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carbootking 10th Apr 2008 07:44

it has been rumored for years that all the staff carparking will move over there

Hollymead 10th Apr 2008 08:05

What's the plans for the Enterprise House car park ? Looks like they are making another entrance so i presume they will block the gap between upper and lower and make it 2 seperate car parks ??

carbootking 10th Apr 2008 08:23

think its they r just changing the route in theres a board in enterprise house which explains what they r doing i think they r putting another checkpoint just past the old entrance an a roundabout

G-APDK 10th Apr 2008 12:29

From the plans circulated to local residents the Titan hangar and a single linked taxiway appear to remain, at least initially, with almost all remaining area north of a line running east from from Harrods to the Fire training area earmarked for long term car parking. A new public border road is planned to by-pass Burton End (running approximately along the line of the current airfield boundary, linking up with the minor road to Elsenham east of the Fire training area.

Someone mentioned earlier the building of the visitor centre; its access will be from the current LT car park mini-roundabout and located close to the 05 threshhold. Its location, for the majority of the year, will only give views of the undersides of departing aircraft and very limited views of most arrivals on 23. The BAA (unsurprisingly and arrogantly) ignored offers of help from the local (enthusiast) community with its design, location and help to build something useful which has been long overdue at Stansted. Consequently BAA have missed a good opportunity to win friends and have a potential white elephant in the making.

Jamie-Southend 10th Apr 2008 16:03

Are these plans / layout viewable online, maybe via the local authority?


Stanstedeye 10th Apr 2008 18:57

North-side plans
Will these plans mean an end to the local bus company parking area at North side, i.e. Excel ( which have just been taken over by Arriva).

G-APDK 11th Apr 2008 13:50

See http://www.stanstedairport.com/asset...Drawing_3n.pdf

From this it appears that the coach park will remain north side until 2015 if it is designated as an ancillary service

Additionally my information about the new link road, which is not shown on the map, came from a BAA leaflet issued to local residents.

TUGNBAR 12th Apr 2008 12:41

Has anyone else heard that the runway was apparently shut last night coz a deer had some how got on the airfield!!

pamann 17th Apr 2008 23:52

Well ThomsonFly/FCA/TUIFly what ever it’s to be called have 2 B738’s to be based @ STN Summer 2009. The programme so far (Edition 1) Looks like this….

Antalya (New for TFly) Friday
Arrecife (Lanzarote) Thursday
Bodrum (New for TFly) Monday & Thursday
Corfu Monday & Friday
Dalaman Monday & Thursday
Faro (New for TFly) Sunday
Fuerteventura Saturday
Heraklion (Crete) Tuesday & Sunday
Ibiza Wednesday & Saturday
Kephalonia (New Destination!) Sunday
Mahon (Menorca) Monday & Friday
Larnaca (Cyprus) (New for TFly) Wednesday
Palma (Mallorca) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday
Paphos (Cyprus) Wednesday & Saturday
Reus (Costa Dorada) (New for TFly) Tuesday
Rhodes (New for TFly) Wednesday
Tenerife South Fridays
Zakynthos (New for TFly) Tuesday

Note that “New for ThomsonFly” was probably previously operated by FCA Summer 2008.

New destination of Kephalonia and increased frequencies on some routes, so for a base that was supposed to close (TOM) that’s a bit of a turn around at least! :D

sat1 23rd Apr 2008 08:38

any truth in the rumour that ryanair parked one of their a/c in the grass last night????

Barnesy2006 23rd Apr 2008 13:42

Yes very true (EI-DLF), took them 7 hours to get it out!

Stanstedeye 23rd Apr 2008 19:22

Some good Charter news at last, thanks for the info.

jack_essex 24th Apr 2008 08:05

It was announced yesterday but Ryanair will start summer only routes from STN to Beziers and Rimini. They will operate in June, July and August.

TC.RET 25th Apr 2008 17:43

Stansted Control Tower!
What a shame it has gone!! I had the privilege to work in that building from 1969 until 1973! I was there when the "new terminal" was built and the "old terminal became the staff canteen!! At times the new terminal was too small, even then! Remember Channel, Lloyds, American Flyers, Saturn, Trans Med with their CL 44's doing charter flights to Ostend and other near European destinations! Memories!! How times move on, but the memories of Stansted as it was in the late 60's and early 70's remain! Good luck to all that work there now and may it be as good for you now as it was for me then!!

Stanstedeye 27th Apr 2008 06:56

What a shock to hear that EOS is to end flying as from today, a sad day indeed. Best wishes to all concerned, Essex will miss you.

muppitt 27th Apr 2008 07:55

This is sad news!

You can hear the back slapping in Waterside & Dallas from here. AAL can now pull the JFK services.

Sceptical, moi? :eek:

TUGNBAR 27th Apr 2008 09:05

What sad news indeed, good luck to all who were involved. Another one for us to add to the list.

sat1 27th Apr 2008 16:38

Its a real shame to hear that EOS have not survived.Unfortunately this just reinforces servisairs resolve to implement their split shift initiative,but as they say,time will tell.Going to be an interesting year at STN.Best of luck to all EOS staff.

daz211 27th Apr 2008 16:57

I hope the slots are not filled with FR and EZY:ugh:.

Musket90 27th Apr 2008 18:42

DAZ - Don't think timing of EOS slots are prime to the likes of FR and U2 as they had no departures during the first wave period. It may mean some "tweaking" by 15mins or so during mid-morning tho'.

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