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Skipness One Echo 17th Mar 2010 17:25

So what long haul airline at Heathrow is keen to commit commercial suicide? Come on daz211 grow some balls, name it so we can laugh.

Are American REALLY missing Essex that badly? Have Delta tired of LHR and LGW?

"red and blue" so might be true? Are you misleading us into the majors and Alliance members and it's someone Z-list I wonder that can't add to their two LHR weekend slots per week. Air Transat?

daz211 17th Mar 2010 19:49

Skipness One Echo
My ball are just fine how they are thank you !
As I have said I cant tell you the name of the Airline involved however not one of you have got even close ...

Skipness Air Asia have far from commited commercial suicide at STN or would you disagree with that ? So why would anyother Airline be commiting commercial suicide by intreducing a route from STN.

The Airline that I am talking about would run a STN service along side LHR
and the route is not Transatlantic.

satellite2 17th Mar 2010 19:58

IF........................sun country start american flights from stn then AA will be back like a shot.They will stay long enough to ensure the demise of the competition-they did exactly that with maxjet/eos.More work for swissport.Not really rocket science.

airhumberside 17th Mar 2010 20:27

China Eastern?

If it's not them then I think everyone on this thread has exhausted all the possibilities considering what hints have been given

Skipness One Echo 17th Mar 2010 20:28

The Airline that I am talking about would run a STN service along side LHR and the route is not Transatlantic.
Air Asia is a loco like Ryanair so STN suits their business model of cheap and chearful. Sooooo...long haul flying East out of STN with someone daz211 dare NOT name on an annonymous forum or the sky may fall in blah blah etc.

OK then it's someone with no cash to get more LHR slots in a buyers market and needs to fund a split operation over two airports serving the same city. It's not going to be a legacy carrier is it? Hmmm I think you've teased everyone to near orgasm but we may end up with a little anticlimax alas.

Non legacy, non alliance, under capitalised. Go on just tell us! There must be loads of blokes called Darren who work on the ramp at STN....they'll never work out it was you!

daz211 17th Mar 2010 20:59

Skipness im no ramp rat ! this is the last clue I am giving...
This Airline begins with Mala and ends in ysian.:oh:.

Skipness One Echo 17th Mar 2010 21:12

That's something of a surprise. They are losing money at Heathrow as yields are awful. Sounds desperate I think if the answer to losing a fortune at LHR is moving out to STN.

daz211 17th Mar 2010 21:16

I think it might be some kind of route war with Air Asia as Air Asia are planning a CDG-KUL service.

LGW_08R 17th Mar 2010 21:17

I doubt it will actually ever happen. They rumored the same thing last year or year before our of Gatwick, twice weekly using 777s. Never materialized.

daz211 17th Mar 2010 21:23

I know they talked about STN and LGW a year or two ago but this was to put
Air Asia of the London route and push them upto MAN.

EI-BUD 17th Mar 2010 22:15

The suggestion of another airline with red and blue colour scheme is this a suggestion that CSA Czech may return or perhaps Air France going to serve Stansted?

Tom the Tenor 17th Mar 2010 23:45

Is there any red and blue in the Kingfisher colurs? There is some red at least, is there not? Not sure about le coleur bleu?

Stanstedeye 31st Mar 2010 18:45

Any info on TCX033H from Las Vagas at 07.30 tomorrow?

STN Ramp Rat 31st Mar 2010 18:52

sounds like one of those "need to know" flights

daz211 3rd Apr 2010 10:30

British Airways (STN) 03/04/10
I was just checking the departure time of a flight out of STN and
noticed on the BAA website (STN) that there were loads of BA flights
departing STN to LHR .
Anyone know whats going on ? might be a problem at LHR.

Ringwayman 3rd Apr 2010 10:45

LHR tower was evacuated for a time this morning.

daz211 3rd Apr 2010 11:01

Thanks for that, looking at LHR flight arrivals its in a bit of a mess...:ouch:.

heavy load 13th Apr 2010 19:39

ABX Cargo
Good Evening, Noticed on the cargo ramp an ABX 767 freighter earlier this afternoon (13/4). Would anybody have any info on whether this is a one off and possible the reg please, as I was driving past at national speed limit. :) Thank you for any info.

mmeteesside 13th Apr 2010 20:12

It's a regular thing, for TNT to/from Liege

daz211 16th Apr 2010 17:22

Heavy Loads !
From what I could see today the reg of the ABX a/c is A747AX hope this helps
the a/c has been stranded at STN due to the ash situation...:bored:...

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