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sat1 3rd Jul 2007 15:00

I would be surprised,their loads were never good and the a/c were not what you could call reliable.

D-ABAA 3rd Jul 2007 16:35

Look like the TK is having more problems with Swissport than they ever did with S/Air, long delays and plenty of baggage ID's

Mabe too quick to remark, but hey :}

Capt Wannabe 3rd Jul 2007 19:51

Tk @ Stn
Interestingly D-ABAA, there have been no baggage ID's since Swissport took over the TK. It's also very interesting to hear feedback from the airline on the difference between the two companies.

D-ABAA 3rd Jul 2007 20:16

Well well, capt_Wanabee, Swissport staff have mouths and say diffrent :eek:

Keep up the goodwork :D

sat1 3rd Jul 2007 20:20

I Have Eyes And I Personally Saw A Bag I D On Day One, So Why The Porkies?

Mr Flaps 4th Jul 2007 09:13

What some people have failed to mention that Swissport have sent people to Istanbul to be trained on Troya, where as S/Air got 3 hours in Enterprise House. So when the new system came online S/Air was not ready.
As for no bag ID's then why was the TK A/C still at STN at around 1515 yesterday afternoon with the bridge still on.
Late in bound was it?

Departures Beckham 4th Jul 2007 14:20

Without knowing the details ... wouldn't you think it pretty difficult to perform a full bag ID for 150+ pax on a jetway?

D-ABAA 5th Jul 2007 10:30

No one said anything about a FULL baggage ID did they :ugh:

Departures Beckham 5th Jul 2007 15:00

As for no bag ID's then why was the TK A/C still at STN at around 1515 yesterday afternoon with the bridge still on
Try again :ugh:

mattcam 5th Jul 2007 15:07

american airlines are due to start a new york -stansted service starting sometime in october, got the info on google news:D

mattcam 5th Jul 2007 15:11

daily service will start on october 28 with a second daily service starting in spring 2008:ok::D

Skipness One Echo 5th Jul 2007 15:11

Quite how this won't be competing with their own Heathrow service is beyond me........

Airlines never seem to learn from past mistakes do they?

spanishflea 5th Jul 2007 16:32

Lots of complaints from the corporate clients about LHR, so looks like AA have taken the inititive and started up elsewhere.

Not sure STN is going to be regarded as wildly superiod to LHR, but we shall see...

rusty_c 5th Jul 2007 16:48

The reason for them soing this JFK-STN is with LON-USA opening up after bermuda2 closing they see this as almost a niche, if everyone else is going to be opening up JFK/EWR-LHR then if they open up STN with a bit of variety theres got to be money made, they offer some nice connections too. Good news for STN whos handling them? With Servisair being the superior handler and also with US traffic already, i reckon itll be them.

Powerjet1 5th Jul 2007 17:39

Supposedly twice daily from March 08. Will no doubt p**s off Eos & Maxjet a bit.

Mr Flaps 5th Jul 2007 17:43

AA to Swissport prob
This will be a good one to watch. Because AA and Turkish Airlines are linked pax can use the frequent flyer cards for either airline on any AA and TK service, plus they both use Troya for check-in and res.
Swissport seem the most likely seeing they handle TK.
But S/air would take TK back so there is all to play for.
Avaince, Servisair or Swissport??????

WHBM 5th Jul 2007 17:53

AA have of course been in Stansted before, what was it, 15 years ago now, with a service to Chicago.

Differences now are :

1. Maxjet/Eos have mad it a place for premium pax to know about.
2. Direct competition with Maxjet/Eos, putting the squeeze on them multiplying New York service.
3. The continuing meltdown of service standards at Heathrow, especially for premium pax.
4. Continued moving of financial offices in london eastwards from The City to Canary Wharf (it's about a 35-minute drive from Canary Wharf to Stansted for much of the day). New York is a financial destination, Chicago, Dallas and other points on AA's network are more general.

BA next ?

go_edw 5th Jul 2007 19:09

Great News that American Airlines are coming to STN again. I flew with them a few years ago LHR-JFK. What's great is their economy- G O O D L E G room!

However I guess they wont be able to charge much for either Economy or Business as people will fly CHAVJET (maxjet).

spanishflea 5th Jul 2007 19:44

What's great is their economy- G O O D L E G room!
Sadly their programme of "more room through coach" was abandoned, and we are back to 31' pitch :(

xxx5572 5th Jul 2007 20:38

Whoever handles them will have to make sure they have a few spare set of steps as im sure i can now count the servicable jetbridges on one hand and maybe even with a few to spare. If i was AA i would have a serious look at the state of STN and iron out any problems before operating from there but maybe this type of demmand may mean BAA pull thier finger out :ugh::ugh:

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