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DONTTELLTHEPAX 30th Oct 2007 18:43

GSM last day tomorrow
Any news on FR or EZY picking up the TFS route ???

Stanstedeye 31st Oct 2007 20:48

Summer 2008
STN summer Charter schedule is now on line

Evileyes 10th Nov 2007 15:20

Stansted handling posts moved to: http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=299789

stansted_dan 15th Nov 2007 12:41

I have a question for anyone that knows much about Stansted....whilst at work today walking over the bridge to Sat2 I noticed something I haven't seen before.

To the right hand side as I walked across there is a building, several metres infront of the terminal. On the side of it I could read Gate 90 and Gate 95. What are/were these gates? I assume they're redundant, were they once used for remote stands or something? The building is sandwiched between two roads and it looks like there may have been bus stops there.

DONTTELLTHEPAX 15th Nov 2007 16:32

Its the APV building, used many times as you say for remote stands before sat 3 was built and before the top of sat 2 was in use, thats where we trained for our PA's.I remember boarding Air UK Leisure from there, all alone with 140 pax :O in my first week, them were the days.

I cant remember its full name but something like Advanced Passenger something cant remember what the V stands for.

Stanstedeye 15th Nov 2007 18:12

Cape Verde
Flight cancelled today, only started on the 29/10, any reason given?

Subject 117 17th Nov 2007 08:51

It appears their Thursday flight doesn't start until December

FEROMAN 17th Nov 2007 10:30

APV - it means "Advanced Passenger Vehicle"
i.e. "Bus" Terminal. God knows who thought that one up :8

TUGNBAR 17th Nov 2007 17:59

The APV is there for when the Satellite trains go down.

stansted_dan 17th Nov 2007 23:00

Ahh that's great, thanks very much! Where does the APV building link up to, there appears to be a walkway leading somewhere into a lower part of the terminal?

And another question then if you don't mind?! You say that it was used before the top of Sat2 opened....so did the gates on the bottom half of Sat2 originally extend the whole length of the satellite, as opposed to just halfway down (the domestics) these days? And when the top of Sat2 opened, were there ever any gates the whole way along, or has one and always been deadspace?

Just curious, cheers!

FEROMAN 18th Nov 2007 12:05

What a lot of questions. The Satellite 2 Domestic lounge has always only ever gone as far as it is on the middle level and the space directly above it has been unused since the building was built. A bit of a waste really, but they are looking at developing it for International use maybe next year. In the domestic lounge you can see the boarded off areas where the escalators were originally built to go up to the top level and down to the TTS station.

And the APV tunnel into the terminal links to some steps that come down from the Departure Lounge. That's so it can be used to get passengers to coaches if the TTS Train is not available.

DONTTELLTHEPAX 20th Nov 2007 16:48

Longhaul with AB from STN
Fort Mayers,
Puerto Plata,
Punta Cana,

On AirBerlin's website it now lets you book the above routes from
Stansted but you do have to go via Germany but for me it beats
fighting my way around the M25 to LGW/LHR.

IRRenewal 20th Nov 2007 20:57

Just a bit of fun.

Go to google maps, put in 51.88214,0.230412

Might need to zoom in a bit.

Now, I know ATC at STN is good. But this close?

(I would assume it has something to do with the way they use multiple images to construct the big picture. Must have caught the same A/C twice)

rusty_c 22nd Nov 2007 17:21

Im going to have to disagree with you. I'd rather fly from STN with AA, or save a few quid and get the train or drive to LGW or STN than take a flight in the wrong direction.

South Side 1 29th Nov 2007 15:41

Satalite image
IRRenewal, well it passed a couple of minutes, like you say it may be a double image but they are both FR so who knows they may be have a game of last one on stand gets the coffees in.

Sorry Rusty C I'm with DTTP on this one think I'd rather get a connecting flight out of STN, wouldn't have thought there would be much in the price either.

Any news of any new airlines into STN ???????????


Skipness One Echo 4th Dec 2007 09:24

Stansted Airside
I often fly both domestic and International from Stansted so here's a question. Once I go beyond the ( occasionally unmanned ) desk at the entrance to the domestic gates, am I not allowed back towards the shops if I forget something? The reason I ask is that passengers arriving from UK domestic are not permitted access to the Departure Lounge even though they have probably just cleared BAA Security at Glasgow or Edinburgh ! I remember last year wandering back down because my Ryanair flight was delayed and the little man at the desk wasn't there. Why are connecting passengers forced to be x-rayed, poked and prodded YET again. I asked a pleasant enough BAA Security chap who flashed an ironic smile and said that there were sterile and non sterile areas but I got the impression he thought it was mad too. Since I don't have the opportunity to mingle with arriving international passengers, what's the issue?


FEROMAN 4th Dec 2007 20:31

OK - this is a simple one..........I think!
Passengers from an International airport are not security screened to UK DfT requirements and therefore the airport is legally required to keep them separate from all other passengers until they are either landside or re-screened for an onward flight.

If you go on a Domestic (or International now) flight that departs from the Satellite that you walk across the bridge to then there is no reason why you couldn't walk back down the tunnel and turn left back to the Departure Lounge - you may be challenged to confirm why, but you can still do it as long as you have your boarding card. The security guy there is to prevent arriving Domestic passengers from going into the lounge. I guess the BAA might actually like that as they could sell more, but I think it's primarily a customs requirement.

Skipness One Echo 4th Dec 2007 23:24

So is it possible to clear security at BAA Glasgow / Edinburgh, exit the domestic pier and catch a connecting flight ( on line check in and boarding pass printed ), at Stansted by turning left into the Departure Lounge rather than right, out via UK arrivals and back in again?
If not, why not?

carousel 5th Dec 2007 11:29

Stansted Domestics
The answer to your question is you are, provided you have a valid boarding card for a Sat 2 gate and you are no later than your official boarding time, you can wander back and forth to your hearts content. The BAA guy/gal may ask you why if they are there, the reason for their absence is because if there are no inbound Domestic flights there is no one to keep separate.

FEROMAN 7th Dec 2007 21:36

It's not quite so easy := - if your boarding card is an Internet print out then than needs to be bar code scanned and that can't happen at that desk - only at the main search area. You would only be allowed along that route with a "normal" valid boarding card and you are unlikely to have one of those without having checked-in at Stansted

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