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OltonPete 24th Aug 2011 23:04


Once weekly Saturday in at 13.15 out at 14.15 but can't tell which
base this will be operated from as yet.


OliWW 25th Aug 2011 10:35

Its a 75W that ops EMA-CFU-LBA-CFU-EMA

FR- 26th Aug 2011 17:46

Rant time
I need to have a tiny rant.

Why is it whenever the airport is on the news, its always BMI Baby or anyone else other than Ryanair. Never a screen shot of the Ryanair route map or aircraft in the background.

fr- :mad:

StephenM_SMC 26th Aug 2011 20:32

The Ryanair check-in desks are effectively in a separate building though? Most of their promotion material appear to be over there too.

ATNotts 27th Aug 2011 09:43


Answer: Sloppy journalism! Always the same stock shot of the same WW 737 providing the video background to the "reporter" trotting out the press release from the airport, airline or whatever!

Same generally happens with BHX, and I suspect most other regional airports. Different at LHR where the BBC seems to have an "open air studio" land side to report from.

MidlandDeltic 27th Aug 2011 10:35

Here in Ireland, "stock" footage of Dublin airport on at least one channel includes Ryanair 737-200s, and old livery / non winglet fitted 737-800s, so is several years old at this stage. Put simply, it is a picture of a plane, and that's all they're after. SImilar happens for rail.


Ian Brooks 27th Aug 2011 10:41

"Different at LHR where the BBC seems to have an "open air studio" land side to report from."
This is the garden of the Renaissance hotel looking out over 27R as this gives a good view of what is happening or not whatever the case maybe

Ian B

MidlandDeltic 27th Aug 2011 10:53

Jabird :

Looking through KL's or AF's eyes, I'd be thinking 'where or what is East Midlands'? The airport serves three major cities, but isn't adjacent to any of them - so I think it's usefelness is watered down. A hub feeder needs multiple daily to provide connectivity - and there are plenty more options at MAN or BHX.
Little unfair there - the airport is 10 miles from Nottingham or Derby, admittedly further from Leicester - but that is ball park for many regional airports (BHX 9 miles from Birmingham for example) and certainly closer than all London airports bar Heathrow to that city.

That said, even given Nottingham City Councils pretensions as to the status of their, (and indeed my home) city, there is not sufficient business travel INBOUND to generate a good return for a full service carrier to any of the main hubs, especially given that the LoCos will continue to dominate the back cabin pax. Birmingham and Manchester can generate this inbound traffic, giving a good two-way flow. Given the distance and relative ease of road travel from BHX and MAN to the EMA catchmnent area, airlines will tend cater for demand in that way.


egnxema 28th Aug 2011 16:45


As someone who works for AFKL I can assure you they do know exactly where EMA is, infact KL flew EMA AMS 4x daily for a while.

A key word in hard economic times is dilution. If starting a new route risks pulling pax from a nearby AFKL served airport all you will do is dilute the pax over 2 routes. In times of economic growth the risk is much lower - ie when the decission was made to launch LPL AMS, even though MAN AMS is served.

So while BHX is only just down the road, it will need some serious economic upsurge before AFKL return to looking at the EMA business case.

jabird 29th Aug 2011 23:35

Md & egnxema,

Good points. But the dilution also works against EMA because it is a more complex marketing job promoting the three cities. I think it was simpler when they called it Nottingham EMA, but I know why Leicester & Derby weren't pleased!

I would guess Nottingham is the biggest inbound draw, both for tourism and business, but all that Robin Hood stuff has been nicked by DSA!

ematom1 1st Sep 2011 13:42

Bmiregional ema - frankfurt
Travel News | Travel News Online | Travel Daily UK

Bmiregional have announced from 31st october 2011 they will fly ema-fankfurt useing a Emraer 145 3x daily mon-fri and once sunday :)

enigma1 1st Sep 2011 14:11

bmi Regional Press Release - EMA-FRA
Hi. Am a 'new recruit' to PPRuNe so please treat me gently! Here's the press release issued to the media today:

bmi Regional announce new flights to global hub Frankfurt Airport
from East Midlands Airport

bmi Regional has today announced a new service from East Midlands Airport to Frankfurt, the world's 9th largest airport and one of Europe's primary business centres. The new service, starting on 31 October 2011 will offer the region worldwide connectivity. Over the next few weeks in excess of 70 destinations such as New York, Rio de Janeiro and Capetown will be available.

bmi Regional will be the only airline to operate flights direct to Frankfurt from East Midlands Airport and onward connections with our parent company Lufthansa via the Frankfurt Airport hub.

The new service to Frankfurt is great for both business and leisure travellers visiting the German city whilst also providing seamless connections to key business centres across Europe and the world.

