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G-VCED 26th Feb 2011 12:49


WW's aircraft struggle to stretch to Greece at the moment, there is talk though that maybe in the future they'll be getting a/c which can make it to the Greek islands/Canary Islands.

AP1995 26th Feb 2011 14:39

jet2's 737-300 & thomsons do the canarys and greek routes, so surely bmi can do it

ryansf 26th Feb 2011 14:45

bmibaby's -300s have de-rated engines which mean they won't make the Canaries. It's relatively easy to uprate them, like Thomson and Jet2 have obviously done, but the benefits of a longer range are often outweighed by the reduced engine lifetime and increased fuel consumption (compared with what bmibaby is experiencing at the moment), and increased airway and landing charges.

AP1995 26th Feb 2011 14:51

oh okay thanks for that, will they be getting any upgraded aircraft anytime soon?

ryansf 26th Feb 2011 15:04

I understand that when current aircraft come to the end of their leases, they will replace them with newer aircraft. 2013 rings a bell. 737-800 has been suggested, but given that their parent has a 100% Airbus fleet, and their 'grandparent'' has a substantially sized Airbus fleet, then it could go either way really!

G-VCED 26th Feb 2011 15:17

There's so many different rumours on what the fleet upgrade will be, I hear something different each week. They have been discussing options for an upgraded fleet for around 2013/14 though. The only thing I've heard which holds some ground is that it will be around the B738 area.

For streamlining purposes with LH it could quite possibly be A320s.

Defiantly need something to stretch to the canaries/Greece.

WW getting an ex-TOM B733 very soon.

AP1995 26th Feb 2011 15:48

either way a A320 or B737-800 would work for the airline i hope they do well in the future with whatever they choose.

ematom1 1st Mar 2011 16:39

T3193P 02:20 Nice Scheduled 02:20
T31594 06:30 Verona Scheduled 06:30 are these just charters for wednesday for eastern airways?

NutLoose 3rd Mar 2011 11:54

Little update on the 767, last two taken today

Today 12 pm

ematom1 4th Mar 2011 22:29

Kyiv-East Midlands
Ukraine International Airlines (UIA, Kyiv) and British Midland International (BMI, London) have agreed on the joint operation of five air routes, UIA's press service has reported.
In particular, the air carriers will cooperate under a code-sharing agreement on the Kyiv-London (Gatwick, daily), Kyiv-Brussels (five flights a week), Kyiv-East Midlands (Derby, Leicester, Nottingham, five flights a week), Kyiv-Edinburgh (five flights per week), and Kyiv-Leeds/Bradford (five flights a week) routes."

UIA and BMI agree on joint operation of five routes - Ukrainian news. Interfax-Ukraine

is this true ema- kyiv 5 times weekly?

BombardierCR7 4th Mar 2011 22:44

Presumably a codeshare via BRU?

OliWW 4th Mar 2011 22:51

Its a codeshare... can you really see LBA operating anything in that region 5 times a week! I don't think so...:=

wired2fly 5th Mar 2011 13:51

I noticed this NOTAM for EMA last night, sounds pretty serious if they need to shut the runway for this length of time.
** NEW ** C0958/11 (AGA) Saturday, 5 Mar 23:30 to Monday, 14 Mar 2011 05:30

wanna_be_there 5th Mar 2011 14:04

where are all the cargo flights going to go?

I remember LH used to have to send their MD11's over to MAN when the runway was closed.

almost professional 5th Mar 2011 14:57

Airfield closed overnight for two weekends running, done to allow maintenance that cannot be scheduled during normal ops-doing it at this time of year minimises impact on operators

FCAcrewboy 6th Mar 2011 06:59

TOM same as last summer. 738 x2 752 x1. However think one day has two 752 present.
FNC op all summer,

OliWW 6th Mar 2011 10:27

It will either be a Mon, Thu or Sat which see's 2 75W's..

FR- 6th Mar 2011 15:02

Anyone know how ryanairs MJV and TLL is doing?


Jamie2k9 6th Mar 2011 15:33

Haven't exact figures but going by FR website MIV is doing well but as it''s only 2 weekly you would expect them to be full. Daily flights resume lather this month.

Have no idea about TLL but always taught it was a strange route for them to start from East-Midlands.

OliWW 6th Mar 2011 17:59

I'd have thought TLL has similar figures to RIX, so must be sustainable

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