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EastMids 28th Apr 2011 07:01

The delivery of the Nimrod R1 to EMA for the Aeropark is subject to delay due to the aircraft's retirement from active service being put back. I believe it will be flown in within 30 days of the RAF finishing with it, and then will be parked in the maintenance area for a while, whilst some equipment is removed from it. And yes, as with the other larger exhibits, for it to be moved into the Aeropark part of the fence will have to be temporarily taken down and tracking put down.

paul atkins 5th May 2011 18:47

jet2 2012
new routes murcia and malaga and increases on other routes

In addition to the new routes, due to customer demand Jet2.com will also increase capacity to many of Jet2.com’s most popular destinations from East Midlands. From May 2012, Jet2.com will fly to Alicante five times a week, the Algarve four times a week, Majorca six times a week and make 47 per cent more seats available to Tenerife with flights operating three times a week. This extra capacity, combined with the new routes, represents an additional 4,300 seats a week for holidaymakers from the East Midlands looking to head to Spain and Portugal’s top resorts. Jet2.com 2012 flights to Alicante, Algarve, Lanzarote, Murcia, Malaga, Majorca, and Tenerife are on sale now from East Midlands.

CabinCrewe 5th May 2011 18:55

Thomson reintroducing cancun from 2012

LBIA 5th May 2011 19:26

Can confirm that a 3rd based Jet2 aircraft is on its way to EMA from Summer 2012. This will be a Boeing 737 either 300 or 800. (Variant TBC) Adding to the already 2X based Boeing 757-200's.

MidlandDeltic 6th May 2011 08:30

Suzeman, how I agree - the crying shame is that the rail track wasn't taken through the airport and a station installed at ema - the bottleneck is still the M1 roundabout which is congested at the best of time. Also a station at the airport would encourage more passengers and staff to use public transport to get to and from the airport and maybe alleviate congestion on the A453 which is a notoriously bad road for accidents.
A rail link direct to EMA will never happen. There are simply not the pax numbers to justify it. It would require a dedicated shuttle to Nottingham,Derby or Leicester and would prevent the through running from further afield. The inconvenience of a further change would detract from use.

IMO, the reason the shuttle to the Parkway failed was the high price - if going to one of the three cities (the main market), it was cheaper and faster to use the direct bus services. This may have been intentional to protect pax numbers on those services.

As regards airport site workers, there are 24 hour bus services from Nottingham, Derby, Loughborough and Leicester - a level of service rail simply cannot provide consistently due to engineering works. The public transport option is there. Rail needs concentrated demand to work (as does bus to a lesser extent) due to the large capital costs involved - a major worksite in basically green fields surrounded by three ciities does not provide this concentrated demand as people are drawn to employment from all points of the compass.

As regards another post about co-ordination at Derby, an hourly bus service will always be a compromise for connecting at a rail station, but (apart from Crewe and Matlock) most rail services from Derby are at least half hourly, so the connection time would not be that great. It also does not help that the rail industry has a habit of designing timetables around their own operational needs and not necessarily notifying others of their intentions too far in advance - I speak from experience of trying to plan bus connections in just such situations.


INKJET 6th May 2011 09:01

Will baby now do Murcia from EMA with Jet2 having launched the routes?

ematom1 6th May 2011 16:25

brilliant news from jet 2 i can see them growing at ema rapidly like they have the past few years and hopefully theres a few more routes planned for 2012 aswell as the 2 new announced :)

Facelookbovvered 6th May 2011 20:42

I think Jet2 left it a year to long at EMA WW could have been finished off a year ago had Jet2 gone for the kill, but I think they have missed the boat and face an up hill struggle now.

If and when LH manage to sort out bmi then WW could become a serious player in this sector, the improvement in WW product quality is already noticeable in feed back on various forums that said the summer is yet to come and Jet2 are still short of crews going into the summer period in part because the pay is crap and higher paying jobs are out there.

