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Mr Flaps 24th Aug 2007 10:10

AA to go into sat 2
Not sure how true this but have been told that AA are going to get gate 37 (C44) in sat 2 for their daily flight. Plus they are going to put a lounge in at that end of sat 2.

JulietNovemberPapa 24th Aug 2007 10:24

It's amazing just how busy and delay-prone STN can be. On Tuesday I flew AB STN-TXL. We were number 9 for push-back, and there was a line of 9 aircraft awaiting departure from 5, with aircraft at 3 different intersections. Our departure time was 0730, but we didn't roll until 0838.

I have used STN innumerable times over the years, and that was probably my worst outbound experience.

In comparison, my arrival that evening (with AB DUS-STN) was startlingly efficient and easy - and I was through security in under 30 seconds.

D-ABAA 29th Aug 2007 11:41

Ok the daily flight by AA JFK-STN has not even started yet, but AA have added a second daily flight from 07APR2008.:D

Skipness One Echo 30th Aug 2007 08:40

As was announced at the time months ago. Whooppee - do!

mattcam 30th Aug 2007 10:13

sarcasm will get you knowwhere skipness:ouch:.anyway anyone know the load factors for LAX-STN maxtjet.looks like AA have already:D anounced there second leg dew to high bookings

Skipness One Echo 30th Aug 2007 20:57

Mattcam first up the whole plan was to introduce a second flight in the spring from day one when the Stansted flight was announced, so it is not as you claim being introduced due to a clammering of peeps desperate for tickets.

And with the greatest of respect, please try and use a spell checker before you post as it does you no credit when people miss the point you are making due to your appaling English skills.

noodnik 3rd Sep 2007 11:40

SOE correct me if I'm wrong but I think correct spelling is appalling:)

jack_essex 5th Sep 2007 09:37

Have just checked the AA website, and they have now added the second daily return flight to their reservations system starting in April 08.

Departing London Stansted at 16:35 arr New York JFK 19:30

Departing New York JFK at 22.30 arr London Stansted 10:30 +1

DONTTELLTHEPAX 8th Sep 2007 08:01

American Airlines considering more routes ex STN
American Airlines, which is to launch flights between Stansted and New York next month, is also reported to be considering new US routes from Stansted. It announced the date of a second daily frequency on the route last week, even before its first flight has taken off.

DONTTELLTHEPAX 8th Sep 2007 19:00

Sal - London Stansted
New route starts 29 oct, Cabo Verde Airlines, sal-London Stansted
using B757-200

DONTTELLTHEPAX 8th Sep 2007 19:05

Another new route
Norwegian Air Shuttle will launch flights between Stansted and Tromso - known as the 'Gateway to the Arctic Circle' - on December 8. The Scandinavian low-cost airline will operate the route twice a week - each Tuesday and Saturday

LGWAlan 10th Sep 2007 12:12

VR flights were originally 2 flights per week SID-STN, Monday and Thursday.

Monday flight now operates from RAI - Praia

DONTTELLTHEPAX 10th Sep 2007 17:09

Blue Air to Bucharest
Blue Air is coming to London Stansted, the first low-cost airline from Romania will start direct services to Bucharest starting on the 05 October 2007 :ok:

Mr Flaps 12th Sep 2007 07:48

Why the price rise at STN
Can anyone shed any light in the price hike at STN. Why has BAA decided to rise the prices of using this rather rubbish airport at a time when they want to get more people through the doors and more airlines.
AB pulling all domestics.
Sky Europe going to Luton dont want to pay the landing fees.
GSM closing everything down once again due to costs out of STN.
BAA will prob say we have got AA coming. Big deal one airline after seeing three cut services or leave. Plus if FR start pulling more routes?
What is BAA thinking???

dumdumbrain 12th Sep 2007 10:20

Maybe quality over quanatity till the new terminal is open, im more than happy for Ryanair to pull routes and a/c from STN and, with any luck bring more to EMA

OLNEY 1 BRAVO 12th Sep 2007 11:11

BAA Charges
The reason for the hike in prices is very simple.
For more years than I care to remember, BAA was allowed to cross subsidise it's airports with the result that charges at Stansted were held artificially low as revenue from Heathrow and Gatwick was used to offset any losses. Luton Airport certainly tried to get this arrangement stopped on many occasions even resorting to complaining to Brussels.
BAA's ability to cross subsidise is no longer allowed by the CAA - in other words each of BAA's airports has to stand on its own feet. Thus in the case of Stansted were income has been less than costs, the only option has been to increase charges.
In addition, I would guess that in some cases, the special deals available to all airlines when setting up routes to new destinations are coming to an end - I think they typically expire after two or three years.

DONTTELLTHEPAX 15th Sep 2007 07:49

Ab - Stn-muc
Air Berlin will open a new route from London Stansted to Munich on 5 November 2007. The airline will fly twice daily from Monday to Friday and once on Saturday and Sunday

Buster the Bear 15th Sep 2007 22:10

OLNEY 1 BRAVO are you insinuating that the BAA and its monopoly, used its dominance to influence the 'market'? Surely not!

Let us see the future and Ferrovial's interest in Stansted once the public enquiries for Stansted T2 and Heathrow T5 develop!

OLNEY 1 BRAVO 16th Sep 2007 19:21

You might say that, I couldn't possibly comment!

sat1 16th Sep 2007 19:38

Let us see the future and Ferrovial's interest in Stansted once the public enquiries
Heathrow T5 and Stansted T2 WILL go through,there is too much money involved for them not to.

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