UK - Transport - ArabianBusiness.com

And the Dnata website lists EMA as a ground handling base AND a Road Freight Network Facility.
dnata UK: Networks

Now I know that they own the Alpha catering group but they have a separate catering facility at EMA already and operate under the Alpha LSG Skychefs brand wheras this is very much under the Dnata brand judging by the brand banner thats gone up over the Lorry Docks on the side of the building.

Has anyone else heard anything about this?

TCAS_Alert 26th Mar 2014 19:46

Does anyone know if the Servisair lounge is likely to be opening again any time soon? It's been closed for several months during the refurbishment, interested to find out if there's any news on when it will reopen.

Burnie5204 26th Mar 2014 19:54

No and Yes...

No - A Servisair lounge will not be reopening


Yes - There is an exec lounge being built at the moment which will be run by the airport under the MAG Escape Lounge brand. It's going where the Runway Bar used to be opposite Gates 15-17.

bhx bod 31st Mar 2014 14:53

Hi guys,
I just visited EMA for the first time in years and was wondering if anyone could tell me the operator/airline of the B767 freighter N220CY that ops in DHL colours.Sorry if that is a spotterish type question but I was just curious.

Thanks in advance.
bhx bod.

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