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pamann 23rd Jul 2007 20:23

Any ideas on start date/frequency of FR to Beauvais as no flights show when selected???

also just read on UK Airport News....

As legacy airlines including BA and Virgin confirm that they will enter the premium class market, with Virgin even considering launching flights from Stansted, and American announcing daily Stansted - New York flights with 30 business class seats the two new airlines have lead a changing market.
I always thought Virgin were dead against any Stansted operations??? Surely a STN-MCO daily to compliment their Gatwick programme would be a winner, even if as a Summer only schedule. Demand must be there for the folk who live north of the River Thames.:ok:

JulietNovemberPapa 27th Jul 2007 18:30

"Any ideas on start date/frequency of FR to Beauvais as no flights show when selected???"

It's just a one-off; well, a two-off. Both STN-BVA-STN and LGW-BVA-LGW will occur on only the 14th and 15th September for the rugby. And there will be two flights on both days on STN-BVA-STN and one flight on both days on LGW-BVA-LGW.

jack_essex 28th Jul 2007 09:16

STN really does need (or at least I would like to see) a year round Paris route (CDG or even BVA). It is one of the only major European cites missing at STN.

STN Ramp Rat 28th Jul 2007 14:22

STN really does need (or at least I would like to see) a year round Paris route (CDG or even BVA). It is one of the only major European cites missing at STN.

why ... when Eurostar move to St Pancras it will be quicker to get from Bishops Stortford to Paris by train than plane.

JulietNovemberPapa 28th Jul 2007 16:41

I tend to agree that it seems a bit silly, but then FR relaunched STN-CRL - it operates 3x Mon-Fri, 1x Sat and 2x Sun - despite Brussels being quick to reach via Eurostar. The official reason for restarting it was that Eurostar is often expensive (which it often is). I don't know whether that was the true reason. So theoretically we could see FR flying from LON (STN or LTN, subject to slots and aircraft and staff availability) to BVA.

pamann 29th Jul 2007 17:29

Does anyone know what equipment Monarch are using on the STN-PMI (Saturday) and STN-ZTH (Thursday) routes? Obviously a W pattern from somewhere???

Mr Flaps 30th Jul 2007 08:36

AA front of house up for tender
Does anyone know about the AA front of house going up for tender. The Circusair grape vine is in over drive that AA have gone and put their pax handling contract up for tender.

Stanstedeye 30th Jul 2007 20:27

For the last three weeks RB1411 from Damascus has operated into STN arriving at 09.00 on a Tuesday.
I can find no flight info on the STN website.
Does anyone have any details on this flight?

tommyc2005 31st Jul 2007 08:07

I'm not certain, but I believe it is a short series of specialist charters for historic tours in Syria.

pamann 1st Aug 2007 22:52

Just read on another site that TACV Cabo Verde are going to launch 2x weekly Stansted - Sal. Seems Cape Verde is proving very popular!

jetfuel1 2nd Aug 2007 00:51

thought it was about time us fuellers at stansted had a bit of a say on here as think we play a major part at the airport!!! (what do you lot think?)so for starters hello everybody and especially those in easy ops!!!:):D

TUGNBAR 2nd Aug 2007 09:51

Well tell us what you have to say then...............and we will certainly tell you what we think.

BlueA330 2nd Aug 2007 11:33

The Monarch flights into Stanstead are operated by a 757

LGWAlan 2nd Aug 2007 12:21

Pamann - can you let me have some details on this? Where did you see it? Cheers

airhumberside 2nd Aug 2007 12:36

Its been posted on airliners.net

jack_essex 3rd Aug 2007 22:25

How long have the new Air Berlin self service check in machines been in place? Today was the first time I've seen them. There were four if I remember correctly.

Mr Flaps 5th Aug 2007 11:07

AB self service
They have been in place for about 3 weeks but have only been up and running for the past 2 after problems with the security questions.

A4 5th Aug 2007 17:36

Emergency Service at 1330 local today

As I was leaving today there seemed to be a lot of emergency vehicles heading airside and activity at northside police porta cabins.

Driving home more blues and twos, including fire engine, heading towards airport.

Any one know the reason? Just curious.


jack_essex 7th Aug 2007 17:08

I was told there was a fuel spill on the apron. This is the reason for all the fire engines.

Mr Flaps 11th Aug 2007 18:16

Interesting diverts today
XLA 767 in from HER going to LGW and Oasis Hong Kong 747-400. Was told the hold at LGW was long due to poor vis on the deck. Off loading those flights made for a nice scrum in baggage reclaim.

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