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sat1 26th Sep 2007 10:55

servisair's 'european brothers'(poles) must be more than a little bit worried.

sat1 27th Sep 2007 09:05

with all this doom and gloom going on at servisair,it would'nt happen to be wage negotiation time? hhmmmm.........now there's a thought!

Hounddog1 27th Sep 2007 20:03

Guys, while you are slating circusair, you forgot to add that Pegasus destered them for Swissport ......

Maybe airlines like TK who cleared off to Swissport have realised that circusair was not that bad after all .......

Hollymead 28th Sep 2007 09:32

CSA must one of Stansted's longest serving airlines , sad that they are going , anyone know what year they started ?

D-ABAA 28th Sep 2007 09:35

No slating Servisair at all :bored:

The point Sat1 was making was the airlines are pulling their STN routes not dumping S/Air for S/Port & Aviance.

Pegasus if you hadnt noticed dont seem to be happy with anyone first S/Air then moved onto S/Port but now there handled by Aviance:eek:

Rumour has it that Cpyrus Airlines have given Swissport 30 days notice, and with Swissport dumping two bins full of bags in as many days on the run to the undercroft from the A/craft no wonder!:yuk:

tommyc2005 28th Sep 2007 10:36

Yes CSA started in 1995, so over 12 years of continuous service. It is sad that they are going, probably a combination of the company restructuring as they were encountering financial difficulties (LGW was dropped a long while back), and over-capacity in general to Prague. When it started I believe it was the only route to Prague outside of LHR and MAN, now Prague is served by multiple airlines from most regions.

sam dilly 28th Sep 2007 17:09

Titan + Jet 2 charter wth a mix of 757/737/ba146,and the occasional Air Med A321 will again be operating Mondays Fridays and quite a few other odd days STN/LDE/STN on behalf of Tangney Tours,I believe that for 2008 thet will actually start in February and go through to November.
They always seem to get a jetbridge for those ops,it must be something due to the number of wheelchair pax on those flights.

freightdoggy dog 29th Sep 2007 19:16


We do not always get a Jetbridge for these ops as BAA Stand Planning can screw up occasionally. Not that the LDE destination would be a BIG clue and that these ops might have a lot of WCHRs !!!!

The Jetbridges are a disgrace anyway with rubbish everywhere even when they do work. Current QSM shown to the AOC had an outage of unplanned maintainance of around 25% against a predicted 2% for August. Bear in mind they count in the 2 stands on Sat 1 that dont have Jetbridges to bump up the Jetbridge servicablity percentage, I kid you not!

However we a promised 5 NEW Jetbridges for 2008, but note they say NEW not BRAND NEW !!

As for SO8 , wait and see, I havent had any confirmation of contracts signed yet and I should know !

sat1 30th Sep 2007 12:45

As for SO8 , wait and see, I havent had any confirmation of contracts signed yet and I should know !
please do tell.

DONTTELLTHEPAX 6th Oct 2007 08:40

Sterling steps in as Ryanair pulls out
Danish low-cost airline STERLING is to start five new routes from Malmö Airport, including flights to Stansted, 3 months after Ryanair announced it was withdrawing from the southern Swedish airport.
Services from Malmö to Stansted, Nice, Florence, Barcelona and Alicante will be launched by Sterling, starting on 10th March next year. The announcement means that Malmö Sturup will maintain its links to the British capital, Spain's second city and the south of France after Ryanair's routes to London, Barcelona and Marseilles are axed next month.
Sterling already operates a large number of flights from Copenhagen Kastrup Airport and has recently been expanding rapidly from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo.

SAM-EMA 6th Oct 2007 09:55

What is your source for Stansted, I am aware that the flights will operate to Gatwick, as that is where Sterling's London operation currently is, please correct be if I'm wrong.


DONTTELLTHEPAX 6th Oct 2007 10:36

Im not going to give the website as I will get
told off again by the MODS, try this,
uk airport news with some www's and a com.

I hope this info is ok with the MODS :ouch:

STN Ramp Rat 6th Oct 2007 12:04

Sterling to STN ?
I would be supprised if they operated MMX-STN. I believe it is planned for LGW. The Sterling press release does not say STN only London.

stansted_dan 11th Oct 2007 18:03

Can anyone shed any light on a couple of random Eos movements, that have been showing up on the departures board?

Firstly was yesterday at around 2245, Eos to Boston. I saw all the pax in the fast track queue, and lets just say that (dressed in their tracksuits and many of them late-teens to early-twenties) they certainly didn't look like a business charter. Maybe some kind of sporting occasion, I really don't know?!

And then again today there was an Eos flight showing to Minneapolis.

Ringwayman 11th Oct 2007 19:00

Might be tied into the US Basketball match played yesterday in London (think one of the teams involved was Boston Celtics).

Throat 11th Oct 2007 19:18

the other team was Minnesota Timberwolves

FEROMAN 11th Oct 2007 21:36

An airbridge update for Stansted
Yes, the airbridges on Satellite 1 are long past their sell-by-dates and maintenance has been a little sparse, but there will be 10 new airbridges on satellite 1 early next year. Even A10 will be replaced despite it being a relatively new one. All brand spanking new from Thyssen - 5 in March and 5 in May I believe. :ok:. And all the Sat 2 bridges are getting a full re-paint internally along with some new carpets over the next few weeks.

sat1 12th Oct 2007 08:38

Flying Pigs
Hey Feroman, does Ryanair fly to the planet your living on? 'cos clearly you aint on planet earth. 10 bridges!! all brand new!!
On a more realistic note....does anyone know who has got the cape verdi contract? people are suggesting its servisair.

snillocsat4 12th Oct 2007 11:06

Cape Verde
Cape Verde with Serviceair twice a week :D

go_edw 12th Oct 2007 13:48

do you know who is operating the cape verde service?


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