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itsonthebox 7th Feb 2007 18:28

From a source in Wickesair. AGS STN gone to Aviance who have won the Air Berlin contract. Rumour or fact??? I guess we will all know soon.
Does this mean Aviance is back to pax work??

gms1991 7th Feb 2007 18:39

I thought that 4 was a bit low, but increaseing the service by 4 times instantly! WOW!

With FR, they coud fly a 744 on some of their routes and still fill them up! Image!

rusty_c 7th Feb 2007 21:23

The rumours are all well and good BUT.... would servisair really let their biggest contract go so easily?

A small handling agent dealing with 5 flights a day max is not really going to be able to start, at the drop of a hat with transfers of baggage and pax 4 times a day 6 times a week. I think it could be a nice kick up the ass rumour for servisair.

Servisair have dedicated staff and are even starting to put staff on familiarisation training. That would be alot of money wasted by the airline if they were to bugger off to another handling agent in a few months time.

It might be a rumour, it might be true. I think if it is true servisair will be up sh*t creek with no paddle and there will be major restructuring and p45s in the post!

Servisair management> :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

Hollymead 7th Feb 2007 21:54

""The rumours are all well and good BUT.... would servisair really let their biggest contract go so easily?""ER .. Air UK , Go , Ryanair were all let go very easily .

DONTTELLTHEPAX 7th Feb 2007 21:58

So so true, and if Thomson are leaving Stansted after this summer, I dont know how Servisair will see next winter out.

Mr Flaps 8th Feb 2007 11:48

Air Berlin on the move
With regards to Thompson leaving Stansted they plan to run a full summer and winter timetable up until the end of the year.
The rumour about Air Berlin moving across to AGS is surprising but it would not surprise me. I think the move, if it did come out would be a long time coming. While on the topic of Air Berlin the airline is planning to start extra Paderborn services and fly to Zurich direct from Stansted.
There are enough new airlines looking at Stansted to keep Servisair at Stansted.

sat1 9th Feb 2007 21:05

Maybe,but.........why do they have such a history of losing airlines in this manner? \\\\\\\\\i'm talking about AIR UK,GO and RYANAIR.

Captain Airclues 11th Feb 2007 14:51

Heard a rumour that the ex-AFX 747 which has been parked on the north side for several years is going to be flown out (engine runs have been done). Could somebody please tell me the intended route so that I can ensure that I'm not anywhere near.


sat1 11th Feb 2007 18:10

Listen Up People!!!!!!!
Big announcement expected from AVIANCE at Stansted tomorrow-monday 12th-Hhmmmmm.......I wonder what that will be about.
It seems to be all change at the moment,who would fancy Easyjet teaming up with Servisair. Next thing you know Ryanair will be teaming up with Monarch!!!

G-APDK 11th Feb 2007 20:35

The AFX 747 is rumoured to be going to Prestwick and then for operations in the far east (both Philippines and Indonesia have been mentioned).

Engine runs were undertaken last week but problems were apparently identified. Also inspection hatchs on both sides of the fin have been left open since last week, exposing the inside to snow and rain.

Hollymead 11th Feb 2007 20:43

Are Easyjet having problems with Swissport then ?

TUGNBAR 12th Feb 2007 09:16

I'm surprised it was given permission to run its engines where it is currently parked. It will surely have to go to the runbay for a real test, and I haven't seen move.
Does anyone know when they plan to fly it out?? Scarey:eek: :eek:

Hey Sat1 Aviance take over AGS as from the 15th Feb and they will be handling Air Berlin that is probably the announcement.

rusty_c 12th Feb 2007 20:15

So anyone know what happened with the press conference?

DONTTELLTHEPAX 13th Feb 2007 19:31

Backers sought for airline to operate Stansted - Bangladesh flights

A businessman seeking investors for a start an airline linking London Stansted and Bangladesh, the Telegraph newspaper reports.
Having researched the project for the past 18 months, Belal Rouf has drawn up plans for the new carrier, Airest, which would operate three return flights to Dhaka a week. The airline would run direct services without any stop-overs.
With plans for offices in the heart of London's Bangladeshi community, Brick Lane in the East End, he has targeted the 300,000 people who make regular trips home to see friends and family as well as business traffic. Stansted has been chosen because it is near to where many potential passengers live.
Mr Rouf plans to launch the airline with fares starting from 430, against 499.90 and upwards offered by its rivals. The airline would operate to using a Boeing 767-300 ER with 12 first-class seats and premium passengers living within 31 miles of the airport offered chauffeured services.
Mr Rouf expects the airline to be profitable within two years with planes 90 percent full overall. By the end of 2009, his projections suggest an annual turnover of 18m and a net profit of 1.4m, the newspaper adds.

ped90 14th Feb 2007 15:00

Handling Changes at STN
I've heard that EZY are going to Aviance and Air Berlin to Swissport. As far as timescales, I've no idea.

Obviously Servisairs workload is going to dramatically decrease, so I'd guess there could be some movement of staff to Aviance, who currently only handle Cargo flights (although if they take over AGS that will give them a start).

TUGNBAR 14th Feb 2007 15:13

Easy - Aviance
If this is true Swissport are probably glad to see the back of it.

Big changes for Aviance then...... no more sitting in the cargo shed all day

DONTTELLTHEPAX 14th Feb 2007 16:56

Well from what I see, there is no more room in the baggage hall
for anymore lost baggage desks, they are all full, but from the past Aviance were never available to deal with missing baggage problem
anyway:ouch: .

sat1 15th Feb 2007 09:14

Ezy Moving Handlers?????
servisair have 2 more pushback tugs on the way.both 2nd hand.1 from robin hood and 1 from john lennon.I guess that the future really is ORANGE.:ok:

Hollymead 15th Feb 2007 10:01

Sat1 , in a post , now deleted , you implied that EZY were going to Aviance , now you are saying Servisair , are you making it up as you go along ?

sat1 15th Feb 2007 11:38

ezy to aviance...I dont think so.Air berlin...now thats a different rumour.

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