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Flyboy543 18th Sep 2007 22:56

Anyway it aint the baggage handlers (some of which are actually fit )
nice to know we're good at something ! :ok:

Re EndBag, I too always address the pilots as 'Sir' never 'mate' or whatever. There are times when i have been very polite and got a right mouthfull off the captain that because he came in 20 mins early doesn't understand that he can't go out 2o mins early due to check in closing at the same time!

I would agree with bmibaby, not realy enough room for a 3rd agent. There isn't enough parking for equipment as it is let alone if a 3rd agent comes along, and where are their offices going to go? Although the space inside the old Prestige space is a bit wasted I think.

S78 19th Sep 2007 08:34

Servisair and RYR
"Also Ryanair don't use them that much really, STN is swissport which handle some 40 odd a/c, same with BHX"

Servisair handle Ryanair at BHX - Guess you don't fly into BHX very often.....


dumdumbrain 19th Sep 2007 08:40

But would this third agent, have the room once the new stands are built? And if EMA wants more based a/c at it will have to build new stands for summer 08, i know it sounds along way off but the building of new stands is not something that can be done in a few weeks.

When my friend last spoke to someone at Menzies, he was told that menzies ain't interested in Ryanair.


Sorry S78 my mistake, the last time i was at BHX was when I did BHX-PMI with Mytravelshite

North Stand Tier3 19th Sep 2007 08:50

"Although the space inside the old Prestige space is a bit wasted I think."

Thomas Cook lads'll love that-don't think they'll ever fit a 757 in there though!

I'll get me coat................

finding_nema 19th Sep 2007 08:51

I don't know if the issue is that Menzies don't want the Ryanair contract, it's more a case that to take on such a large contract overnight would practically double Menzies' operation, and that Ryanair is a very demanding contract. On the other hand, their operation at EMA is predominantly LCC-orientated, and the company has been adding new airlines every year, including easyJet who operate a similar business model. In the meantime, surely Servisair would be trying their utmost to keep the Ryanair contract as it's their largest, and they have a practically nationwide contract with them - STN excluded and aviance lost the BHX contract. With regards to a third handling agent, as mentioned with passenger airlines as opposed to any cargo contracts, there are only five big contracts at EMA plus the odd charter. Would the Ryanair contract alone be enough reason for a third company to come to the airport? Parking and office space is at a premium at the moment, and most of the contracts for the handling agents at EMA are tight margin low-cost and charter airlines.

almost professional 19th Sep 2007 09:05

more concrete before the anticipated extra aircraft is unlikely, but there are ways to make greater use of the existing stands-remarking is just one possibility

finding_nema 19th Sep 2007 09:11

Exactly, we could have much better utilisation for example of the stands around the new pier, the main problem with them is that they're coaching stands which none of the low-cost carriers want to pay for, otherwise it's a nice, simple functioning extension to the departure lounge which ought to be perfect for fast turnaround operations.

[email protected] 19th Sep 2007 09:55

Ryanair now confirm EMA - ORK and PIK - ORK.

Offering a daily rotation except saturday by the looks, being operated by EMA and PIK based aircraft

dumdumbrain 19th Sep 2007 10:47

I did say ORK a few days ago ;), and its being done by a EMA based a/c, yet another new route for Ryanair from EMA. I don't see any more new routes coming from a EMA a/c untill be get more.


JulietNovemberPapa 19th Sep 2007 13:27

EMA-ORK-EMA is 5x weekly. Won't operate on Wed or Sat.

bmibaby.com 19th Sep 2007 15:47

Good news with ORK, is that replacing an existing route or is it being squeezed somewhere into the schedule?

Considering the handling situation, you've got to remember that at the end of every season when there's contracts up in the air, there are always lots of rumours about who is gaining or losing what. I personally don't see a third handling agent coming in simply because the airport doesn't really have the room for more offices or GSE, and I seriously wonder whether Ryanair alone, 6 aircraft or not, is enough of a reason for a handling agent to set up a new base. On the other hand when I was at BHX, Swissport seem to have taken over in a very short space of time, having only handled Air 2000 and Monarch a few years ago to now being the major handling agent.

finding_nema 19th Sep 2007 16:38

I think some flights might be squeezed into the existing schedule, as some DUB flights are going back to being operated by DUB-based aircraft. Swissport, or Groundstar, only came into BHX for the Air 2000 contract, and into STN for the Go contract - yet at both airports they are now one of, if not the, biggest handling agents. Presumably space would be made for them if the other handling agents had to scale back somewhat.

Does anybody know if bmi will be basing an Airbus at EMA next summer again or if everything will be done by XL and Air Malta?

SAM-EMA 19th Sep 2007 16:43

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that XL are going to base their own a/c at EMA next summer (B738) and that the KM a/c was moving elsewhere. But if the BD A320 is also used, I pressume it would just do similar to what it has done this year.


JulietNovemberPapa 19th Sep 2007 16:59

I could only find the first flight on Sun later this year changing to DUB-based 73H.

owenkirk2005 19th Sep 2007 17:14

Looking at the dublin flights in march 08 the differences are the saturday afternoon flight and the sunday morning flight, both to be operated by Dublin based aircraft, everything else the same. Airport site says that it is a 4x weekly till february then daily february onwards. Bmibabay wont be happy about this as they operate cork from birmigham, and i know alot of people who travel down there and are delighted to have a flight from there local.

EGAC_Ramper 19th Sep 2007 23:35

As far as I'm aware the EMA based aircraft have lossed the Girona and Dublin flights to the namesakes based aircraft.


Mike16 20th Sep 2007 05:27

Hi Guys

Just had a look on EMA website as i have my mum and dad coming back home at dinner time from there holiday, and i noticed a flight departing
FQ9824 Heraklion 07:30 Check-in Now Desk 17-18

Who is this carrier then ?

Was jst being nosey to be honest, interesting about Easyjet and 2 new bases to be announced soon, as seen in Easyjet thread !!!
I do hope it will not be a BHX base.

I Do hope not as i did work as Cabin crew for Easyjet at eMA, and they have a great bunch of guys there and i just hope they make the base bigger.
Take care


virginblue 20th Sep 2007 09:35

The as yet unnamed new freight airline set up by Lufthansa and DHL will operate weekdaily from LEJ to EMA starting in spring 2009. Equipment of the new carrier will be 11 Boeing 777-200LRF.

bmibaby.com 20th Sep 2007 12:19

I think that the re-organisation of mainline out of LHR following the BMED merger might change how much charter capacity there is next summer for bmi. Charter is a very profitable part of the company, and has a product that a lot of people like, but with XL having their own order for more 737s and apparently a successful season with Air Malta, I'm not sure whether EMA will be a charter base next summer.

I'm interested to find out how the Q400 demonstrator did for regional and whether a second Embraer is coming, according to a memo to regional crews recently, the market is opening up for ERJs and regional are in the market, hopefully for EMA.

dionysius 20th Sep 2007 14:57

The new cargo carrier will initially operate with eleven new Boeing 777-200LRF aircraft. The aircraft will be leased and are scheduled for delivery from February 2009. The 2/3 cargo capacities of the new airline will be utilised by Lufthansa Cargo und DHL Express. The two partners will continue to take care of marketing and handling those capacities independently.

Pending the granting of traffic rights, the new airline will gradually expand its route network from the summer schedule 2009. On weekdays, it will be serving Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, Bombay, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Nagoya, Almaty, East Midlands and Milan.
Looks like DHL will be operating a nightly 777-200RF in the future thru EMA.:ok:

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