Flights to Frankfurt will operate three times a day from Monday to Friday and also once on a Sunday, using the Embraer 145 with 49 seats. Fares start from £49 one way including taxes and flights are available to book now at flybmi.com

Steven Griffiths, business director, bmi Regional, said:
“Germany has always been a popular destination and by offering direct flights from East Midlands Airport to Frankfurt we can meet the increasing demand from business and leisure travellers. People living in the East Midlands now have the opportunity to travel to a wide range of worldwide destinations from their local airport.
“With the frequent, convenient flight times, business travellers will now be able to complete their business in Frankfurt in a day, whilst leisure travellers can take advantage of the service for many of the attractions Frankfurt has to offer, including the world famous Christmas Market that launches in November.
“bmi Regional offers the speed and comfort of an all-jet fleet and flight times are conveniently designed for business and leisure travellers. We are also committed to offering the best value for money for travellers, with competitive Business and Economy fares.”

Stephen Turner, Commercial Director, East Midlands Airport said:
“This new three times daily Frankfurt service is exactly what businesses in the region have been telling us they urgently need. Not only does it offer direct access to one of Europe’s primary business and financial centres, its status as a global hub airport also provides seamless worldwide connections to The Americas, Africa, Asia and India, all with the convenience of flying from your local airport.”

bmi Regional customers can enjoy complimentary refreshments onboard, a free 20kg hold baggage allowance and 30 minute check-in. Lounge facilities are available to Business fare customers plus Gold and Silver Diamond Club members. Customers can also take advantage of fast track security lane at East Midlands Airport.

bmi Regional prides itself on the punctuality offered to its customers and has been officially recognised as the UK’s most punctual airline for six consecutive years according to official statistics published by the CAA. Data can be found at flightontime.info

Customers can also join Diamond Club, bmi’s loyalty programme designed to reward frequent flyers. Throughout November and December double destinations miles can be earned for all Diamond Club members flying on this route. As bmi is part of the Star Alliance group, miles can also be spent on Star Alliance partners too, plus hotel accommodation, car rental, gifts and much more.
Notes to Editors:

Flight schedules
East Midlands- Frankfurt
BD1261 dep 06:00; arr 08:30
BD1263 dep 11:30; arr 14:05
BD1265 dep 16:15; arr 18:50

Frankfurt- East Midlands
BD1262 dep 09:15; arr 09:55
BD1264 dep 14:45; arr 15:25
BD1266 dep 19:40; arr 20:20

ATNotts 1st Sep 2011 17:41

Excellent news!

Just what I have been suggesting needs to happen. Hopefully local business will support the service and the connections that it will provide via FRA (although it is one of the meast pleasant hubs to transfer through from my experience).

I know not what impact this service will have on BHX/FRA, but my employer will almost certainly avail themselves of the service, given a half decent connection to Nürnberg.

Just checked the LH reservations system and it isn't released yet. Hope we're not counting chickens prematurely

OltonPete 1st Sep 2011 18:23


In GDS - EMA outbound times first

BD1261/2 0600 09.55

BD1263/4 11.30 15.25

BD1285/4 16.15 20.20


FR- 1st Sep 2011 19:13

Great sale fares aswell, already booked myself and partner on short trip.


egnxema 2nd Sep 2011 21:27

I really hope the onward connection fares sold through the LH website are competative with MAN and BHX fares.

Looking fwd to flying EMA-EWR or EMA-LAX all on one ticket. Wonder if the connection will carry a UA code too?

Nothing online yet.

BHX2FRA 3rd Sep 2011 17:28

EMA to FRA from November
EMA may become my departure airport of choice. Although the 1615 outbound is not so convenient, the 1940 return from FRA is ideal timing for those of us who don't want to leave the office until the end of the working day. The winter FRA to BHX timings have moved the 1730 to 1635 and the EMA option avoids hanging around in FRA until 2140.

Regretting choosing BHX2FRA as my username!

GayFriendly 3rd Sep 2011 17:34

EMA-FRA is now bookable on the UK LH website, just checked EMA-BER for mid December its a whopping £649 as opposed to £150 from BHX on the same dates. I seem to remember this was an issue when LH flew from BRS, only a very limited selection of low end economy fares were ever available. At those prices I can't see too much economy leakage from BHX will be interesting to see how it affects the front end though. LH must be confident there is enough demand from both airports.

Would I be right in seeing the EMA service attracting mainly full fare economy and business payers being only a 49 seater whilst BHX continues with a wider cross section availability of low to high end fares because LH/BD use much bigger A320 aircraft from there?

BHX2FRA 4th Sep 2011 10:48

There is also competition for economy passengers close to home. bmibaby fly from EMA to Cologne which is just over an hour away from Frankfurt airport by train - I believe Cologne to Frankfurt is one of the fastest routes on the DB network.

INKJET 4th Sep 2011 12:14

Whilst WW fly to both CGN & MUC they are not year round or even daily services and you cannot interline with WW at present, although there as been talk of this in the future. The regional service is thrice daily with a very early start 06:00 local departure ouch!

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