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Charlie Roy 17th Jul 2007 17:54

Stansted - Bucharest now bookable with Blue Air.

eidah 17th Jul 2007 21:16

Is STN Just to small
Have got back from a trip flew with out of STN. Is STN just to small and to popular. When we flew out I had a web checkin boarding card so got there 2 hours before just in case plus wanted ro do a bit shopping etc etc. However go to security took nearly an hour I was a bright spark no liquids etc etc. It just seem to take ages. Then on my return had to wait aproximaely 45 minutes to go through immigration now isnt STN supposed to be the main airport for the Olympics?? Now come on something has to be done. Was I just unlucky or is the norm at STN?? Look forward to your comments.

owenkirk2005 17th Jul 2007 21:24

i was at stansted last month and had to wait 20 min at security and imigration was 2 min must have been a quieter time.

D-ABAA 18th Jul 2007 07:46

The Cargo going up the reclaim belt is far from a rumour it is 100% real. Servisair Cargo delivered to the a/c 4 and half tons of frieght in the TK bins ready for loading some smart Swissport 'worker' decided that this looks like it needs to go up the belt obviously, I dunno how someone would think that putting that many boxes up a baggage belt would be reasonable in the first place? Surely one would think why am I putting all these boxes up the belt and not sending them to cargo, as you would if they came off the a/c as this clever individual thought.

Not rumours, but as others have said, pay peanuts..........:D

xxx5572 18th Jul 2007 09:59

By the sounds of it you must have picked a pretty busy time to travel through the airport however the time it takes to pass security often depends on how many machines are working or have people to operate them.
In theory BAA have employed more staff and extended the central security point however they still dont seem to have got it right. For example the past month or so various faults have occured were doors in the satellite have been broken so in BAA's infinite wisdom they get a security agent to sit by the door to guard it, no problem there you would have though however does it not occur to them......JUST FIX THE DOOR :ugh::ugh: Then this would free that menber of staff to be useful were they actually need. Times that by the number of faulty doors probably being guarded and you have one more lane at security open.

Secondly the nature of the locos at STN mean that flight arrivals and departures happen in big waves, for example all EZY and FR fleet gone between 6-8 in the morn and with similar flying times across europe all come back at around 11-2 then the really busy time is around 4-8 as many other carriers do their once or twice daily flights into stansted and are in around this time and it is heaving. Bearing in ming whilst i paint the picture of airside we must take into account that whilst there is a 'quiet time' airside the check in queues are growing rapidly and seciruty starts to build up. I hope this gives you a good idea.

As for my opinion maybe stansted is ok ish in size however nature of the 'waves' as described above makes it hard for the system to cope and i would imagine a more constant and steady flow would allow the airport to run more smoothly. However it is not us who dictate, the airlines want to make money and use the aircraft as often as possible so they want to get the flight out asap to maximise its sectors in turn increasing revenue. The wonderful world of STN and the loco's ;)

rusty_c 18th Jul 2007 12:06

were these freight boxes sent nup an actual baggage belt, or up the oog belt, if so, o dear. Will Swissport STN have the same fate as Swissport LHR? Lets hope AA havent heard about the latest cock up, because are they not dead certs to handle them?!

airhumberside 18th Jul 2007 12:58

Easyjet starting Maderia this winter

sat1 18th Jul 2007 14:50

Problem has been rectified since yesterday.
And just what was the problem.Of course you dont have to explain yourself,you could just let the rumours run. Or maybe you can't explain. Why dont you run back to your masters and qoute us all "official line"

OLNEY 1 BRAVO 18th Jul 2007 19:39

Sky Europe
Transferring their whole operation to Luton from the end of October.

sat1 18th Jul 2007 21:08

extremely old news

Buster the Bear 19th Jul 2007 20:47

Quite simply, Stansted and its future development cannot be paid for out of income derived from the airlines that use Heathrow etc, also known as a cross subsidy.

Stansted must now stand on its own two feet without financial support from the other BAA airports and about time too!

eidah 19th Jul 2007 21:11

So basically the problem is the locos airline?? Yet I suppose airlines are blaming the airport when actually they are the ones causing the problems by there flight scheduling especially ezy and Fr. I spoken to someone who basically was saying you could add in more staff and security points yet you will only be using all these machines for maybe 4 hours a day except summer etc holidays. So from an productivity point of views its not worth having 20 machines.

virginblue 20th Jul 2007 08:41

Hesrtd that the AB flights for the winter from STN to the continent will go on sale shortly (today?), but NOT any domestic flights - whatever that means.

SAM-EMA 20th Jul 2007 12:00

Is the GSM TFS staying on the 736 all summer, or will it be upgraded shortly to the 738?


rusty_c 23rd Jul 2007 03:08

Buster has such a big problem with STN and the fact that it is busier and closer to LON than LTN.

G-APDK 23rd Jul 2007 08:24

Swissport - What was happening last night?
I arrived in from Stuttgart on Germanwings last night at 20.08 (roughly on schedule) only to be held on the aircraft until 21.10.

We were told there was no handling agent available to open the door to the terminal and we were number 4 in the queue to be dealt with!

During the time we were waiting the Transavia landed after us and was handled ahead of us, much to the annoyance of the 4U crew.

Anyone from Swissport care to explain?

D-ABAA 23rd Jul 2007 09:09

You where not alone I had a friend who waited just over an hour and 20 minutes for her bag from the EZY ALC flight.

Well Done Again Swissport:D

Charlie Roy 23rd Jul 2007 11:31

New Ryanair route STN - Paris Beauvais.
(Also starting Gatwick - Beauvais).

Maybe it's just for the Rugby World Cup?

Buster the Bear 23rd Jul 2007 19:34

Blimey this is brave: STN - Paris Beauvais, considering the fast rail link from St Pancras to Paris is opening soon. No 2 hour check in and then a 75 min coach into Paris either.

rusty_c said "Buster has such a big problem with STN and the fact that it is busier and closer to LON than LTN".

No I don't have problem, but the folk and airlines flying from Gatwick and Heathrow who year after year have been paying fees to the BAA via their tickets, car parking charges, landing fees etc to subsidise another airport probably should!

Now the Spanish Armada has landed, a level playing field will at last be established.

rusty_c, the recent floods must have severely affected Essex, for land slips and techtonic movement seem to have shifted Stansted in a south westerly direction recently? I certainly missed the 'earthquake in Bishops Stortford' story that must have hit the headlines recently. Mind you, with the recent flooding in the Luton area, it is quite likely that its airport is now located in Milton Keynes?

Hollymead 23rd Jul 2007 20:13

I would have thought the difference between Bishops Stortford and Luton to Trafalgar Square or wherever the official London road measurements start cant be more than a mile or 2 . I dont suppose visitors to London from abroad care what one they come to . For Londoners flying out East Enders would find STN easier and LTN would be more handy for those from West of Town. A pointless argument all round .

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