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Burnie5204 9th Feb 2013 07:18

I need a new pair of ears then. I could have sworn it was 'star*something*' followed by 2 numbers (which I couldnt remember)

FRatSTN 9th Feb 2013 08:07

The only callsign I know with "Star" in its callsign is the Danish cargo airline Star Air (Maersk Air) with the callsign "Whitestar".

almost professional 9th Feb 2013 09:30

Was typhoon 38, and it did proper Low approach and G/A - being a bit spotterish in the tower at the time!

Rhino power 9th Feb 2013 10:10

*spotter mode - on*

It should've been ZJ805/BD a T.3 of 29(R) Sqn.

29(R) Sqn's callsigns are-
Typhoon 29, 30 Series, 40 Series, 100 & 300 Series
Bluster / Cobra / Fazer / Gunfighter / Ocelet / Relax
Shocker / Triplex / Warload / Rockstar /Ordeal

*spotter mode - off*

:ok: -RP

almost professional 9th Feb 2013 11:26

Was a two seat

Burnie5204 9th Feb 2013 12:36

@a_p, I wasnt looking that close

ematom1 3rd Mar 2013 21:09

Summer aircraft based
From what i can gatter this is whats to be based at ema this summer please feel free to correct:

Thomson: x3 737-800, Tues & Wed 787 or 767-300
Thomascook: x2 A321
Jet2: 1 757-200, 1 737-800, 1 A320 (leased from Hamburg Airways) & 1 737-300
Monarch: x2 A321
Ryanair: x7 737-800
Flybe: Dash-8
Bmi Regional: 1 Embraer 145
Eastern Airways: Jetstream 41

Does anyone know if thomascook will still be operating the 757-200 on a W pattern into EMA on a Friday?

Alex321 3rd Mar 2013 22:05

According to Jethros the A320 isn't being leased now and has been replaced with a leased 737-800 from Travel Service.


Through the Monarch website flight seating plans are still based on A320's being based at EMA for summer 2013 and this is how I have seen it in timetables although this could change.

ematom1 3rd Mar 2013 23:01

The 2nd 737-800 could be right instead of the A320 from looking at jet2 seating plans and the monarch seating plan does seem to be 2 A320's I was just going by what was posted on the monarch forum earlier and what was said when the base was announced but it could well be 2 A320's

Alex321 3rd Mar 2013 23:08

The second (leased) Jet2 737-800 most likely works out cheaper for them over an A320 as there crews are checked on 738's already. The likelyhood is crews may just have to familiarise themselves with the new a/c and differing equipment etc from the norm.

Mon A321's may appear at EMA yet we shall have to wait and see....

ematom1 3rd Mar 2013 23:20

It seems a better option for them seeing as they don't operate A320's, shame it's not 2 757's this year though EMA down 2 757's 1 Tom and 1 Jet2, will have to wait and see about the A321's

OliWW 4th Mar 2013 09:04

No Thomson 757!

righthandrule 4th Mar 2013 09:23

EMA should be 3x 737-800 and 1x737-300 for Jet2.

ematom1 4th Mar 2013 11:36

No thomson 757 all 3 737-800's, and jet 2 have 4 based aircraft this summer 1 757, 2 737-800, 1 737-300

OliWW 4th Mar 2013 14:39

The ZB flights are being sold as A320's...

Ryanair will have 8 B738 at EMA, 1 will be spare and used for training

MKY661 4th Mar 2013 16:21

The ZB flights are being sold as A320's...
Weird I thought it was 2 A321's this summer?

ematom1 4th Mar 2013 16:50

From the monarch forum and what was announced when the base was announced it seemed like A321's but the seating plan on the flights shows to be a A320

jblcfc 5th Mar 2013 10:13

Maybe they are planning on seeing how well the flights sell and upgrading to A321's as they go. I guess the x2 A321's mentioned is what Monarch ideally wants by the second half of the season.

FRatSTN 5th Mar 2013 13:27

East Midlands is going to have yet another boost in Ryanair flights it seems with extra flights on sale for August 2013.

Schedules now suggest eight based aircraft will be in service at this time. The flight increases are as follows:

ALICANTE - from 14 to 15 (weekly departures)
BERGERAC - from 2 to 3
CARCASSONNE - from 3 to 4
CORFU - from 1 to 2
DINARD - from 3 to 4
FARO - from 9 to 10
GIRONA - from 2 to 3
IBIZA - from 4 to 5
LA ROCHELLE - from 2 to 3
LANZAROTE - from 2 to 3
LIMOGES - from 3 to 4
MALAGA - from 12 to 13
MURCIA - from 7 to 8
TENERIFE - from 4 to 5

Nothing has been removed/reduced so there will be 14 extra departures a week. Ryanair now have 354 flights (177 arrivals & 177 departures) as I make it at East Midlands Airport per week, IN AUGUST ONLY.

stuart hammond 10th Mar 2013 11:52

Monarch east midlands fleet
Ref on a other forum EMA will be the two ex cy, airways A321 aircraft from the 1/5/13 , the programme does show 2 aircraft until april 2014, and with a bit of luck will be 3/4 aircraft from 1/5/14.Jet2 was qouted in the media that thy will have 5 aircraft this may be May 2014 when a b767 is due to arrive for flights to SFB plus other L/H routes.Stuart

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