The going rate for a 737 skipper is 80k/90k a 757/767 skipper is 90k/105k and the jobs are out there now.

Jamie2k9 6th May 2011 21:23

Jet 2 have dropped Geneva and Chambéry. All were bookable for the winter but have being pulled.

airhumberside 6th May 2011 21:41

GVA and Chambery never made it on sale for next winter. They stayed in the booking engine for a couple of weeks after thsi year's ski season finished but with no flights on sale

757flyer 7th May 2011 08:06

unless Jet2 start paying the going rate for the job they wont have any pilots to operate the routes! Most of my former colleagues there i have spoken to are looking elswhere, plus a blatant disrespect of the pilots wishes re BALPA jet2 are heading for meltdown.

FR- 7th May 2011 08:09

Would be nice for jet2 to start new routes, not just speading the market even thinner.


Facelookbovvered 7th May 2011 11:30


have to agree, Jet2 were unlucky with Sharm market post the Arab spring, this winters ski season has been weak for Europe in part due snow conditions but also the £ v Euro meant the US is better value, so no surprise about GVA Chambery with WW on both routes next winter.

Doing more basic Med's from EMA might help but all routes are well covered now from EMA by both WW & FR plus the IT boys

The 757's seem to be parked at EMA more than fly these past months

Thought they might have done something into Italy for next Summer

airhumberside 7th May 2011 14:16

Who knows what else is to come for 2012. Only the first wave of flights currently released

ericlday 7th May 2011 14:34

Its interesting to read on Airport threads of more and more flights for 2012 but they need more and more passengers with more and more money to fill those extra seats.

OliWW 7th May 2011 17:09

With the aircraft parked up so much they need to be looking at longer haul routes. Its not like their 752's cant make a trans-atlantic route such as SFB, YYZ or JFK, all their winglet aircraft are ETOPS and so their aircraft are a total waste of space and cost just sitting around for 3/4 days of the week during the winter! and some days in the summer with SSH gone!

ATNotts 7th May 2011 20:59


Reality check required.

Is it better to have an aircraft bought and paid for on the ground, or losing a fortune operating uneconomical routes?

They may well be a waste of space, but are they a waste of money?

Facelookbovvered 8th May 2011 08:24

Ha the old argument about making money out of parking aircraft up rather than flying them! Whilst I agree that you lose less money by not flying unprofitable routes the idea that somehow it's good use of capital to buy aircraft that cost money whether you fly it or not and then claim the plan is not to fly it is absurd, other than biz jets of course.

The 757 fleet has seriously long legs and is wasted unless used, it's rare that these are full down to he med, no LoCo gets the near 100% load factor that the likes TCX gets.

Sharm & Tunisia was unfortunate in terms of timing let's hope that the next release of routes is more interesting

OliWW 8th May 2011 10:33


Never said it would be more viable to fly uneconomically, but the potential to fly to more destinations which would be seen as money making routes, such as long haul routes should be considered as its aircraft don't seem to do much else. They need to consider the market they are actually flying to, they know why certain routes are uneconomical at certain periods, so they should plan to fly to other destinations which aren't, rather than non atall when they have the equipment to do so... and if there is no room for other destinations, why base an aircraft at EMA for only 1 or 2 days a week, when parking charges at other bases such as LBA or NCL are cheaper... does not make any financial sense!

ATNotts 8th May 2011 19:54


I agree with they should look to operate profitable routes, but I just don't see a 2 x weekly JFK, for example, being viable, as business passnegers wouldn't buy it, and Jet 2 have no interline agreements that would open up the rest of the US using JFK as a gateway. SFB used to be a 757 destination, before the advent of ETOPS 767s, and nobody these days would swap a direct 767 from MAN for a one-stop on a 757. A weekly YYZ might work, as the 757 can certainly do it, and it is very much a VFR route which works well from most regional airports, and might well do likewsie for EMA, but it would probably need the support of tour operators such as Canadian Affair to really succeed.

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