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TSR2 10th Mar 2013 13:16

Jet2 was qouted in the media that thy will have 5 aircraft this may be May 2014 when a b767 is due to arrive for flights to SFB plus other L/H routes
Is this now a fact or just rumour?

stuart hammond 10th Mar 2013 13:29

jet2 extra aircraft
When i spoke to their manager 2 years ago at a travel fair, the plan was to move into L/H from airports with runway able to take the B767, when the close europe airports had been used to their best, SFB was than a area that was on the plan. Stuart

Mr @ Spotty M 10th Mar 2013 15:21

I can confirm that the two Monarch aircraft based at EMA from 01/05/13 will be the two ex Cyprus A321s.
Well that was the plan last week. :ugh:

ematom1 10th Mar 2013 15:29

Jet2 to acquire 767s? Would be nice to see a few more variety of L/H routes from EMA if it ever happens :)

4Screwaircrew 10th Mar 2013 16:51

Stuart, which 767 would this be? Can you substantiate this in any way?

stuart hammond 10th Mar 2013 17:15

Jet 2
Ref Leeds thread 'LBIA' B767-300ER, just needs to be confirmed.stuart

ematom1 10th Mar 2013 17:51

Looking back there has been rumours about Jet2 getting 767's and using them on routes to Orlando and Cancun since back in 2007 from Leeds & Newcastle, I suppose Jet2 is now doing well and may well be looking into L/H routes with larger A/C?

4Screwaircrew 10th Mar 2013 18:39

Thank you Stuart, Jet2 managers say it is not happening.

Crusher1 11th Mar 2013 23:36

Long haul
Not for the first time I tried to book a flight from EMA using BE/AF and yet again the price is totally bonkers. This time it's to Toronto and the price for two of us is just over a thousand pounds more than using LH in P class from BHX. That sounds bad but for my last trip to ADL it was 2.5K more expensive!

I can't remember the last time I used EMA, it's only 15 mins away but the prices to long haul destinations make it a non starter, any idea why this should be the case? Do they want to attract business passengers or not? We're not all rich bankers with millions to spare!

Artie Fufkin 12th Mar 2013 09:03

Apparently the whole B767 rumour restarted due to a conversation between a EMA based Jet2 pilot and a Thomson pilot who "let it slip" that when the Dreamliner arrives at Thomson, Jet2 will acquire some of the outgoing B767s.

As to how more substantive this source is beyond The Cleaners or The Caterers remains to be seen.

FRatSTN 12th Mar 2013 22:01

Even more ryanair flights for august 2013
One extra flight per week to Chania, Minorca, Palma and Rhodes in August 2013 in addition to the extra ones put on sale last week.

Eight based aircraft in service and now 362 flights (181 arr/181 dep) a week in August. East Midlands will be second largest in the UK after Stansted for Ryanair during August by some margin now.

LAX_LHR 12th Mar 2013 22:18

Eight based aircraft in service and now 362 flights (181 arr/181 dep) a week in August. East Midlands will be second largest in the UK after Stansted for Ryanair during August by some margin now
MAG seem to have the power 3 now, with STN/EMA/MAN taking the top 3 spots.

STN: ? flights per week ? based
EMA: 362 flights per week 8 based
MAN: 336 flights per week 6 based.

obviously a good relationship behind the scenes!

Burnie5204 13th Mar 2013 01:37

Well RYR do very well out of EMA, always seem to have good load factors and whenever they announce new routes/increase of routes there never seems to be any 'uptake time', they always seem to be popular from the outset.

Pax numbers are on the up and the airport now has more routes and seats than before WW left with more routes to come from a number of operators; not least of which is RYR who continue to support the airport with based aircraft, W sector aircraft and base training.

Its very nice to see the investment in EMA what with the terminal investment (including an increase in both retail and catering from both 'own brand' [Soho, Three Shires, Biza etc] and 'high street' companies [of which I'm hearing some very interesting companies are interested in space at EMA]), new car parks, new routes, expansion on existing routes and companies like TOM supporting the airport with the decision to operate the 787 from EMA or even the F1 movement and international aid flights etc.

MAG clearly believes the airport is worth investment and airline operators seem to agree - Just look how quickly MON and BE jumped into EMA when WW closed down with LS, RYR, BE and TOM continuing this 'take-up' of the lost capacity with their expansions this summer onwards.

spitfirealex 13th Mar 2013 18:29

Bernie what are the interesting high street companies you've heard being mentioned?

Burnie5204 13th Mar 2013 23:42

I'd rather not say as various aspects are still being negotiated and as such the identity will subject to corporate non-disclosure.

It's not even been officially announced internally at the airport.

spitfirealex 24th Mar 2013 14:07

Terminal upgrade
Has any work been started on the upgrade both on the exterior and interior? Also I've searched the web and all the information and renderings seem to be the same is there any information on who will be moving into the new shop areas created?

Burnie5204 24th Mar 2013 21:13

Yup - internally the large areas occupied by SoHo and Three Shires are boarded up most of the way out whilst the workmen are busy completely stripping out everything (including the wiring) and the first floor (Bar, BK and Servisair Lounge) is completely closed off for the duration of the works.

As I have said before there are some company names making their way round the staff but these contracts will be subject to non-disclosure until they are completed.

FRatSTN 27th Mar 2013 21:18

Jet2 new routes to prague and budapest
Jet2 will start 2 new city routes from East Midlands:

PRAGUE - from 7th November 2013
BUDAPEST - from 8th November 2013

Both routes fly twice weekly!

VickersVicount 27th Mar 2013 23:05

will this be flurry of new routes from other bases ?

GAZMO 27th Mar 2013 23:23

Great if they would fly these routes from BFS

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