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ematom1 18th Jan 2013 12:10

It wouldn't surprise me if monarch made TFS & ACE year round, is it still the 2 planned A321's for EMA in summer?

Aero Val 18th Jan 2013 13:50

TCX Delay?
TCX5124 (G-TCDA) delayed dep 4 hours today, incident with de-icing rig? Any confirmations?

stuart hammond 18th Jan 2013 14:52

Monarch east midlands fleet
As far as i no the A320 are LBA,LTN,BHX but thy stated a change in fleet make up the other week with 2 planned A321 now A320 it may change the planned fleet at EMA, but some person may no the latest planned fleet.


Burnie5204 18th Jan 2013 15:10

Probably couldn't get the rig to work. More than likely nothing more sinister than that.

MON engineers dont even know whats coming in terms of aircraft. They say that as far as they know it's one A320 (the one already at EMA) and either an A321 or another A320

Flyboy543 18th Jan 2013 18:25

Yes, ref TCDA; Menzies de-icer rig backed into the wingtip when spraying another aircraft. The required inspections and replacement parts arriving from MAN were what took the time.

Mr Airtours 18th Jan 2013 21:50

Manchester have just bought Stansted for £1.5bn !!!!!

Mr Airtours 18th Jan 2013 21:51

Should read 1.5 billion

FRatSTN 26th Jan 2013 12:53

Ryanair will re-open two routes for summer 2013 with twice weekly services to:

Barcelona-Girona, Spain (GRO)
Poznan, Poland (POZ)

Ryanair will now provide 40 routes from East Midlands Airport for the first time in history!

As it currently stands, it means that East Midlands will have 7 based aircraft with 163 departures, 163 arrivals per week (326 in total) serving 40 destinations, making it Ryanair's 3rd largest UK airport after London Stansted and Manchester.

ematom1 26th Jan 2013 14:22

A couple of months ago Ryanair announced it was opening 2 new routes and increasing capacity and a lot others with 1 extra based aircraft, what routes have had a increase in capacity?

FRatSTN 26th Jan 2013 14:58

Those 2 new routes were:


Capacity increses are on:

Palma Mallorca
Warsaw Modlin (1st time operting in a summer season)

They did say 17 would get frequency increases but I only make it 14 (I'm pretty sure I've not missed any out).

I have a gut feeling that we could possibly expect the Greek routes to increase in frequency also at some stage as they currently have only 1 flight a week.

Knowing Ryanair, they might have included the new Girona and Poznan services in that 17 as they have both been served from EMA in the past and they might have been planning to operate them for some time.

ematom1 26th Jan 2013 16:18

Oh nice hadn't heard anything announced about the routes that were getting increases but thanks for the info :)

stuart hammond 26th Jan 2013 16:19

ryanair gaps summer 2013
I have noticed a gap on the Sunday morning ops approx 1.1/2 hrs flight to return EMA around 09.55 to take the 10.20 flight to WRO, do we have a flight planned for this aircraft is this one more to be added or a late start for 1 aircraft.


FRatSTN 26th Jan 2013 17:16

Maybe a late start, it would need to be quite a short route to get back for 09:55.

I've noticed though that the Poznan services are also not timed right.

FR3949 07:40 Poznan
FR3948 12:35 Poznan

FR3949 08:45 Poznan
FR3948 15:25 Poznan

The return service on Saturdays is far too late. That flight (FR3948) on Saturdays leaves Poznan at 12:25 local time. As the UK is one hour behind Poland, that would mean it takes 4 hours to get back:eek:

As all other flights on this route are scheduled as 2hrs 15mins, this flight should in theory arrive at 13:40. That would also make sense as a flight to Dublin leaves at 14:30 and the usual turnaround time is 50 minutes when they do a crew change.

I don't know whether it's a mistake or wheather they can't get a slot around that time as between about 1 and 3 on a Saturday afternoon is packed full of the holidays flights by Jet2, Monarch, Thomson etc.

ematom1 26th Jan 2013 20:09

Another thing I've noticed is thomascook having a Thursday rotation to Zykinthos with also the flight bookable through monarch airlines too?

FRatSTN 27th Jan 2013 09:35

The busiest day for Ryanair in the summer season will be Saturday with 26 arrivals and departures (52 flights in total)

FR4469 08:50 Malaga
FR9005 09:15 Barcelona-Girona
FR6135 10:00 La Rochelle
FR6032 10:50 Palma de Mallorca
FR1743 11:20 Knock
FR3173 11:30 Lanzarote
FR6609 11:30 Barcelona-Reus
FR4054 12:15 Warsaw-Modlin
FR4155 12:15 Almeria
FR1665 13:10 Riga
FR3948 15:25 Poznan
FR1633 15:35 Limoges
FR9406 16:05 Ibiza
FR4459 16:20 Malaga
FR9387 16:55 Barcelona
FR536 17:05 Dublin
FR9651 18:35 Rome-Ciampino
FR9084 19:10 Alicante
FR1767 20:15 Faro
FR534 22:10 Dublin
FR1707 22:40 Pisa
FR6572 22:55 Venice-Treviso
FR9184 23:05 Alicante
FR1925 23:15 Murcia
FR6602 23:25 Palma de Mallorca
FR3851 23:45 Rhodes

FR4154 06:10 Almeria
FR6608 06:35 Barcelona-Reus
FR6134 06:45 La Rochelle
FR4053 06:50 Warsaw-Modlin
FR1664 07:00 Riga
FR1742 08:30 Knock
FR3949 08:45 Poznan
FR4468 09:30 Malaga
FR9004 09:40 Barcelona-Girona
FR9407 10:25 Ibiza
FR6031 11:15 Palma de Mallorca
FR9388 11:45 Barcelona
FR1632 11:55 Limoges
FR3172 11:55 Lanzarote
FR9085 13:05 Alicante
FR537 14:30 Dublin
FR3852 15:00 Rhodes
FR4458 16:55 Malaga
FR9185 17:25 Alicante
FR1708 17:30 Pisa
FR1924 17:30 Murcia
FR6571 17:50 Venice-Treviso
FR6601 17:50 Palma de Mallorca
FR9652 19:00 Rome-Ciampino
FR535 19:35 Dublin
FR1766 20:40 Faro

If you study it closely, even at this fairly late stage, there still seems to be gaps in the timetable and timing oddities.

ematom1 31st Jan 2013 02:26

Jet2 to base 5th aircraft at ema?

According to an article in derby telegraph jet2 are looking to base a 5th aircraft and are very pleased how the ema base has turned out.

Sounds promising :)

Burnie5204 31st Jan 2013 02:46

Interesting.... I wonder where a/c numbers 3 and 4 are hiding because looking out the window I can only see 1x 757 and 1x 737...

ematom1 31st Jan 2013 03:17

It's winter now they only need the 757 at weekends along with the 737, but summer I've heard it's turning into 1 757, 1 737-800, 1 737-300, a leased A320 from Hamburg airlines, haven't got a clue what the 5th aircraft is if it's going to be based here for s13

stuart hammond 31st Jan 2013 07:32

jet2 extra aircraft
Is this due to jet2 have now 5 more b737-300 due for the summer programme, which my understanding is 1 extra EMA , 2 ALC , 1 extra LBA , 1 extra NCL. may be some one at jet2 can confirm or correct.


ematom1 31st Jan 2013 13:41

Maybe that's where they've found the extra aircraft from to base at ema, not sure if there to announce more routes from ema soon? They've done really well since the start up in 2010 adding a extra aircraft every year and adding new routes every year :)

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