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jack_essex 5th Jul 2007 21:51

Great news for Stansted. Finally, low cost fares to New York! When will you be able to buy seats on the STN - JFK route as you are not able to at the moment? Will also be nice seeing some AA 767 metal at STN.

spanishflea 5th Jul 2007 22:08

Should be loaded to the GDS's at the weekend.

Skipness One Echo 6th Jul 2007 00:06

Really? 35 mins from my house to Stansted??? I must try that. I struggle to do Isle of Dogs to London City in under 20........
What ARE you driving?

WHBM 6th Jul 2007 08:12

On reflection Isle of Dogs to London City has more traffic signals than to Stansted - yes, really. If only because there isn't a single traffic signal between Isle of Dogs and Stansted.

From Prestons Road roundabout :

5 mins to Beckton
20 mins to M25
35 mins to Stansted approach road.

been doing it for many years.

Departures Beckham 6th Jul 2007 15:31

Schedule now on AA's website. Flight 124 arrives STN at 08:15, flight 125 departs at 10:15am.

D-ABAA 6th Jul 2007 15:34

With regards to ground handlers Servisair management where aware of the AA plans before the reports where released as there was talk last week of handling AA but to be honest at the time I thought nothing of it, but now hmm.

go_edw 6th Jul 2007 20:12


Thanks for correcting me! What a pity.

Expressflight 7th Jul 2007 08:09


"35 mins to Stansted approach road"

Just out of interest, assuming you're driving your own car how long does it take you to get from the "approach road" to the check-in queue?

That's the relevant comparison surely?

WHBM 8th Jul 2007 07:57

Originally Posted by Expressflight (Post 3399154)
how long does it take you to get from the "approach road" to the check-in queue?

Not long at Stansted, a few minutes. Go into the first short-stay car park, park near the footpath, and just walk up.

Now the long-term car park is something else. I don't know another airport where this is so far away (it must be 4 miles) or the connecting bus so pathetically organised. If using that I would double the time allowed.

And the "mid-stay" is the worst of all worlds; nearly short-stay prices and such a slow bus connection, and it's still a mile or more away. And because it doesn't get a lot of use the buses are now so infrequent.

jack_essex 8th Jul 2007 19:30

When will these AA STN -JFK flights be on sale? There is no date on their website when they will be bookable. I am trying to put together a trip to the US in November and would like to know how much fares will be. BA and AA have some really good prices from LHR - JFK so would like to know when who to book with so I do not miss out on the seat sale. As STN is only 15 mins from my house a local departure would be much more attractive.

spanishflea 8th Jul 2007 20:29

They were meant to go up on the AA website this weekend. They were released into the GDSs, however AA accidentaly entered the flights as Economy + First, rather than Economy + Business :rolleyes:

There were quite a few other issues with the schedule update over the weekend too (various domestic flights being missed off aa.com entirely!) so this has had to take a backseat while they fix that mess.

Expect it online, with a bit of luck, some time tomorrow. :ok:

Charlie Roy 10th Jul 2007 22:08

New route from low fare Blue Air

Bucharest - Stansted

Flights will be on Monday, Wednesdays and Friday's.
Should be bookable online from tomorrow.

jack_essex 11th Jul 2007 07:18

You are now able to book Aamerican Airlines new route from STN - JFK. With AA's latest offer you can get a return fare from STN - JFK - STN for only 206 inc all taxes and charges. I might have to start planning another NYC trip!

Mr Flaps 14th Jul 2007 09:14

AA will have there own check-in staff
Had a little look around the net and AA are advertising for there own check-in staff at STN. So looks like there may only be a battle for the ramp contract.

sat1 16th Jul 2007 07:57

Its seems that there will be no battle,its all cut and dried-Menzies will be handling them along with easyjet. One of their top managers seen being escorted around the undercroft areas.

sat1 16th Jul 2007 23:43

turkish airlines
As I understand it there was a 'slight' problem with the outbound TK on monday 16th. Anybody care to elaborate? Something to do with boxes rather than baggage.WAIT!!!!!! I hear them coming...........excuses, excuses, excuses....blah blah blah:ok:

D-ABAA 17th Jul 2007 08:16

I wonder what would happen if the TK outbound cargo was to be taken to the undercroft and put up the baggage reclaim belt:ugh:

No, no surely that couldnt happen thats too stuped, it would delay the aircraft for over 2 and a half hours:rolleyes:

Well done Swissport

No wonder Easyjet are going Blue at Stansted :D

sat1 17th Jul 2007 09:44

No no no,that could never happen-could it?really?

rusty_c 17th Jul 2007 11:52

:ugh: dear o dear, mayb send an aircraft a ton or so short of cargo, but sending it up the baggage belt, you know the phrase, pay peanuts........ Anymore bridge strikes lately?

Capt Wannabe 17th Jul 2007 17:21

TK Cargo
I believe the truth about the TK cargo is even more fidiculous than quoted here - but hey, never let the facts get in the way of a good rumour :)

As for the delay - nothing to do with cargo (which was incidentally INBOUND) - more to do with TROYA and API. Problem has been rectified since yesterday.

Keep the rumours coming - they're great........

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