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FR- 31st Jan 2013 16:41

Any reason why MOL was over this afternoon?


LAX_LHR 31st Jan 2013 16:50

Any reason why MOL was over this afternoon?
Did a STN-MAN-EMA routing to give his blessing to the STN/MAG deal and also to report 'record advance sales' at EMA/MAN. No new routes unfortunately.

FRatSTN 31st Jan 2013 18:09

I do think that Stansted, Manchester and East Midlands are going to be Ryanair's targets for future growth now.

MAG are going to have to work very closely with Ryanair now and I don't think a falling out or poor relationship is an option to either of them now.

I dare say it can only be onwards and upwards for those 3 airports in terms of Ryanair traffic.

EMA is Ryanair's fastest growing UK base this summer with a growth of about 27%. Just out of interest, is this actually also their fastest growing base across their whole network, as I know Ryanair are expecting virtually zero growth overall this summer???

Burnie5204 31st Jan 2013 18:51

Course he wasnt going to announce new routes. He only did that a couple of months ago.

FRatSTN 31st Jan 2013 19:07

And days ago...


were put on sale at the weekend.

ematom1 1st Feb 2013 03:36

Does anyone know if ema will be back up to the same passenger numbers in the summer? Since the loss off bmibaby but the new and expanded airlines at ema monarch flybe jet2 Ryanair?

ericlday 1st Feb 2013 09:22

Crystal ball needed to answer your question ematom !

OliWW 1st Feb 2013 10:46

Put 2 and 2 together, Ryanair increasing flights weekly by 27%, Monarch with two A320s, Flybe with a stable operation, Jet2 with an additional aircraft, its not going to lose passenger figures lets put it like that! :ugh:

stuart hammond 1st Feb 2013 20:06

extra flights 2013
If the jet2 flights are correct with 5 aircraft than that will be 2 extra from summer 2012, plus extra flights from tom and tcx for summer 2013.

Looking into winter 2013/14 will see 2 mon based most of the winter.


FR- 2nd Feb 2013 09:03

Anyone got any idea, how the airlines are doing in the winter months? Todays TSF is alittle light, was hoping for more than 80 each way for a weekend. Roll on the summer.


FRatSTN 3rd Feb 2013 00:24

Looks as if it will remain as only 1 BE aircraft at EMA now.

For the summer season, the flight to JER after first CDG flight now has no W pattern and comes straight back in time for mid-afternoon AMS flight before finishing on the second CDG flight. So looks as if there will be no new routes, with EMA aircraft that is but I still think unlikely.

On a more positive note, EDI and GLA both appear now to be going up to 4x daily on the weekdays, lie the BHD route. The additional flights for both routes are late morning time.

It really does seem those days with 1 flight in a 2 hour daytime period in the summer at EMA are well and truely over now. In total, EMA generally stays fairly consistent movements wise throughout the day now. Good for the spotters out there and also gives passengers a better choice of flying times on the domestic routes.

ematom1 3rd Feb 2013 15:52

are the flybe ops to Amsterdam, jersey & paris still being operated on the Dash 8 or are they going onto the emb 175 like they said it would in April?

clearedfortheglide 3rd Feb 2013 17:07

It will remain a Q400 for the summer

Burnie5204 4th Feb 2013 12:46

Well the MD, Tim McDermott, has just announced that this summer is looking set to be the busiest yet for EMA with more routes than ever before and with more routes gained in the 2013 Summer season than were lost when BMIBaby closed.

Also with MOL describing EMA as efficient and very well managed.

VC10man 4th Feb 2013 16:01

My daughter lives in Jersey and we used to use EMA to JER quite a lot. Now the flights on Flybe are quite expensive and we are having to use the BHX flights.:ugh:
I wish someone would take on the route properly, come on Ryanair.:D

FRatSTN 4th Feb 2013 17:01

I don't think Ryanair can because of the runway length in JER and even it they could I don't think they would as they would not be able to fully load, it would the BHD issue all over again. Plus I think APD would still put them off doing a routes from England to Jersey.

GayFriendly 4th Feb 2013 17:43


Now the flights on Flybe are quite expensive and we are having to use the BHX flights
BE operate BHX-JER. Are flights that much cheaper than from EMA, I would be surprised if they are although they are twice daily. Jet2 might give it a go from EMA, they do LBA-JER. I think you can forget FR for the reasons given by FRatSTN

VC10man 4th Feb 2013 18:10

I've just done a dummy booking..........................
JER-BHX............146 inc hold bag
JER-EMA...........225 inc hold bag

It was much cheaper on baby, it's much cheaper to fly to Malaga, in fact it is only double the EMA flight to fly to New York!

Burnie5204 8th Feb 2013 21:37

Well it was certainly a breath of fresh (exhaust) air to have a change from the light GA traffic shooting low approaches when the Coningsby Eurofighter Typhoon came through this afternoon.

"DON09 RW27 clear touch and go, left hand circuit"
"DON08 RW27 clear touch and go, right hand circuit"
"DON09 RW27 clear touch and go, left hand circuit"
"DON08 RW27 clear touch and go, right hand circuit"
"Starscream" (or at least thats what it sounded like) "RW27 clear low approach and go around"
"DON09 RW27 clear touch and go, left hand circuit"

Rhino power 9th Feb 2013 00:27

callsign was 'Typhoon 38'


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