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STN Ramp Rat 12th Jul 2015 20:40

interesting article
UK-based longhaul start-up Firnas Airways to use B767s - ch-aviation.com

it is suggesting its a Stansted based carrier !

Shed-on-a-Pole 13th Jul 2015 00:04

Hmmm ... Firnas Airways publicity picture shows an A330!

Double Hydco 13th Jul 2015 07:36

Did it have Arsenal players emblazoned on the fuselage? In which case it was taking the Arsenal team to Singapore
Yes it did.....

j636 13th Jul 2015 15:21

June traffic up 11% to 2,059,164 (1,855,632)


daz211 17th Jul 2015 09:19

Today saw the first of TCX longhaul program from STN
STN to MCO looks like they are using Hifly A332.

FRatSTN 19th Jul 2015 10:30

Does anybody know how many aircraft EZY based in STN last winter? If I remember correctly it went down to 6 but this coming winter it stays at 7 following on from the summer.

There's definitely an increase in flights compared to last winter, mainly from increased frequencies on BFS, EDI and GLA, but I wasn't aware of an additional aircraft.

If this is the case, I wonder if this might translate into 8 aircraft possibly for Summer 2016 or if it will just continue to stick at 7?

Double Hydco 19th Jul 2015 21:46

It's been 7 based aeroplanes since the last base downsize, for both the winter and summer programmes.


FRatSTN 21st Jul 2015 20:09

TOM and TCX changes for S16
Looks as if TOM will be adding a second weekly flight to FAO departing on Thursdays in 2016. The Thursday flight to PMI is now showing as not being operated by TOM so I assume some re-jigging of the schedule will be neccessary.

Also, TCX seem to have added LCA but strangely only 1 flight on sale departing on 29th May and returning 5th June 2016.

daz211 21st Jul 2015 21:55

TCX summer 16
TCX will increase Stansted - Orlando to 4 weekly :ok:

LTNman 22nd Jul 2015 05:51

I was talking to a mate of mine in the pub last night who was having a major moan about Stansted.

He went to pick up his daughter at 1am from the express set down and pick up lanes making sure he didn't enter it before she was outside and waiting.

He said due to the vast numbers of passengers and the length of the lane it took several minutes before they could find each other. He then had to queue to get out. When he paid his 2.50 the barrier demanded another 2.50 as he was now one minute over 10 minutes. It took another minute to find the extra 2.50 by which time the machine demanded another 2.50 as he had now been there 12 minutes. Yes, Stansted charges 2.50 per minute after the first 10 minutes. At this point he rang the buzzer as he had run out of money but it was engaged.

He was eventually let out without paying any more money but it left a bad taste in his money and wallet.

lederhosen 22nd Jul 2015 06:22

The queue to get through passport control on a recent visit was the worst I have ever experienced. Ryanair double digit increases in passengers seemed to have swamped immigration at Stansted.

01475 23rd Jul 2015 12:39

It seems to be a bit of a disaster zone. It's awful leaving in the morning (there's nowhere to stand let alone sit) and awful arriving at night (it takes ages to get to the back of the interminable passport control queue).

It's my closest airport, but the regularity with which I'm missing the last train while standing in the passport queue is making me think other airports might not be worse options.

lederhosen 23rd Jul 2015 14:35

I have since booked twice via Gatwick, although on my way to somewhere north of Stansted, simply to miss the miserable experience.

daz211 23rd Jul 2015 20:50

I also have chosen to fly from another airport for the exact same reason I normally fly Ryanair STN to ACE but the flight departs STN at 0715 no way am I standing in that Security line for an hour something has to be done and soon because if I'm choosing to fly from an alternative Airport take it from me there will be lots of others doing the same.
I'm lucky because STN and SEN are the same distance from my house and Easyjet have just announced SEN to ACE so not only has STN lost my custom so has Ryanair.


wowzz 24th Jul 2015 09:30

I'd rather just have more people on security and especially at Border Control [or whatever they call it these days] than a second terminal.
As other posters have said, I now prefer to drive an additional 80 miles and fly from Gatwick, rather than endure Stansted's awful queues.
Every time I read on this board of an extra flight from STN, it gives me even more reason to avoid the place.

Flightmech 24th Jul 2015 11:31

I'm based at STN and now prefer to take the drive to LHR for business travel. Ridiculous going out and ridiculous coming back.

FRatSTN 26th Jul 2015 10:24

New route
The new Eurowings to operate daily STN-VIE.

Various sources in German, this is one of them:
Lufthansa-Tochter - Eurowings baut Flugangebot aus Wien deutlich aus > Kleine Zeitung

LadyL2013 26th Jul 2015 13:17

The problem with STN is that it's a boring airport.

I haven't had to spend that long going through security since the 90's and when you get to the otherside there's nothing to amuse you.

Gatwick is quite a 'fun' airport in that there's always plenty to keep you occupied until boarding. STN is just cold and unfriendly. It is missing a certain something.

We went through STN last year because it was 100 cheaper than LGW. We'll happily fork out that 100 to have a better airport experience at LGW in future.

whitelighter 26th Jul 2015 17:00

What would you like to amuse you?

There are now plenty of shops (too many for some it seams) and varied eateries.
I went through gate ice last month and it seemed the same - shops and restaurants

pamann 26th Jul 2015 17:07

Agree that facilities wise it is just like Gatwick these days once you get through security. Getting through security is the big issue. Followed by getting back through Border Control. Otherwise Stansted would be a very pleasant airport. Maybe what it does need is a second terminal to relieve the pressure in these areas?

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