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OliWW 8th May 2011 20:50

Jet2 would find it easy to get route support, e.g. lapland flights/their flights to Jeddah this winter just gone, don't think that would be to much of an issue, clearly something they haven't yet tried...

SFB could be operated, yes with a one stop, however, flyglobespan dropping out of BFS, could be a perfect opportunity for EMA-BFS-SFB-BFS-EMA with no flight to Sanford from EMA anymore, YYZ would work, but JFK was just pure example, I have to say, it wouldn't work unless it was on a regular basis.

Mr Angry from Purley 8th May 2011 20:51

Where are these jobs then?. I spoke to a new Jet 2 F/O at EMA last week and he said that recruitment had been increased across the board, and that during the summer they were reducing the amount of ad hoc flying / charters etc and concentrating on the normal stuff. Going to be an interesting summer with lack of Egypt etc i agree but i don't think they will suffer from crew shortages as you pilots always say everyone's hacked off and leaving and surprise suprise you stay and take the wonga. :\

GayFriendly 8th May 2011 20:55

I'm sure I read that TOM is reinstating flights from EMA to SFB in summer 2012 along with CUN and POP? Jet2 could I agree also offer such flights with a stop en route but surely the runway at EMA is long enough to allow a 767 to do these flights non stop? Filling them profitably with passengers could I admit be the problem though.....

[email protected] 9th May 2011 07:12

SFB is reinstated next summer weekly on a Saturday. The long haul routes from EMA are SFB, CUN and PUJ all weekly with TOM / FCA.

Jet2 will not be gong long haul from EMA for at least 5 years. Thats from high up the heirachy.

With 3 aircraft confirmed now from Jet2 for next summer, I assume at least another 3 or 4 routes should be announced soon?

OliWW 10th May 2011 18:35

EMA-JFK INTRODUCED! all be it for a week...
Jet2 are operating flights from EMA to JFK from 14th Nov 11 - 20th Nov 11... There will be 2 flights ops by a 75W non-stop

GlennTheBaker 10th May 2011 19:37

Its actually EWR, not JFK.

OliWW 10th May 2011 19:56

Thanks... :ok:

LBIA 10th May 2011 21:15

Its only 1 return charter service Jet2 are operating to New York-Newark from East Midlands this year..

LS073 Departs EMA 08:10 Thu, Nov 17th - Arrives EWR 11:15 Thu, Nov 17th
LS074 Departs EWR 22:00 Sun, Nov 20th - Arrives EMA 10:00 Mon, Nov 21st

Cazza_fly 18th May 2011 18:44

bmibaby.com EMA Summer 2012
Brand new flights with bmibaby for summer 2012 have just gone on sale today.

New in the line-up are to Gibraltar, Corfu, Murcia and Naples! Along with these new routes Cologne is to go year round and there are slight frequency increases on many current summer destinations too!

Gibraltar upto 3x weekly!
Corfu upto 1x weekly
Murcia upto 2x weekly
Naples upto 2x weekly
Cologne upto 4x weekly

AP1995 18th May 2011 21:27

are bmi baby's aircraft capable of doing greece? and isit there first greek route? amazing news though

Cazza_fly 18th May 2011 21:45

are bmi baby's aircraft capable of doing greece? and isit there first greek route? amazing news though
Yes, especially with Corfu being one of the shorter routes from the UK. They currently fly EMA to Malta which is usually slightly longer than the Corfu route. They are however up-rating some of their engines on just a few of the aircraft, mainly because of the new European flights from Belfast City Airport (runway length/weight), so I guess these may also be used on such flights in the future. Perhaps they will keep the ex-Thomson Airways 733s they are currently recieving with the higher-thrust settings.

ematom1 19th May 2011 20:37

amazing news so how many aircraft will be based at ema next summer, wonder if they have anymore routes planned? :)

Cazza_fly 19th May 2011 21:19

amazing news so how many aircraft will be based at ema next summer, wonder if they have anymore routes planned? http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/smile.gif
ema = 8 a/c
bhx = 4 a/c
bhd = 2 a/c

ematom1 20th May 2011 16:10

ba route to naples seems to be on in the morning :)

Mr Airtours 27th May 2011 17:04

Nice Advert for East Midlands (London North)
I see East Midlands just made it onto the map for 'Airfields within 2hrs 30mins of London for the 2012 Olympic Games. Not a bad advert really, on page 24 of the pdf doc. http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/regional/l...ortoptions.pdf
Lets hope we see some business out of it !:ok::D

ematom1 30th May 2011 17:29

Anyone know why the transavia 737-700 is in tonight and departing back to amsterdam apparntly it was the same last night? :S

HV886420:10AmsterdamScheduled 20:10HV886420:10AmsterdamScheduled 20:10
HV8868 20:10 Amsterdam
HV092 20:50 Amsterdam


stuart-travel 6th Jun 2011 13:40

Baby EMA
Inghams 2012 preview brochure quotes ema-szg sat may-sep 2012
bmibaby flight times 07.00 return 11.30 approx sch flight, is this a new route to be added to the list for 2012.

INKJET 6th Jun 2011 19:29

Maybe a charter, there are a number of other charters that baby are doing this Winter and next Summer

stuart-travel 7th Jun 2011 15:34

All flights are sch quoted from the 2012 brochure
ema-szg sat 07.00-11.05 26may-15sep
ema-dbv sun 07.00-14.00 06may-16sep
ema-vrn wed 12.50-17.50 23may-26sep
ema-vrn sat 07.30-12.30 10may-29sep
ema-gva sat 07.20-11.35 t/b/a


stuart-travel 10th Jun 2011 08:20

Baby EMA
I see today baby are short of aircraft glasgow cancelled and jersey around 3 hrs delay is this a sick aircraft or other, will thy be better when the ex thomson aircraft arrives end of june.

we use the jersey service for our jersey holidays we operate and is this a one of or a summer problem, is any person from baby on the forum to advise us.


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