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FRatSTN 25th Jul 2016 19:10

They have cut the planned programme for this winter. Several routes have had flights cut that were previously available to book.

Yes there are new routes since last winter... Hamburg, Sofia, Timisoara to name a few although some Italian routes were cut previously due to the new travel tax there, so not sure exactly how it compares to last winter.

But the point is that they will now operate a reduced schedule to that previously planned for this winter, so not disastrous by any means.

And in terms of parked aircraft, there were far fewer last winter compared to previous years.

Itchin McCrevis 25th Jul 2016 21:35

They cut frequencies every winter so it has nothing to do with Brexit
They cut frequencies on leisure routes every winter compared to summer across their network and they also further cut frequencies on low days in deepest winter compared to peak winter leaving numerous airframes temporarily parked up. Winter cut backs reduced significantly at STN following the volume based deal with MAG but now they seem to be reverting to their old ways and blaming it, rightly or wrongly but very conveniently, on Brexit.

There fixed that for you, no need to argue anymore

FRatSTN 25th Jul 2016 21:44

I see what's happening... How predictable! :rolleyes:

Itchin McCrevis 26th Jul 2016 00:02

yep when it comes to Ryanair it's same old leopard and same old spots.

Bagso 27th Jul 2016 09:49

The RYR cuts seem at odds with massive expansion up North ?

MANFOD 27th Jul 2016 10:21

The RYR cuts seem at odds with massive expansion up North ?
Wasn't the expansion recently mentioned for BHX, LBA and NCL for summer 2017 with schedules now on the RYR web site? Not sure what's happening at those airports for winter 16/17 but certainly MAN has got new Ryanair routes to Germany for this coming winter.

It will be interesting to see what Summer 2017 looks like for the MAG airports when schedules are loaded.

Barling Magna 27th Jul 2016 12:58

Now there are articles in several newspapers about this, for example:


Ryanair to cut back on UK flights in favour of EU routes after Brexit vote | Business News | News | The Independent

davidjohnson6 27th Jul 2016 14:15

Did Ryanair operate Stansted-Comiso last winter and were they planning to fly it in the coming winter ?
No flights seem to show beyon 01 Nov 2016

FRatSTN 27th Jul 2016 14:43

Comiso did operate last winter yes. It's part of an earlier announcement where several routes in Italy will be cut / cancelled this winter due to the new tax imposed in Italy. Alghero, Parma and Pescara also will not operate from STN this winter.

FRatSTN 8th Aug 2016 23:38

Montenegro Airlines
Must of missed this one but Montenegro Airlines are currently doing a weekly Stansted to Tivat on Monday mornings until 5th September.

Still going 4x weekly from Gatwick but not sure if this was perhaps a sort of quiet toe in water in response to easyJet.

Itchin McCrevis 8th Aug 2016 23:52

I would guess that they couldn't get slot at Gatwick for this extra (5th) rotation, especially if it is a short season flight it would be well down the pecking order for slots. This is going to be happening more and more unless the market starts to contract again.

AirGuru 9th Aug 2016 20:32

Hearing rumblings of a Jet2 base ...

Itchin McCrevis 9th Aug 2016 20:37

Likewise... question is more "when" than "if"

AirGuru 9th Aug 2016 20:55

Correct, more than likely for S17.

pamann 10th Aug 2016 09:41

If these rumours are true it'll be a game changer for Jet2 entering the SE market and offer an alternative to FR/EZY. :ok:

Falcon666 10th Aug 2016 10:01

Does anybody know how full STN is for based overnight stands inc remotes?
Given that Jet2 couldn't get into LGW or LTN simply because they are at capacity I wonder if they could have considered SEN as an alternative.
We will have to wait and see how many are based, guess they will be will sun routes only but you never know.
BHX now STN interesting!

chaps1954 10th Aug 2016 10:53

Would have thought SEN was a no go due to aircraft size

FRatSTN 10th Aug 2016 11:48

Both FR and EZY base fewer aircraft at STN overnight now than in the past.

FR now fly far more overseas based aircraft into STN and EZY have reduced their network significantly over the years (just 7 aircraft now - was 14/15 at one time).

The only time they may have to do more remote parking is when TCX/MT have their extra aircraft over the summer holidays.

pamann 10th Aug 2016 12:15

Not forgetting that SEN's opening hours aren't exactly flexible for late arrivals.

Be interesting how many aircraft they'll base and where they'll operate to. Can't think of any major gaps in STN's current offering, this is of course if/when it happens.

Expressflight 10th Aug 2016 13:54

The B738 cannot operate efficiently from SEN so that would rule them out I should imagine.

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