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pamann 3rd Aug 2011 22:11

Regarding EZY...

If you look Faro (FAO) is not even on sale from Gatwick from next May, either is Funchal (FNC) for that matter, though the Funchal route is available ex Gatwick for the winter period. Doesn't mean they're dropping it from Gatwick though does it?!

Fuerteventura is very popular and generally always full. The only London gateway for this route with EZY is Stansted, so unless it's moved over to Gatwick I very much doubt this route will vanish completely. Southend I don't believe will have the runway length for full load operations down to the Canaries.

And finally... EZY are only on sale for a limited number of routes May/June so don't jump your guns, give them a chance to get the full programme on sale.

apaul 3rd Aug 2011 22:53

The difference is that easyJet has not released its flights from Gatwick for April-June yet, but it has from Stansted. It has also been announced in Madeira that it is dropping the Funchal-Stansted route and cutting Funchal-Bristol flights from 3 to 2 per week.

talk english 4th Aug 2011 13:22

Air berlin pulling the plug at stn.Onur air looking shaky.German wings now talking to other handling agents.Oh dear!!!:rolleyes:

Keyvon 4th Aug 2011 15:45

Albanian Airlines has also ditched Stansted, with BelleAir remaining as the sole carrier flying between STN and TIA.

virginblue 4th Aug 2011 20:36

Air berlin pulling the plug at stn.
So DUS is axed as well? Or are you "only" referring to the confirmed end of flights to PAD and FMO?

Markushillman 6th Aug 2011 10:22

Hey, does anybody know what aircraft thomson airways have based at stansted as I'm flying to tenerife on the 26th august and wondered what they use at stansted? :)


Captinbirdseye 6th Aug 2011 15:38


Tom are using a 738 and 320.

CP be

Markushillman 6th Aug 2011 16:41

Hey thankyou for you reply :)

canberra97 8th Aug 2011 21:57

Have Albanian Airlines confirmed that they are leaving STN and are they possibly moving to LGW?

A few rumours on other online forums that Air Asia X may remain at STN although I can not see this myself after there 'big announcement' as to them moving to LGW!

What a real shame to see so many airlines leave STN, it is a fantastic airport and I love flying from it even though I live in Southampton it is exactly 123 miles from my drive to the long term car park at STN and is easliy done in 1.40 mins not that much longer than it would take me to get to LGW from Southampton.

pabely 9th Aug 2011 18:32


Maybe Wizz could be the first target
Wizz are investing more behind the scenes at LTN with more increases in frequencies next year. I doubt they are going anywhere.
When the new owners arrive at STN, they will find it hard to attract anyone in the current ecomonic climate, if there is anyone left other than cargo & RYR. :rolleyes:

STN Ramp Rat 9th Aug 2011 20:37

Wizz are investing more behind the scenes at LTN with more increases in frequencies next year. I doubt they are going anywhere.
When the new owners arrive at STN, they will find it hard to attract anyone in the current ecomonic climate, if there is anyone left other than cargo & RYR.
Money talks and the new owners will want to see a quick increase in business, just like LGW I would expect to see plenty of "incentive" deals on the table. airlines are mercenary and will move for cash especially LCC's

that said until it happens it is all supossition

j636 9th Aug 2011 20:45

Why would Wizz even think about moving to STN. THey would have to go head to head with Ryanair on many Eastern European routes, why would risk it.

STN Ramp Rat 11th Aug 2011 10:10

Stansted loses battle for passengers-11 August, 2011

I challenge anyone to paint this in a good light !

FR- 11th Aug 2011 10:43

Just waiting for ryanair to add its 2pence worth


Falcon666 11th Aug 2011 10:55

Not sure that Ryanair can add their 2pence.
They have what they want-total dominance of the airport.
If they wanted to prove a point why not move some flights to ltn or lgw from their european bases.
Instead they add flights(Leipzig and Barcelona) which just deters other airlines from starting up.
No unfortunately Stansted and Ryanair are a marriage.Ryanair cant move anywhere else around London at the moment.They lacked the vision shown by Easyjet earlier on with lgw/ltn so IMHO they cant complain.

virginblue 11th Aug 2011 11:17

Haven't gone through STN for years - does the continuing decrease mean that utilization is now down from "overcrowded" to "normal" or is it, so to speak, part deserted, with some terminals being under-utilized?

Flightmech 11th Aug 2011 12:25

There is only one terminal

commit aviation 11th Aug 2011 13:25

Ryanair "have what they want - total dominance of the airport."

So whilst complaining about the BAA monopoly they seem to be creating one of their own..... :hmm:

Falcon666 11th Aug 2011 14:17

In a way yes.They are forced into this position by the earlier judgment call.
They moved from LTN and put all their eggs in one basket-- STN.
It had all the space,was nicely subsidised by the BAA from Heathrow and Gatwick so they got the deal they wanted.
Easy on the other hand filled LTN with approx 16 based units then moved to find other expansion opportunities around London(LGW ,now SEN)
Ryanair stayed focused on STN then or simply werent prepared to pay the fees elsewhere.
So why they watch Easy slowly expand around London they can only stand and watch until BAA sell off STN and have a good moan in the meantime.
Nothing new there really:rolleyes:

pabely 11th Aug 2011 17:32

Going to be interesting times for the new owner of STN, spend 1B??? and get very little return from your major customer. It will go one way or another, current economic times do not boad well for STN short term.
All other London airports showing positive or no negative results, but times will happen again where no capacity exists anywhere else so STN will pick up the slack.:ouch:

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